Ronald Fowlkes Uses Law Enforcement Experience to Help People

Ronald Fowlkes started out in the military. He learned a lot about different things in the military. One thing he learned is he likes the structure of it. He enjoyed doing things a certain way and that helped him make the right choices for his future. For Ronald Fowlkes, the point of helping other people out when he was in the military was something he felt good about. It was also something he trusted he could rely on for a long time. Once he and others were in the military, they’d always be a part of something bigger. They knew what it took and knew they could make the right decisions for the future because of the training they received. It is part of who he is and part of what makes him one of the best people for the job he had later on.


After getting out of the military, Ronald Fowlkes knew he had to try something different. He also knew how well he functioned with the structure of the military. Because of his dedication to hard work and effort, he knew law enforcement would be the best option for him. The law enforcement opportunities he had gave him the chance to try different things and learn more about the world around him. It also gave him a chance to protect the people who were in his community. Even though it was different from the military, it was something he felt good about and something he knew he could keep doing for a long time.


The point of working law enforcement was giving everyone a chance at a better future. It helped him show people he was doing everything right and he was making all the right choices in business. For the industry to see how much he had improved, Ronald Fowlkes had to give people the chance to do things right. He planned on making everyone understand how law enforcement was helping the community. He set a good example. He worked with the community. He always protected people who were a part of the community he lived in.


After working in law enforcement for many years, Ronald Fowlkes found he could do things better if he made all the right choices. He decided to leave law enforcement, but he wanted to still help people who were in it. He came up with the idea to find the best products for them to use while they were doing their jobs. The products could be expensive from other stores, but Ronald Fowlkes knew he could sell them affordably. Since he knew this, he chose to start selling them and giving them the chance to purchase them at a lower price.

How To Scale Up The Online Reputation Of A Business

The world of business has changed over the years and with the World Wide Web burst, there have been many opportunities and challenges alike. Businesses are able to connect with users and potential customers more easily and through cheaper methods. However, losing the reputation of a business because of a mistake has also become easy because sharing of information online is easier and mere rumors can spread within few hours.

That’s why every business needs to have an online reputation reviews strategy that will keep it protected from losing its image due to some content shared online due to malice or either exposing the failures of the business. There are many ways a business can manage its reputation online and some are as highlighted below.

Online reviews

Online reviews can make or break your company. When a third party writes a negative review of your business then the information is shared across different networks, there is high likelihood your business will suffer the effects of the bad image painted. To keep the reputation of your business in check, regularly do press-release content and reviews that highlight the steps taken as well as the achievements the business has recorded over the years.

Optimize content for search

Search engines operate based on instructions and algorithms that detect the kind of content you post. Search engine optimization is a vital element in running your business that you should not ignore. Ensure the content you share online is optimized with the right key words, meta description and quality so Google and other search engines can identify the unique information shared then filter for the kind of users you target.

Use social media

Social media is another perfect place to keep your business relevant and moving. Many social media accounts allow you to share content through automation such that once you post on your website the same details are transferred to your social media account. Social media allows you to connect with different potential buyers and you can see their opinions about your business. With this information, you can improve some parts of your business.


Millennials and Magnises: A Marvelous Combination

Magnises is a group that helps their members develop a social network and help them see their cities in a new way that they never have before. They also help them move their lives up to the next level and keep moving on up the social ladder. In a world where people (especially millennials) are constantly wanting to move up in the world career wise and socially (without as little time and sometimes that they can put into it), a true-to-life social networking site will give them a step up in their social lives. Magnises offers their members a lot of benefits and perks and a lot comes with beholding one of their black cards.

When a Magnises member uses their membership card, it unlocks a whole new world for them. This private and exclusive club membership and its card allows young professionals to obtain access to special events and deals in some of the largest towns on the East coast, especially in New York City and Washington D.C. Utilizing their Magnises card helps them unlock a whole new universe by giving them discounts at restaurants, bars, or clubs and one-of-a-kind and unique experiences like private concerts and extravagant and fancy getaways and access to their private clubhouse and other exclusive clubhouse.

