Jose Auriemo Neto; Chief Executive Officer of the Renowned JHSF

JHSF Participacoes SA is the pioneer in Brazilian high-end real-estate sector with significant operations in commercial and residential incorporation, development and administration of shopping centers, international business airport, and high-end hotels. It was founded in the city of Sao Paulo in 1972 under the name JHSF by two brothers Jose Roberto Auriemio and Fabio along with two other partners. However, the company split in 1990, and Fabio Auriemo took over the company’s operations under the name JHSF. JHSF is popular for its ability to take on new opportunities in the real estate market. In its history, the company has constructed more than 6 million square meters.

JHSF consists of four business units: Incorporation, Shopping malls, Fasano Hotel & Restaurants and Executive Airport. In 2001, the holding constructed Metro Santa Cruz shopping mall in Sao Paulo. It was the first mall in the country to be integrated with a subway station. The company was ranked in the most astounding Corporate Governance sector of the Bovespa in April 2007. Currently, its market value on the stock market is about $ 1.2 billion with shares traded on the Novo Mercado of BM & FBovespa and learn more about Jose.

About Jose AuriemoNeto
Jose AuriemoNeto is a successful Brazilian entrepreneur and is the current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of JHSF Participacoes SA. He began working in JHSF in 1993 and later in 1998 he developed the holding’s first shopping destination, the Shopping Santa Cruz which was a major success. Besides overseeing the company’s focus on hotels, office buildings and public developments he also governs the groups shopping and retail portfolio. Some of these malls include the prominent CidadeJardim shopping complex in Sao Paulo, Metro Tucuruv, Ponta Negra in Manaus and the Bela Vista in Salvador.

In 2009 Jose Auriemo lead the company in the first venture into retail by signing partnership agreements with Hermes, Jimmy Choo, and Pucci and launching the first luxury brands retail outlets in the JHSF owned CidadeJadrim shopping mall. Later in 2012, the group signed a partnership with Valentino and opened the first Valentino and R.E.D. Valentino stores in Brazil and read full article.

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Patty Rocklage, the Talented Psychotherapist with a Warm Heart

Patty Rocklage is an acclaimed psychotherapist from the Great Boston Area. She has a broad experience of over 20 years in helping clients to overcome their struggles. Patty  Rocklage has a warm and inviting tendency of making people comfortable so that they can concentrate on achieving the change they desire to end their problems. She offers family and marriage counseling to her clients including couples, families, and individuals. Patty acknowledges her clients’ sensitivity regarding their struggles; thus, she maintains confidentiality them.

Patty is an academic scholar who went to study at the University of Southern California where he got her degree in psychology in 1981. Being a licensed psychotherapist, she undertakes her practice in the state of Massachusetts. Year after year, Patty has gained important skills including public speaking, coaching, team building, and teaching. Moreover, she has been able to help many clients achieve their personal growth through her deep warmth and a set of skills and learn more about Patty.

The Kind Heart of Patty Rocklage

Patty Rocklage loves to give back to the community. She also enjoys her community outreach initiatives. In 2016, Patty and Dr. Scott Rocklage, her husband, gave a major gift to the chemistry department of Massachusetts Institute. The gift was for helping the university to renovate the nanochemistry and nanotechnology lab in Building 2. On July 18, 2016, the couple visited the university during a celebration for the major gift from Patty and Dr. Scott Rocklage.

Patty’s husband went to study at the department of chemistry where he acquired his Ph.D. studies. Furthermore, Professor Richard R. Schrock, a Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, supervised his Ph.D. studies. Dr. Scott Rocklage cited that he had been a survivalist and enthusiastic about accomplishing his goals. He added that the above skills contributed greatly towards his selection to MIT. Scott mentioned that MIT gave him the foundation for his career and professional life; thus, he was grateful to the chemistry department.

Patty is a marvelous volunteer for the Southern Sudan Fund. She helps those people who have relocated from Southern Sudan to find stable jobs so that they can enhance their educational and financial stability. Currently, Patty lives with Dr. Scott Rocklage in Sudbury Massachusetts and her Website.

