James Dondero Names Terry Jones President Of Institutional Products

Dallas-based Highland Capital Management, L.P. is one of the top investment firms in the United States. Highland Capital has more than $20 billion in assets under management, and a recent purchase of Argentinian debt bonds will increase that number this year. Jim Dondero founded Highland Capital with Mark Okada in 1992, and the company has enjoyed steady growth every year since then. Because of the company’s outstanding growth, Dondero recently named Terry Jones President of the Institutional Products division of Highland Capital. Jones will report directly to Dondero, and he will be based in Dallas. Highland Capital has four other offices: Seoul, Singapore, Sao Paulo, and new York, so some traveling is always a prerequisite for division presidents, according to Mr. Dondero.

Terry Jones was cut-out for the job, according to James Dondero. Terry received his BA in Economics from Columbia College, and he earned an MBA, from Columbia Business School. Jones has more than 25 years of experience in the financial industry, and he has an acute understanding of the strategic institutional allocators that will help drive new business development. Jones will oversee risk management, and he will be responsible for optimizing the infrastructure that Highland Capital has in place to identify, assess and mitigate applicable risks.

Dondero said Jones will lead the company in terms of risk adjustment performance and help expedite client solutions increasingly complex investment markets. Dondero went on to say that Highland Capital Management is in a great position to deal with the ever-changing dynamics that impact assets. Mr. Jones will be the guy that helps keep, the infrastructure, investing capabilities and the experience in sync so the hedged equities position and the below-investment-grade credit risks perform during market cycles.

Mr. Jones said he was excited to work with the Highland investment team. Jones believes clients will have a better understanding of the opportunities and the risks they face going forward in a very volatile market under his guidance. Jones has an impressive resume to do that. Jones was a board member of Genworth Life Insurance Company of New York, and he was the President, Founder, and CIO of Battersby Capital Management. He was also a Portfolio Manager for Goldman Sachs as well as a Global Head of one of the Event Driven Sectors of Goldman Sachs. That sector handled hedge fund strategies. As a Portfolio Manager at Goldman Jones managed an $8 billion hedge fund, according to an article published by PRNewswire.com.

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Kevin Seawright Opens Up About His Successful Career In Finance

CFO and Executive Vice President of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (Newark CEDC), Kevin Seawright, recently took part in an interview for WorldClassMagazines.com. In the interview, Seawright discussed many aspects of his life including both his personal life and professional career.

What started as a government position in Baltimore, turned into a full-blown career in finance. After years of demonstrating financial expertise, Kevin Seawright was appointed to his current position as CFO and Executive Vice President of Newark CEDC. “I am honored to be part of this positive change,” says Seawright, who plans to continue his life’s work of aiding in the development of urban cities like Newark. With an emphasis on economy, Seawright believes that investing into small business ventures, employment programs, and transportation is the key to a community’s success.

Kevin Seawright explains that his interest in finance and accounting began as a child. When he was only 12 years old, his parents encouraged his financial stewardship by allowing him to work in youth programs, aiding the citizens of Philadelphia’s inner city, something he’s recalled many times on Twitter. His strong will to help others continued well into adulthood, as he worked to change the lives of many in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and most recently, Newark.

When prompted with the question “What is success to you?” Seawright explains, “To me, success revolves around family. I consider myself successful because I have a great relationship with my family, both immediate and extended.” He goes on to explain how contributing to the well-being of a community is another sure sign of success. He was happy to provide a loan to a Newark entrepreneur after she was turned down by other banks. “This is one of the services we provide at Newark CEDC. We provide loans to small and to mid-sized business owners, who would otherwise not have access to needed capital.”

Kevin Seawright contributes his accumulated experience to his growing success. Through every aspect of his career, Seawright has applied outstanding analytical and managerial abilities in an effort to improve the economy. It is his belief that a better economy will lead to better economic situations for the people of the community, increasing the quality of life for many families and individuals.

