New Papa John’s Pizza CEO Steve Ritchie Apologizes To Customers

Steve Ritchie, who took over as the new CEO of the Papa John’s Pizza franchise in January 2018 amid some negative press the company received due to decisions that were made by its previous leader, recently apologized for this error in judgment in order to regain the trust of customers. Although the executive feels that it will take time for the business to get back in good standing with patrons, he has begun to take measures to assure that this happens. The strategies Steve Ritchie plans to use include bringing in outside experts to advise on diversity practices within the company, talking to and getting feedback from employees and franchise owners on ways to move forward, holding the management team accountable for how they handle issues, and being as transparent to the public as possible.

Having been an employee at Papa John’s (@PapaJohns) for over two decades, Steve Ritchie was one of the best choices when the company was looking to name a new leader. He previously worked as a Customer Service Representative, then became a franchise member a few years later, and between 2014 and 2017, he was the President of the brand’s International division. As the new CEO, he will be responsible for working on the franchise’s global development and marketing. Papa John’s currently has 120,000 corporate and franchise members all over the world, and it has more than 5,000 restaurants, 4,456 of which are in operation in the US. Founded in 1984, the pizza chain later received a number one rating when it comes to customer satisfaction.

The company has its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, and it is the 3rd largest pizza delivery service in the world. In 2002, it was the first national pizza restaurant to make online ordering of its product available in the US. After Steve Ritchie Papa Johns was promoted to CEO, he expressed that he was humbled to be given the opportunity to take on such an important role in the business. As he continues to work to rebuild and improve Papa John’s image, he wants customers to know that their loyalty is greatly appreciated. Learn more about Steve Ritchie by looking at his Bloomberg profile.

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Ryan Seacrest: A Man With Many Talents

Ryan Seacrest is a beloved radio personality, television host and media mogul. He has accomplished many things for himself. Many people first became familiar with the mogul on American Idol. He became the host of the show and took the show by storm. He has made millions of dollars from working on American Idol. But his career success does not stop there. He has a trending radio show that is very popular in Los Angeles, California. On Air With Ryan is the name of his radio show. Live With Kelly and Ryan is the daytime talk show he co hosts. Many people spend their mornings tuning into this show. He has his own foundation. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation works to bring radio and media services to pediatric hospitals and medical facilities. When he is not busy juggling all of these jobs, he is working on his clothing line. Ryan Seacrest Distinction is his menswear collection. Now, his millions of fans can dress like him too. The mogul does not stop there. A skincare line is in the works that will pair well with his menswear collection.

Ryan Seacrest is a big-time boss today. He wears many hats. He travels the world running his media empire. He is the true essence of a modern entrepreneur. Many people look up to him because of his charm, personality and work ethic. But Ryan Seacrest had his fair share of trials. He spent much of youth battling being overweight. He had to learn that he had the power to change his body and life for the better. Doing so, has given him the confidence he has today.

Ryan Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) takes health and fitness pretty seriously. It’s understandable why. To make sure he does not return to an unhealthy lifestyle he spends time in the gym. He makes sure to get in his walking. He also eats a healthy diet. Green smoothies are important to him. Eating the right amount of vegetables to keep him healthy is key to his lifestyle. He may be a busy businessman, but he is also a fitness fanatic.

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Freedom Checks How People can Earn Huge Profits From It?

Investing in the financial markets can be really difficult if you do not have much idea, but you can be sure that with the help of experts, investing smartly would become much easier. One of the experts whose advice you can rely upon without hesitation is Matt Badiali. With years of experience in the financial sector, Matt Badiali has been able to device a financial and investment strategy that is tried and tested and is known to fetch positive results. If you are looking to invest in the financial market and need some expert guidance, then you might want to take the help of Matt Badiali. Apart from being a financial analyst, he is also a successful geologist. His experience in the field has allowed him to learn more about the investment strategies in this industry that is not easily known to people.

Matt Badiali is the editor of two popular financial newsletters named the Front Line Profits and Real Wealth Strategist. In these newsletters, he has been able to suggest people the investment strategy that he believes is highly fruitful and would provide people with generous returns in the future. Matt Badiali came into highlights recently after he asked people to invest in the Freedom Checks from the energy sector. Investing in the energy sector in the master limited partnership firms would help people free dividends regular as these companies share a good amount of their profits with the investors. They are needed by law to share a large part of their profits.

Matt Badiali says that with the help of the investment advice he gives, people can enjoy financial freedom as well by getting Freedom Checks regularly as dividends. If you want Freedom Checks too, make sure to subscribe to Real Wealth Strategist today. It has all the tips and recommendations that would help you earn regular income from your investments in the form of Freedom Checks, which would surely help you lead a financially safeguarded life. One has to start investing early on in their life once they start working so that they can have enough for their retirement years to enjoy to the fullest.

