There Is No Stopping A Zika Virus Outbreak In The United States According To Brazilian Medical Advisor Doctor Sergio Cortes

The alarm has been set off. The Zika virus has landed in the United States. More than 109 cases of the Zika virus have been reported in 26 states. Dr. Sergio Cortes, Brazil’s chief medical advisor, told his LinkedIn followers that is how the Zika epidemic started in Brazil.
A few cases of the virus were reported last spring in the hot and humid Northeastern region of Brazil. Dr. Cortes thought he knew how the cases developed. The Aedes aegypti mosquito has spread dengue and other virus in Brazil for years, and that species carries the Zika virus too. As soon as Cortes had enough information about the Zika cases, he posted what was known about the virus on his official website.
What is known about Zika is much less that what is unknown about the virus. In Africa and Asia, Zika only cause flu-like symptoms, but in Brazil the virus is the primary suspect in the microcephaly outbreak in the same state in Brazil. On his Facebook page, Dr. Cortes said there are more than 5,000 cases of microcephaly in Brazil this year. Before 2015, there were only 150 cases reported every year.
Dr. Cortes started to tweet about the spread of Zika. Neighboring South American countries began to report Zika infections, and before long, there were thousands of reported cases and thousands of cases that weren’t reported. Only 80 percent of the people infected with the virus develop a fever, rash, and muscle aches. The other 20 percent don’t know they are infected, and that’s a problem. New research, and a number of reported cases in the United States, show that Zika may be transmitted through human contact.
If that is the case, and Dr. Cortes thinks it is because of the rapid spread of the virus through the Americas and the Caribbean, then the United States is the next target for a massive Zika virus epidemic. The U.S. Congress is dragging its feet and hasn’t approve funding to prevent the epidemic, but U.S. companies are contributing to the effort to control the spread of the disease.
The chance of developing a vaccine in time for the spring and summer seasons in the U.S. is nil, according to Dr. Cortes. A vaccine won’t be available for at least a year, and it may be longer than a year depending on test results. The truth is, the United States and Europe are in for a major outbreak of Zika, and there isn’t much anyone can do to prevent it especially if the human to human transmission theory is correct. Spraying mosquito breeding grounds will help, but the Aedes aegypti mosquito can breed in clean water in warm weather, so eradicating the pest is wishful thinking.


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Brazilian Ads Avoid Any Kind Of Violence

Brazil is a country filled with slums, poverty and acts of violence. Tourists are always advised not to go out late at night in cities like Rio and São Paulo. Even though Brazil is known for its beaches, night life and entertainment, the country is filled with dark people and actions that can ruin a perfectly good time. That is why advertising agencies don’t use any sort of violence in their media ads. Brazilian don’t want to see that part of the reality they live in when they are buying products and services.

Wikipedia writes about Cláudio Loureiro, the founder and creative head of Heads Propaganda Advertising Agency, believes that guns, thieves, and jokes about killing or death are not appropriate topics in ads because Brazilians don’t want to see them. They may live near violent people and thieves, but they don’t want to associate them with the products they buy, according to Loureiro. It’s okay to show a naked body and to sell the sizzle of sex in ads and on TV, but if any sort of negativity is associated with those images the ads are failures, according to Loureiro.

Loureiro is not alone when it comes to openly rejecting any creative concept that has even an undertone of negativity associated with it. The top advertising agencies in the country don’t promote any negativity no matter how harmless it may appear. The fastest way to lose an audience is to mention a gun or a robbery when selling a product, according to every ad agency in Brazil.

American advertisers have more freedom when it comes to adding a joke about a robbery or an act that breaks a law or two when selling products. Ad agencies in Brazil understand the difference in the audience mentality, and they will insert something about the body or show a sexual scene in order to sell the same product. So the deeply religious society in Brazil is open when it comes to sex in ads, but very closed when it comes to glorifying violence in advertisements. That may not make sense to Americans, but in Brazil it makes a lot of sense.

Efficiency Of The Brazilian Law System

The Brazilian Law has a long and rich history. The country’s law system is composed of French, German, Italian and Portuguese Civil law. For centuries, the Portuguese colony had their Law as the Law of Portugal. The general legal system relies much on the Civil Law tradition, established in statutes and of late, súmula vinculante (stare decisis). As from October 21st, 1988, the Federal Constitution was implemented and is the absolute law of the country and is featured in its stringent written form. The law in Brazil is strict and follows a certain protocol. The Constitution stipulates the countries legal structure and catalogues the country as a Federative Republic created by the indissoluble union of the states, municipalities and the Federal District. The country has a total of 26 federate states that have the ability to affiliate their laws and Constitution. The principles indicated in the Federal Constitution limits their sovereignty.

In 1827, the first law schools, the Academies of Law and Social Sciences were established in Olinda and São Paulo. The Course of Law in the country is auspicious and one of the most distinguished. It takes a total of five years for a student to graduate, and that doesn’t affirm the beginning of the law profession. The Bar Association of Brazil examination has to be passed for a graduate to undertake any profession that imparts to law. Legal duties can only be undertaken after a lawyer is registered before the bar making them independent of other government entities.

As of 2007, the Law Courses in Brazil has hit 1,024 with 197,664 law students. Unlike in other countries such as the United States where law schools are non-existent in some states like Alaska, Brazil has law schools in all its states. The number of Brazil students undertaking law and the average number of lawyers in the country is increasing rapidly making the law system effective and outstanding. In 2010, the number of lawyers noted was 621,885. Brazil is now teeming with lawyers and law schools making the wheels of justice move at a faster pace.

Among the most credible top lawyers in Brazil legal practice is the prominent Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. He is an associate and a co-founder of the Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados. Throughout his career, Mr. Tosto has exuded professionalism in whatever he presented before his clients, judges and his peers. He understands that litigation at its gist is an argument but doesn’t necessarily have to be a confrontation. He has it that the art of persuasion, civility is not only the high road but depicts as a powerful arsenal. His long-term capability to persuade was not as a result of using anger, intimidation, and hostile tactics that lead to a short-term gain.

His confidence and competitive spirit have earned him success in defending notable individuals, reputable companies as well as the government. He started his career from a miniature office, advanced to a large corporate litigation firm, and he now has his own law firm that is among the biggest and most successful in Brazil.