They also have their own private clubhouse where they host events where their members can meet, work, and network and they also give them access to select clubhouses where their members get exclusive access to. The clubhouses include the lounges at the Wayfarer and the Gansevoort Park hotels where their members can host business meetings, can freshen up before going out for the night, and have a drink with other members with the purpose of networking and working. Also, if Magnises members choose to pay an additional one-hundred dollars a month, they can obtain access to Alley, a community-oriented co-working space that has three locations in Manhattan. To attract new members and keep their current ones, Magnises added some new benefits this year to their list of benefits.

The new benefits that Magnises added to their list of membership benefits list include:

-A WorkPass benefit, where members pay an additional ninety-nine dollars a month to obtain access to the co-working facilities at Alley in New York City where Magnises has their corporate offices.

-The ClubPass benefit for an additional sixty-five dollars a month that gives their members guaranteed access to the most exclusive nightclubs in New York.

-The third and last new benefit is the HotelPass which permits their members to stay at Dream Hotel’s locations in New York for only seventy-nine dollars a night. The cost of a night at this hotel without the Magnises discount is $245 a night.

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Like almost all businesses and organizations in the world today, Magnises has a social media presence to make themselves more available and present to their current and potential members.

Magnises also has a presence on a few social media sites. To learn more about them or for their members to contact them and network with each other, they have Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter accounts. Billy McFarland is the creator and owner of Magnises and the one who keeps this magnificent company going.

Billy McFarland started and set Magnises in motion in March of 2014. Since he opened this company, Business Insider labeled him a “Tech Whiz”, a “Mastermind” by Bloomberg, and “The Money Man for Millennials” by Chic Metropolitan. Before he found Magnises, he founded and lead Spling, a venture backed ad-tech company, that obtained notable clients like Hearst, Discovery, Universal, and Warner. He is still the CEO of the company. Prior to owning Spling, he went to Bucknell University to study computer engineering and graduated from the Pingry School in New Jersey. At the young age of twenty-four, he is a successful businessman and a millionaire as well. Magnises is also well-known for being a “new millennial guide.”

Magnises is the “new millennial guide” for many reasons. They are they “go-to concierge platform” for millennials that introduces them to new people, items to purchases, and businesses. Since they really get to know their members, they can give them real-time and individualized recommendations that help them more than generic concierge services in their areas of services. Their present service areas include New York City and Washington DC (but they are planning to expand to five more cities in the near future). Over the next year, they plan to expand to twelve cities and they hope to be in fifty cities around the world by the year 2020. This business gives their members a lot of cool experiences and benefits.

Additional benefits of being a Magnises member are access to a member network of over 6,000 members, access to their members only sites (a penthouse located in New York and a pool and lounge on top of a roof in DC), planned events and activities for every day of the week, and a real-time concierge app called Magnises Now. Some of the great experiences that their members have been able to be a part of in the past include Tesla test drives on an airport runway that is not open, virtual reality demonstrations with Samsung, and private concerts with Action Bronson, Rick Ross, and Wale.

Magnises is a wonderful corporation who loves to help Millennials connect on professional and social levels. They love to bring them together, help them work hard, and play hard as well. With all of these services and great clients, millennials and Magnises is most definitely a marvelous combination.

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Igor Cornelsen Recommends Investing in the Brazilian Economy


Banking plays a huge role in the business world. Without quality banking, businesses cannot purchase the capital they need to grow. As globalization has emerged as a major force, many businesses have started to notice and care more about international banking rules. Every country has a slightly different banking system that influences the economic growth of the country. Brazil is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and their banking system plays a major role in that growth. Igor Cornelsen is a major player within the Brazilian business community, and recently he sat down with a major media outlet to discuss the Brazilian banking industry.


Brazil’s economy recently was in a major rough patch. The economy was at an all-time low at the end of 2014, and most people expected the banking industry to match that trend. To the shock of everyone, the two largest banks in Brazil both grew considerably. Both Banco Bradesco and Itau Unibanco had their shares increase in value at the end of the year. Banco Bradesco jumped by 28% and Itau jumped by 36%. These banks are still successful regardless of the economic storm, so what happened.


Igor credited the risk management teams at both banks. He stated that bankers are only lending to people that are truly worthy of credit. This lets the companies streamline costs and gives the bank the security they need. People with less desirable credit cannot acquire loans, which is great for the banks, but not great for the Brazilian economy. If you don’t have great credit, it is almost impossible for your to start a business. Igor recommends that the Brazilian government focus on reforms and austerity to get through this difficult time.