Victoria Doramus: The One Who Never Quit

Victoria Doramus currently works as a recovery expert who was able to share her real life experiences with drug addiction if and constantly works to better herself and those around her as well as those who are less fortunate. In her early career Victoria Doramus had a medley of jobs over the years, from working as a media professional to becoming a creative consultant with a cosmetics company to being a personal assistant for a well-known film director as well as aiding in the research and writing for several books, Doramus has done it all. Despite her success and loving what she did, Victoria Doramus fell to the hands of addiction in 2011. Even though she had spent 45 days at a rehab facility in Arizona, Victoria Doramus kept falling farther into the pit of addiction even after changing friend groups and moving out of the country as well.

After hitting rock bottom, consumer trends expert Victoria Doramus was brought to the Burning Tree recovery center for long-term drug addiction treatment. The facility’s treatment plan was a 12 step program that was more similar to a boot camp than your typical drug addiction facility. After she completed all 12 steps, Doramus went on to live in a halfway house where she had to work 30 to 40 hours a week and attending frequent meetings with her sponsor. Today, Victoria Doramus works with the Amy Winehouse Foundation, the Women’s Prison Association, and supports the Best Friends Animal Society, and Rooms to Read. Each of these foundations and societies provide Mr. Doramus with a way of giving back to those who are in need or to those who have helped her over the years. She is a woman who is never willing to quit and is always looking to help give back to others.

Alexandre Gama’s History In Advertising

Alexandre Gama is a very successful creative professional who is from Brazil. This entrepreneur has made a name for himself via his efforts within the advertising world. He founded his very own advertising agency in 1999, which he named Neogama. Alexandre Gama is the CCO as well as the CEO of Neogama.

Today, Neogama is currently rated as one of the best Brazilian advertising companies. After launching, the company got of to a great start, becoming the fastest growing of Brazil’s advertising agencies throughout the initial three years that it was around.

A newspaper by the name of Meio e Mensagem actually chose to award Neogama/BBH with its “Agency of the Year” title in 2002. Neogama/BBH was formed earlier that same year after Mr. Gama formed a joint venture between Neogama and BBH, which is another successful advertising company that operates out of London.

Duda Melzer Builds On A Tradition Of Family Success

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer has been one of Brazil’s most dedicated and successful business leaders since taking control of the majority of the organizational network created as part of his family’s successful RBS Group. Better known as Duda Melzer, the President of the RBS Group is the third generation of the Sirotsky family to lead the company since it was established in 1957 by Duda’s grandfather Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho; Duda has not simply settled on keeping the RBS Group moving in the same direction is has been moving in for a number of decades, but is instead bringing his own business experience to the fore in a bid to establish the family company as a major part of the global business world. Visit Valor for more info.

As with most of his choices, Duda Melzer took the advice of his family when embarking on his business career and headed to North America to complete his education and gain experience of the media and financial industries on a global scale. Not only did Duda complete his education at the respected Ivy League Harvard School of Business, but he also worked for a number of different companies that allowed him to gain experience of different aspects of a changing media industry. For more details check out Odiario.

In looking to turn the RBS Group into one of the world’s leading media companies Duda Melzer has drawn upon his experience with the nontraditional BoxTop Media company in the U.S. to move the company into a more digital focused area. Melzer has moved the news gathering organization of RBS away from traditional newspapers towards a Website and app focused approach to top class journalism; Duda Melzer has also used the newly established eBricks company the Sirotsky family use for investing to add a further level of digital technology investing to the people of the portfolio of the RBS Group.

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Patty Rocklage, the Talented Psychotherapist with a Warm Heart

Patty Rocklage is an acclaimed psychotherapist from the Great Boston Area. She has a broad experience of over 20 years in helping clients to overcome their struggles. Patty  Rocklage has a warm and inviting tendency of making people comfortable so that they can concentrate on achieving the change they desire to end their problems. She offers family and marriage counseling to her clients including couples, families, and individuals. Patty acknowledges her clients’ sensitivity regarding their struggles; thus, she maintains confidentiality them.

Patty is an academic scholar who went to study at the University of Southern California where he got her degree in psychology in 1981. Being a licensed psychotherapist, she undertakes her practice in the state of Massachusetts. Year after year, Patty has gained important skills including public speaking, coaching, team building, and teaching. Moreover, she has been able to help many clients achieve their personal growth through her deep warmth and a set of skills and learn more about Patty.

The Kind Heart of Patty Rocklage

Patty Rocklage loves to give back to the community. She also enjoys her community outreach initiatives. In 2016, Patty and Dr. Scott Rocklage, her husband, gave a major gift to the chemistry department of Massachusetts Institute. The gift was for helping the university to renovate the nanochemistry and nanotechnology lab in Building 2. On July 18, 2016, the couple visited the university during a celebration for the major gift from Patty and Dr. Scott Rocklage.

Patty’s husband went to study at the department of chemistry where he acquired his Ph.D. studies. Furthermore, Professor Richard R. Schrock, a Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, supervised his Ph.D. studies. Dr. Scott Rocklage cited that he had been a survivalist and enthusiastic about accomplishing his goals. He added that the above skills contributed greatly towards his selection to MIT. Scott mentioned that MIT gave him the foundation for his career and professional life; thus, he was grateful to the chemistry department.

Patty is a marvelous volunteer for the Southern Sudan Fund. She helps those people who have relocated from Southern Sudan to find stable jobs so that they can enhance their educational and financial stability. Currently, Patty lives with Dr. Scott Rocklage in Sudbury Massachusetts and her Website.