Dave McDonald, President and COO, of OSI Group lead the Organization on a Vertical Trajectory of Rapid Expansion

A company whose growth is attributed to participation in the Chinese food industry for 20 years, OSI Group, recently celebrated its 20th year of operations in the region. It is a prominent food processing organization serving food to McDonald since commencing business in Beijing in 1992. Though OSI Group is an international player in the manufacture of protein enriched foodstuffs, the company localizes its production quality to take advantage of the existing labor pool, comply with government legislations, and to respond to nuances of culture and the preferences of consumers.

The President and CEO of the company are David McDonald, a principal executive in the development of food production chains. He is a perceptive business operator with deep knowledge about the industry. His direct involvement in maintaining organizational discipline, and ensuring there is operational synergy is primarily responsible for the rapid expansion of OSI Group. He plays a leading role in consistently engaging manufacturers of food equipment to design processes that enhance the quality and safety of foods such as inbuilt X-ray tools capable of detecting unwanted particles and other contaminants that might affect the production quality and his account of

David McDonald believes in the value of proper engagement with the suppliers, manufacturers and consumers to create a business setup in which everyone gets satisfaction. He gives priority to investing in technical and human resources because he understands that it is the only way to keep the company of a vertical sustainability trajectory. By engaging clients, the company translates what they have to say into profitable production concepts. The CEO also understands that development of new products complements the expansion of production capabilities. That is the reason why he puts a premium on collaborations with the suppliers, and the clients to expand the business by providing exactly what consumers need and learn more about David.

Consequently, OSI Group has developed an international network in which personnel from the organization manage plants, and run offices across the world. The skilled professionals are aided by a cadre of local teams of managers who are sensitive to local tastes and cultures. Presently, OSI Group is operating over 50 food production units in 17 countries.

Danilo Diaz Granados: Great Investor and Entrepreneur

Danilo Diaz-Granados is a great entrepreneur in Miami, USA. Danilo is a household name in the world of investment and entrepreneurship. He possesses exceptional skills in leadership. He is a visionary man who likes exploring and trying innovations in his life. Danilo is a successful business and investment advisor in Miami. He is a manager of Movilway. Danilo has assisted this organization with his exceptional skills and ability to work with teams. His mission and expectations are to achieve more in the business world by been innovative and focused. He is highly experienced.

Education background

Danilo Diaz Granados has a degree in economics and entrepreneurship from the Babson College where he pursued his degree from 2007 to 2010. This explains the reason why Danilo is an expert and a great entrepreneur. He has attended several international conferences about leadership and entrepreneurship. He is a man with excellent moral values and ability to solve problems in the company when they arise.

Danilo’s Experience

After finishing his college education in Babson, Danilo became a business consultant in Miami. Danilo has achieved more because he is also a successive associate at FCP. He is also a member of Equity Investments Program where he is the Wing liaison in the organization. Danilo also has another business. The company is called Edge of Glory films. His experience and expertise make him able to manage his two firms and also engage in other things.

He became an associate in 2015 of Fireman Capital Partners. When working with Fireman partners, Danilo acted as the head researcher for Equity investment on the issues affecting the investment company. He researched on energy efficiency and innovative startups. This research has helped Equity Investment to grow stronger and stable. He also has the experience of conducting the analysis of the environment.

Danilo found a great opportunity that helped him in opening his boutique for Jewellery and other ornaments. The idea of opening the shop was based on the requirements of the luxurious boutique by the Latin Americans living in Miami. He invested in the business, and it grew massively.

Autism Rocks: Sanjay Shah’s Contribution to Autism Research

Sanjay Shah is a British millionaire who started the charity, Autism Rocks in 2014. This cause is especially important to him since the diagnosis of his youngest son, Nikhil, with autism in 2011. The charity stages shows with superstars to raise money for research in autism. Sanjay has worked closely with world famous celebrities such as Snoop Dog, Drake, and Prince for the benefit of this charity.