Many might wonder why they should consider the investing the Brazilian economy at all? Fortunately, Brazil has great natural resources and thus has great potential to grow in the future. With the Brazilian economy at a floor, now is the perfect time to invest.


The Brazilian economy is a great opportunity for investors and Igor Cornelsen recommends that people invest in Brazil and grow their wealth.  Check him out on Wikidot, or read more about Igor from his Facebook feed.


IAP Worldwide Services Develops the Air Traffic Control System of Afghanistan

The Readiness Management Support (RMS) based in Panama City is a division of the IAP Worldwide Services and played a big role in developing the Air Traffic control system in Afghanistan. This was in support of the Operation Enduring Freedom. The Kabul Air Control Center was opened officially on July 12 and provides positive control, non-radar, visual flight rule services and radio-based instrument flight rule within Kabul Flight Information Region (FIR). RMS was the Air Force Contract Augmentation Program (AFCAP) contractor and had to partner with US Air Force and other AFCAP designated subcontractors. It was involved in designing new airways, delivering, installing and maintaining equipment for communications for airways radio coverage, staffing the AFCAP air traffic controllers as well as providing the final flight checks for instrument flight rules.

ManTech Telecommunications and Midwest ATC Services are the subcontractors of RMS played chief roles in this effort. Midwest ATC Services was responsible for providing air traffic controllers while ManTech Telecommunications offered the procurement, communications system design and the installation of four remote locations in Afghanistan. Al Neffgen, the CEO of IAP Worldwide services stated that the company has a track record of success in missions to meet the contingency and emergency needs the U.S. Military encounters. The AFCAP/RMS personnel continues to work with the Afghan civil employees to control the Kabul FIR that includes an airspace that is among the world’s most congested. It is found along the major air routes between Europe and South East Asia.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. Employer Salary, Average Salaries

About IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide Services supplies a number of project/program management and contingency services in the Middle East, USA and other parts of the world. It offers rapid response to military deployments and sustainment actions to provide relief for disasters including disaster cleanup, power generation and air traffic control. All these services enhance the important mission of U.S. civilian agencies and military forces.

IAP Worldwide Services is a leading government contractor and offers various services that are focused on a worldwide mission support for the national market. The company has specialized in three major business lines; procurement and logistics support, contingency, technical services and facility base/maintenance operations. IAP Worldwide Services, Incorporated has its corporate operations headquarters are at Vape Canaveral, FL. It also has offices based in Irmo SC, Washington DC and Panama City. The company also has its project sites spread in locations that exceed 50. For over 60 years, IAP has built a reputation as a reliable and responsive leader in the market in meeting and also exceeds customer expectations.

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What Kyle Bass Thinks Of The Current Global Financial Environment

The financial markets and especially the emerging markets are in the mid-fifth lining according to Hayman Capital Management fund manager Kyle Bass. He also pointed out that things might not be very smooth contrary to what many might think and that the same markets might go through three more painful innings so as to regain their place. Bass does not think that Brazil is going to see any financial recovery soon. If anything, he thinks that the country will remain or even go into much deeper economic turmoil if it does not deal with its corruption menace.

On Russia, he says that for a better economic situation, the country has to deal with its president’s chess moves and international sanctions first. Among the many economic giants of the world, it is only India that he thinks is in a not very delicate position. Currently, he thinks that China is going through a banking loss cycle that is in all ways almost similar to what the US was faced with during the financial crisis of 2008. In previous years according to him, China used to smartly peg its currency to the dollar and for that precise reason, it managed to appreciate more than 50% than other countries of the world since 2005.

He also said that his hedge-fund is not short of Chinese equities though it is very interested in the currency because it foresees a very significant devaluation in the next 12-18 months.

UsefulStooges is quick to point out Kyle Bass is not strange to giving his opinions in matters affecting the financial markets of the world. He first of all made his debut on the international headlines when he correctly predicted the subprime mortgage crisis of 2008. At that time, many people were convinced that Kyle must be a genius of sorts because he was among the very few who managed to make a considerable profit.