Bruce Levenson: Great Business Mind and Philanthropist

Bruce Levenson is a successful American businessman and entrepreneur. He is well known for previously owning the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise from 2004 to 2014. Bruce used he’s intelligence and industriousness to build a fortune and a reputation as an astute business tycoon.
Bruce Levenson began his career in business when he founded United Communications Group with Ed Peskowitz in 1977. The company began from Levenson’s Maryland apartment where the two men published a newspaper on the oil business. Levenson’s company began to buy other small newspapers and put out databases containing pertinent details for those working and speculating within the industry, including up-to-date pricing information. Today, the company focuses on providing news and data for the healthcare, technology, energy markets and others.

Bruce Levenson and partners acquired the Atlanta Hawks in 2004. Levenson bought the Hawks from Ted Turner’s broadcasting company and purchased the rights to Phillips Arena, home of the team, as well. Bruce also bought the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers as part of the same deal, but the team was sold in 2011 and moved to Canada. Levenson’s group acquired the franchises for $250 million. In 2014, Levenson divested of the Hawks in a sale reported by Forbes at $850 million to a group of investors that included basketball legend Grant Hill.

Levenson also has a long history of philanthropy. He has given to the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C. and the Hoops Dream Foundation. He has also given to organizations aimed at providing services for low-income children in D.C. Additionally, Levenson is one of the largest donors to the Holocaust Museum and funds a program to take low-income kids to the museum and teach them lessons from the exhibit. Levenson has been an avid giver to a host of charities aimed at Jewish and Israeli initiatives.


Is Jose Manuel Gonzales the Messiah that Guárico has Been Waiting for?

You have probably come across the   name Jose Manuel Gonzales when looking at the politics of Guárico State. He was elected by Guárico state constituents to represent them in the national assembly. However, his service in the Guárico politics was marked short after being voted out by his party members.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez has shown a keen interest in the politics of Venezuela even after his service in the government being terminated. He is particularly concerned with the status of the economy of the country. Jose Manuel believes that with the right representatives, the state of the economy could change.

He is particularly concerned with the food availability in the country. He blames the government for the food smuggling crisis in the country. This situation, he attributes to the fact that the government buys food products from the farmers at very oppressive prices. This gives the farmers no choice but to sneak their product to neighboring states that are willing to buy their products at better rates.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez also states that if the government paid higher rates to farmers for their food products, they would look at farming as a stable career. However, as at now, the citizens cannot rely on farming and hence opt for other careers other than farming.

This renowned businessman also talks about the fuel in the country. He is surprised that even with the country being so rich in this resource, they still have to import oil and at ridiculously high prices for that matter. He advises that the government invests in mining the fuel in their country. The oil could be sold locally at lower prices and even exported to other countries to boost the economy.

He also talks about the private sector. He suggests that the government stops harassing them. He warns about the government threatening to increase the wage rates. This would deter people from investing. Gonzalez talks of solutions that would see the country’s economy move forward. The people should also be wary of who they elect to represent them.

Sanjay Shah’s Contribution to People Living with Autism

“Autism rocks” is a live concert and charity event that was established in 2014. Since its foundation, over six thousand euros have been collected, to raise Autism awareness and to fund Autism research. The organizers arrange for popular concerts where high-profile entertainers such as Drake, Snoop Dog, and Tyga are invited to the event.

The live family event features not only live music but also fun activities. Some of the fun activities include Horse rides, face painting, zip line, laser tag, inflatable rides, crazy golf, petting zoo, and barbecue. The activities are tailored towards ensuring that every family member has something to do.

What is Autism?
Autism is a disorder that affects communication and how a person experiences their environment. Its causes are not known yet. It is also incurable. Despite all these, lack of adequate support can cause adverse effects on the affected individuals and their families. Although the number of people with Autism in the United Arab Emirates is not well known, that in The UK is on the rise. Statistics state that it affects 1% of people in the UK every year, and affecting about 2.8 million people every year.

For a Better Cause
Autism Rocks was founded by the Dubai- based couple Sanjay Shah Denmark and Usha. The couple founded the organization to change the general perception of Autism in the society. Their need to do so arose from a personal commitment. The couple has an Autistic child, and they felt they needed to do something good for people with similar conditions. Their son was diagnosed with autism at the age of four (in 2011). After this experience, they felt that such kids should receive the appropriate exposure.

They held the first concert in 2014 with the prince, and it was an invite only event. Through the funds they receive, they can support research into why individuals are affected by these conditions and the things that can be done concerning the issues.

Sanjay Shah’s contributions
During an interview with the Global Citizen Magazine, Shah disclosed that he has helped kids in India for over a decade and was not sure about what more he could do for charity. This statement proves that the organization has helped very many individuals living with autism to have a better life.

In 2015, Shah used US$100,000 to set up a website for the organization under the domain name “Autism Rocks’. He is a trustee of Autism Research, which offers donations to Cambridge University’s Autism Research Center. He has been in the top position of the trustee since 2013.


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