Autism Rocks is based in London and Stages invitation only concerts and events for the purpose of raising donations and creating awareness for autism research. The main aim of the charity is to help identify autism as early as possible, its causes of autism and provide support systems for children with autism and their families.

Before he was known for Autism Rocks, Sanjay was involved in entrepreneurship, accounting and philanthropy. Sanjay started out studying medicine before deciding that he did not want to be a doctor. He ventured out into the financial and investment industry where he worked for some investment banks such as Merrill Lynch, Dutch Bank and Morgan Stanley. During the financial crisis in 2009, he was made redundant and thereby decided to form his company, Solo Capital.

Solo Capital is a London based limited liability partnership. It is a boutique financial services company which deals mainly in investment management, agency brokerage, principal trading and administration of clients’ assets. It was established in 2009 and has expanded rapidly despite hostile market conditions. By the end of 2015, Solo Capital was worth a net of 15.45 million pounds, with a cash flow amounting to over 30 million pounds and controlling assets of up to 67 million pounds.

With the success achieved in Solo Capital, Sanjay now takes a back seat in the business to focus more on his philanthropic ventures such as Autism Rocks. The organization has enabled him to combine his love for philanthropy and music, while at the same time helping millions of autistic children across the globe. In a recent press release through PR Newswire, Autism Rocks announced the appointment of brothers Will and Pete Best as members of its Board of Trustees. This appointment is expected to be greatly advantageous to the organization in 2016 taking into account the brothers’ vast experience and professional skills.

Concerns over New Brunswick Devco’s Failure to pay CRDA’s Loan worth $20 Million

Concerns have been raised about New Brunswick Devco over unpaid CRDA loan of $20 million. In January, the Middlesex County Improvement Authority did not honor its payments for the loan in principal and interest. This article was written on Press for Atlantic as highlighted in the link below
The loan, which was sourced in 2005, financed the construction of The Heldrich, a hotel and conference center built by New Brunswick Development Corporation. State Senate President, Stephen Sweeney, has touted the corporation as a model of what public money can do to develop large-scale projects. The New Brunswick or Devco firm serves as a model for Atlantic City Development Corporation that expects to manage over $200 million in public-private financing. Attorney Christopher Paladino leads the two corporations. According to him, CRDA will receive payment but it may take a few more years to be actualized.

Heldrich, which was established in 2007 on, has struggled to get guests. According to Paladino, the hotel has financial difficulties. As a result, the corporation had to tap approximately $776,000 of its money to fund essential capital expenses like mattress and carpet replacement. Paladino added that the corporation is still engaged in the project in order to make it healthy.

The CRDA loan was part of a financing worth $107 million, which
was put together by the corporation in order to develop The Heldrich. In the meantime, the Atlantic County Improvement Authority is readying to issue $120 million in bonds for the Gateway Project in May. The bonds will be used to develop a Stockton University satellite campus. According to John Cantalupo, the bond counsel for the authority, the Gateway bonds will not face the same shortfalls as those experienced in Heldrich financing.

About Devco
New Brunswick Development Corporation or DEVCO on pressofatlanticcity is a nonprofit urban real estate development firm. It was established in mid 1970’s. It has designed a nationally recognized paragon for redevelopment based on strategic public policy. The company’s projects are in line with the needs of the people that live, work and visit New Brunswick. It leverages resources via public and private partnership to develop feasible projects.

James Dondero Names Terry Jones President Of Institutional Products

Dallas-based Highland Capital Management, L.P. is one of the top investment firms in the United States. Highland Capital has more than $20 billion in assets under management, and a recent purchase of Argentinian debt bonds will increase that number this year. Jim Dondero founded Highland Capital with Mark Okada in 1992, and the company has enjoyed steady growth every year since then. Because of the company’s outstanding growth, Dondero recently named Terry Jones President of the Institutional Products division of Highland Capital. Jones will report directly to Dondero, and he will be based in Dallas. Highland Capital has four other offices: Seoul, Singapore, Sao Paulo, and new York, so some traveling is always a prerequisite for division presidents, according to Mr. Dondero.

