Boraie Development Set to Open New Upscale Complex in Atlantic City

Atlantic City is a famous resort city that has weathered many ups and downs over the years. Over the past decade, Atlantic City has been hit with some tough economic realities, as the aftermath of the stock market crash and The Great Recession took their toll. Along with all of this came a downturn in the gaming industry here, as many casinos closed due to more intense competition from casinos that opened in nearby states. No doubt, the overall downturn in the economy hurt business here as well. Today, however, with a boost from new housing projects like the soon to open The Beach at South Inlet, things are looking more positive here than they have in many years.

A Boost From Boraie Development, LLC

One of the companies that has long believed in the future of Atlantic City as a lure for upscale young working professionals is Boraie Development, LLC. A recent story in The Press of Atlantic City covered the upcoming opening of The Beach at South Inlet, and the excitement this new complex is bringing forth. The complex is located on a lot that is bordered by Atlantic, Connecticut, New Jersey and Pacific Avenues, and according to Waseem Boraie, Vice President of Boraie Development, this building will offer all the upscale amenities that this generation of workers is demanding. This complex offers great looking units along with a pool, lounge area and gym, so residents can relax and enjoy themselves on site after a long day of work. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms for more.

According to Patch, Boraie also notes when discussing all the attractions this new development has to offer, that Atlantic City’s housing market is in serious need of a boost. Over 60 percent of the housing here was built over four decades ago, meaning much of what the city has to offer is out of date. According to Boriaie, it’s only with new and more polished, modern development that the city can really attract new workers to the area. It’s his hope that The Beach at South Inlet will provide housing for many of the 50,000 workers in the Atlantic City area. Visit his website

There’s no question that this new development is bringing a new feeling of optimism to the area, and Boraie Development, LLC deserves a lot of credit for maintaining its belief in this city’s future by continuing to develop attractive new properties here.

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