However, with time, he has actually proved that he is not a genius but rather, a person with many weaknesses when it comes to looking for attention. In the recent few months, he has been literally hopping from one television station to another offering his so called professional analysis of the financial markets. Different with the earlier days, his most recent analysis have been very wrong and misleading.

He has also been involved in some rather petty issues like being friends with economically illiterate people like Cristina Kircher of Argentina. On top of that, he has been involved in an attempt to rip off pharmaceutical companies by short selling their stocks and after that, challenging their patents. For him, it all about the money he pockets and he has total disregard for the millions of people who rely on the drugs and who might suffer in case they stopped being manufactured.

The Coalition for Affordable Drugs Challenge Pharmaceutical Companies

The Coalition for Affordable Drugs identify pharmaceutical patents that the company thinks are weak or abusive. Then the company requests a unit of the United States Patent and Trademark office to look over the legitimacy of the patents. The company’s goal is to lower drug prices that are high by questionable patents.

J. Kyle Bass and Enrich Spangenberg are the movers and shakers behind The Coalition for Affordable Drugs. Their efforts are causing a storm with pharmaceutical companies like Frensenius Kabi and Citius. These two companies produce Propofol and Suprenza (a weight loss drug). Bass and Spangenberg hope their endeavor brings scrutiny to the patent office, in an attempt to expose the inner workings of a government agency that maybe corrupt.

For example, the drug Propofol is used in 80 percent of operations for the last thirty years is protected by a patent. The patent is not on the drug, but on the rubber stopper used on the container. According to The Coalition for Affordable Drugs the rubber stopper is the only thing stopping the drug from being dropped to a generic price. When drugs come off the patent they can be sold by generic drug companies. When this occurs prices fall to an economical level for the public. Companies try to extend the patent of a product before they are required to open to generic makers. This keeps the company from losing money by opening it up to lower prices through the generic company.

Every company has its critics, cites J. Kyle Bass as the M. Night Shayamalan of bad calls. They are as equally critical of Erich Spangenberg labeling him as the “world’s most notorious patent troll”. Bass does not dispute the allegations against him claiming when the stocks go down in the company whose drug patents have expired he makes a profit. Bass claimed he is doing it for a noble reason, but many of his critics think otherwise. One of those critics is Scott McKeown who is an intellectual property expert who says nothing in Bass’s history strikes him as being a humanitarian. Thus, McKeown dismisses Bass’s claim that he is trying to help patients.

Regardless of the view point, there seems to be legitimate evidence supporting The Coalition for Affordable Drugs. Patents being protected for financial advancement of the pharmaceutical companies, but not the patients and taxpayers will be filtered out over time.

Brazilian Ads Avoid Any Kind Of Violence

Brazil is a country filled with slums, poverty and acts of violence. Tourists are always advised not to go out late at night in cities like Rio and São Paulo. Even though Brazil is known for its beaches, night life and entertainment, the country is filled with dark people and actions that can ruin a perfectly good time. That is why advertising agencies don’t use any sort of violence in their media ads. Brazilian don’t want to see that part of the reality they live in when they are buying products and services.

Wikipedia writes about Cláudio Loureiro, the founder and creative head of Heads Propaganda Advertising Agency, believes that guns, thieves, and jokes about killing or death are not appropriate topics in ads because Brazilians don’t want to see them. They may live near violent people and thieves, but they don’t want to associate them with the products they buy, according to Loureiro. It’s okay to show a naked body and to sell the sizzle of sex in ads and on TV, but if any sort of negativity is associated with those images the ads are failures, according to Loureiro.

Loureiro is not alone when it comes to openly rejecting any creative concept that has even an undertone of negativity associated with it. The top advertising agencies in the country don’t promote any negativity no matter how harmless it may appear. The fastest way to lose an audience is to mention a gun or a robbery when selling a product, according to every ad agency in Brazil.

American advertisers have more freedom when it comes to adding a joke about a robbery or an act that breaks a law or two when selling products. Ad agencies in Brazil understand the difference in the audience mentality, and they will insert something about the body or show a sexual scene in order to sell the same product. So the deeply religious society in Brazil is open when it comes to sex in ads, but very closed when it comes to glorifying violence in advertisements. That may not make sense to Americans, but in Brazil it makes a lot of sense.