Terry Jones was cut-out for the job, according to James Dondero. Terry received his BA in Economics from Columbia College, and he earned an MBA, from Columbia Business School. Jones has more than 25 years of experience in the financial industry, and he has an acute understanding of the strategic institutional allocators that will help drive new business development. Jones will oversee risk management, and he will be responsible for optimizing the infrastructure that Highland Capital has in place to identify, assess and mitigate applicable risks.

Dondero said Jones will lead the company in terms of risk adjustment performance and help expedite client solutions increasingly complex investment markets. Dondero went on to say that Highland Capital Management is in a great position to deal with the ever-changing dynamics that impact assets. Mr. Jones will be the guy that helps keep, the infrastructure, investing capabilities and the experience in sync so the hedged equities position and the below-investment-grade credit risks perform during market cycles.

Mr. Jones said he was excited to work with the Highland investment team. Jones believes clients will have a better understanding of the opportunities and the risks they face going forward in a very volatile market under his guidance. Jones has an impressive resume to do that. Jones was a board member of Genworth Life Insurance Company of New York, and he was the President, Founder, and CIO of Battersby Capital Management. He was also a Portfolio Manager for Goldman Sachs as well as a Global Head of one of the Event Driven Sectors of Goldman Sachs. That sector handled hedge fund strategies. As a Portfolio Manager at Goldman Jones managed an $8 billion hedge fund, according to an article published by

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The Best Online Marketers

There are many marketing firms all dedicated towards helping you advertise your business. One of the best there is White Shark Media. They are a digital online marketing agency, which offers marketing solutions to small and medium sized businesses.

It was founded in 2011 by 3 Danish entrepreneurs, with a goal to conquer the US and Latin American market. They currently have over one hundred employees in 3 countries. The company partnered with Google and was awarded the Google AdWords premier SMB partnership. Microsoft also allied with them and White Shark Media is part of their Bing ads authorized reseller program.

Their reviews over time

The best way to know how efficient your services are, is by checking your client reviews regularly. Since the company begun, there have been many reviews given with about three quarter of them being positive.

The companies they have been working with have reported increased sales of up to 50%, with the number of prospective clients also increasing. There is also a feeling of trust, with companies being totally secure once they let White Shark Media, take on their online campaigns.

This can be seen in the reviews given by different companies. Alexander H. Lostocco of Lucky Premium Treats said that, ‘the white shark team is doing and outstanding job managing our account’. Elsewhere Mark Reynolds of Ruffins Pet Center said that, ‘Partnering with white shark media was one of the smartest business decisions I have made’.

How They Handle Customer Complaints

In most cases, compliments tend to go hand in hand with complaints. The way you handle this complaints will determine the fate of your business. White Shark Media has a quick and unique way of handling any complaints.

In relation to the AdWords campaigns

The company makes sure that every customer is thoroughly informed to about their new campaign. Once the client knows how it works, it minimizes the possibility of them getting confused.

On Communication matters

As consultants, communication is one of the most important aspects of their business. They have improved on this by providing direct connections between you and your contact person. They provide an email and phone number, allowing you to reach them even if they are out of the office.

They also hold monthly online conference calls, allowing the contact person at the company to get in touch with the client and discuss the monthly results.

On Campaign quality

In case you already have an efficient campaign, instead of creating a new one, they improve on it to give you one that is more efficient.

Getting a contact person who you do not relate to with

In order to avoid you being teamed up with someone you do not understand, they ensure that a senior consultant is involved with you from the beginning. Even if you might be handed over to another consultant, the senior consultant is still available for any inquiries.
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Solo Capital’s No-Nonsense Services

Having a business itself isn’t enough in this competitive world. You have got be meticulous about the kind of service you choose for the business. You need to define your expectation to the employees and make them work for it without fail. It also helps greatly if you are using help from outside where you can delegate some of the internal functioning of the business to a reliable service company, like Solo Capital.