Billionaire Griffin – A Long Ways From His Room At Harvard

That saying “Too much is given, much is expected” is a way of life for Ken Griffin on marketwatch. Through his richly diverse career of investing. He began his investing career in his room at Harvard University. He never looked back from there.

Upon graduating with a bachelor’s degree from Harvard he continued to support educational causes that invested in the community improvement. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Chicago Public Education Fund on insidermonkey.com. He graduated in 1989 in economics, at which time he continued his investing with the help of an investor, Frank C. Meyer, who provided him with $1 million. Mr. Meyer’s was the founder of Glenwood Capital LLC. Kenneth Griffin was able to provide a 70 percent return of the his initial investment, according to the New York Times.

Today, Ken Griffin is ranked No. 89 on the list of Forbes 400 richest people in America.

In 1990, Citadel was founded by Kenneth Griffin. Ken Griffin is the firm’s Chief Executive Officer. Citadel is a diverse financial institution. Citadel is one of the leading liquidity providers in America’s capital markets. With Citadel Technology providing investment management technology. There are more than 1250 members who work for Citadel worldwide today.

Mr. Griffin was ranked by Fortune magazine in September 2004, as the eight richest American under forty in the category of self-made, United States-based wealth. Today as of May, 2015 is worth 6.6 Billion dollars. He continues to contribute on financial regulations at various government hearings.

He continues to donate large amounts such as June 2014 he contributed $2.5 million dollars to Rauner to defeat Democratic Governor Pat Quinn in the election. He has contributed $3.57 million dollars to the Winnekta venture capitalist’s campaign. And he offered $150 million to Harvard to be used for students’ financial aid. Griffin continues to improve and enrich the lives of others with a total more than $250 million through his personal contributions.

Not only from his personal contributions but through his company, he has donated to the University of Chicago, Lurie Children’s Hospital, and the Art Institute. Mr. Griffin continues to support Chicago’s civic and cultural institutions. He sets on the Board of Trustees for the Art Institute of Chicago, The Whitney Museum, along with the Museum of Contemporary Art.

As you can see, Kenneth Griffin, really give back in a big way by supporting the community not only with contributions but serving on different boards.

Source: http://www.nbcchicago.com/blogs/ward-room/Rauner-donor-Ken-Griffin-jumps-ahead-on-Forbes-400-richest-americans-list-277437151.html#ixzz3q566wwyw
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The City of Chicago Has Many Great Business Leaders

Chicago is one of the most popular and economically important cities in the United States of America. Chicago is considered to be similar to New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami in the sense that it is so large. There are many important business leaders in the city of Chicago because the businesses there are large and very popular.

Mr. Kenneth Griffin is undoubtedly one of the most successful and prominent business people that works in Chicago. Mr. Griffin founded Citadel, one of the largest hedge funds in the world. Mr. Ken Griffin actually went to college at one of the best in the world in Harvard University. Mr. Griffin has had an astounding career, which started off with him managing a hedge fund financed by family and friends that was worth a quarter of a million dollars at the time.

Majeed Ekbal is quite the businessman in the city of Chicago hiself. He founded Expresso, and is currently serving as president of the company. Expresso takes grocery lists from clients who need to get groceries. The client pays for the groceries himself, and pays up to a ten dollar fee to get the groceries delivered in the trunk of their vehicle. The great thing about this business is that no matter how many stores a person has to go to, it only cost $10 at the very most.

Mr. Majeed Ekbal’s commpany allows its clients to pick from more than 12,000 grocery items. This is one of the dynamics of Expresso that Mr. Ekbal has implemented to bring success to his business.

Mellody Hobson is based in Chicago and she is currently the president of Ariel Investments, one of the largest investing firms that is located in the city of Chicago. She has been listed as one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the entire world. Many people in the United States of America have heard some of the things that Mrs. Mellody Hobson has said. She is planned to be the speaker at the 2016 Women in the Forefront Luncheon, which takes place in Chicago next year in April.