Investing in Houston Real Estate

There are many areas of the country that are attractive to real estate investors that are looking to build wealth over time. Perhaps the best area of the country for real estate investors over the past couple of years is Houston, TX. There are many reasons that investing in Houston real estate is a great option to build wealth. Not only is it one of the fastest growing areas of the country over the past couple of years, but home prices in the area are increasing much faster than the national average. However, if someone is going to invest in real estate in the Houston area there are several things that they need to keep in mind. Having a goal for how to invest and the goals to work towards are all important for the long term vision of a person wanting to invest. Here are several tips and hints for anyone that wants to invest in the very hot Houston real estate market.

Anyone that is investing in real estate needs to have a plan of action on how they want to take advantage of the market. With Houston being such a great market for investing, there is more competition than ever to secure a great deal. There are many people that are investing in the area from all over the country. The average days on market metric continues to decrease, and there are even some homes that are selling before they are officially listed on the MLS. Another big sign that the market is hot is the fact that many deals are in cash. If you are going to invest in this hot real estate market, it is vital that you have a plan over both the short term and the long term.

With the market being so hot, it is important to act fast when you find a real estate deal that looks attractive to invest in. There are many people that like to analyze a real estate deal for hours before taking any action. Instead of doing this, concentrate on the ways that you can act fast to secure the deal. Anyone that is wanting to take several days to look at a property should know that it will be gone from the market very quickly.

LoopNet says Haidar Barbouti is one of the most influential investors in the Houston area. He has been involved in many important projects in the Houston area. Haidar Barbouti is a great story about how anyone can invest and build wealth through real estate in the Houston area.

Overall, investing in Houston is a great idea for many real estate investors. However, anyone that is wanting to invest in the area needs to understand that the real estate is in high demand. Start with a plan of what your goals are and then act fast when a deal does come on the market in Houston.

Tips on Citadel LLC

Citadel LLC is a private investment firm that manages hedge funds for its customers. The firm invests its funds in securities of successful companies from different sectors across the world. Citadel LLC has invested in the public equity and alternative investments programs that cover different classes of assets. The company has grown from trading to offering lending services to multinational companies in the emerging markets like China. The performance of Citadel LLC rebounded in 2009 after the global financial crisis when it started to allow clients to withdraw their cash again.

The Chief Executive officer of Citadel LLC is called Kenneth Griffin. He has a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University and is very active in supporting educational programs that navigate community developments. Mr. Griffin is a member of many institutions found in Chicago. He has been actively supporting civic and cultural institutions in Chicago. Also, Mr. Griffin is a proud member of several art institutions in this city.

  1. Griffin started a hedge fund during his early days at the university. His family and friends supported didn’t let him down but supported him accordingly. Later he was able to link his residence to enable him access real time data. Mr. Griffin is 45-year old and ranked among the riches persons across the world. Recently, he donated $150 million to Harvard to be used to offer financial aid to students.

Citadel LLC goal is to capture available opportunities and will be launching new stand-alone stock-picking division in Chicago. The unit is located in San Francisco’s Steuart Tower, and will be equipped with ten teams that would be managing around $1 billion for Chicago based company. According to the experts, the company’s position could add an extra $10 billion dollars from this new investment. Citadel LLC and its founder have been rebuilding and growing since 2008.

As a way of its potential in stocks, the company has doubled on its fast-growing sector, the one that has made billions of dollars in profits from trading. Last year, the company’s Global Equities Fund was up by 23.4% and 8.7% up to May 2015. In both cases, the Citadel was able to surpass its growth targets. The company is planning to hire veteran portfolio managers to take the entity to the next level.

Citadel LLC is expected to employ specialists who will manager financials, industrial, consumers, and health care as well as telecommunications stocks. This would be the company’s new operation on the West Coast. The other department of Global Equities will continue function separately because it focuses on homegrown investment talents.

The company has utilized all opportunities to improve its performance and managing its risks. Citadel allows entrepreneurs to with leaders across the industry in order to learn some crucial management techniques. Also, they encourage investors to meet with most successful business founders and economists from across the world. Citadel LLC has been rewarding its hardworking staffs with attractive packages to enhance their lives. In this way, the company is able to retain majority of its staffs for long.