Solo Capital founded by Sanjay Shah is an investment banking firm that offers a number of services related to finance and management, such as personal finance, business administration, asset management, underwriting, mergers and acquisitions. It has helped hundreds of businesses fulfill their dream goals. Solo Capital is all set to serve many more customers in its field of expertise which is why it is contemplating expansion in countries all over the world. A business owner of a successful tire company built up a team of employees. When he hired new staff, he screened them and let them know of the work to be done. He was up front about what he wanted at his business. Workers were expected to show up on time and they did. However, they failed to live up to their expectations and lacked a system of accountability for the end game:profits. They were under-performing in the areas that they were not proficient in. This is when Solo Capital pitched in, built an efficient system to handle the weak area in the business. The service offered by Solo Capital was able to generate more business and meet increasingly high financial goal for the business owner.

There are many instances like this where Solo Capital comes into picture. It has devised plans and strategies for its clients’ businesses, installed rational performance services and managed a number of assets within the business. Its’ plans have helped businesses find where their departments were financially and operationally at the end of each period. From order entry to procurement of products, Solo Capital has helped in every part of the business. The experts were ready with suggestions for improvements when something went wrong. In essence, Solo Capital is dedicated to providing the kind of services that are helpful for businesses to achieve their full profit potential. This company can turn your business around, and the experts here will show you how. Their plans are based on their experience with hundreds of businesses in hundreds of industries. Their insights are meant to trigger performance that goes straight to tackling the business challenges that entrepreneurs and business owners face in today’s world. With initial consultation, you will find information that can be used as a reference to grow your business for the future.

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James Dondero and his strategy to select the top holdings of the company

From Dallas, Texas, James Dondero is the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management (HCM). He is currently overseeing the operations and strategies of the firm. He has over three decades of experience in credit market including being a pioneer of the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO). Due to his extemporary achievement, the firm has received numerous awards throughout his career including the hefty Morningstar’s 5-star designation for Global allocation in 2014. Other awards include being ranked number one by Morningstar on Healthcare for both long and short Equity Fund in 2014 and the Lipper Award for Floating Rate Opportunities in 2014.

James Dondero  is an educated man who graduated from the University of Virginia and majored in accounting and finance. Jim is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA), a level that has made him earn the right to use Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. Apart from managing Highland Capital Management, James is engaged in other activities such as MGM Studios and American Banknote. He chairs boards of CCS Medical Corporation, Nexbank and Cornerstone Healthcare.

Recently, his company filed its quarterly 13F that revealed the portfolio of $3.42 billion. This was however a decrease of $1.49 billion from the previous quarter because it recorded a high value of $4.91 billion the recent filling, therefore, represents a 22.73% of its assets amounting to $15.04 billion under management by the company. Various decisions were made and which may have led to the recent value. For instance, the company made decisions to fund new purchases in this quarter. The new positions include Amazon Com Inc (AMZN) for $23.35 million, Spdr S&P 500 Etf Tr (Call) (SPY) for $67.07 million, Intra Cellular Therapies Inc (ITCI) for $15.90 million, and Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc (EgRX) for $17.73 million among others.

Highland Capital Management has increased its stakes for Petterson Companies Inc (PDCO) by 16% equivalent to $87.91 million, and Salesforce Com Inc (Call) (CRM) by 18% equivalent to $54.85 million among others. However, HCM sold stocks for Spdr Series Trust constituting 5.63%, Envision Healthcare Holdings, Nexpoint CR Strategies and Laboratory Corp America Holdings. The reasons for selling the stocks are still unknown, but they have obviously had something to do with the momentum of the HCM, value and the drive to put the company in a better place. The top holdings of the enterprise currently remain to be Salesforce Com Inc (CRM), American Airls Group Inc (Call) (AAL) and Ishares Tr (Put) (IMW) constituting 13.59% of the listed securities.

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