Doctor Walden Serves The Needs Of The People Of Austin

People who grow up in a place like Austin often feel the pull to do as much as they can to help make the city a place for others. One such resident is Dr. Jennifer Walden. Walden is one of the city’s leading plastic surgeons and someone who has devoted her life to the needs of those living here. As one of the nation’s best cosmetics surgeons, she could have chosen to make a life and a practice for herself in nearly any place in the entire world. And yet, it is to here that she has returned, happy to be there for the people of Austin and happy to be part of this community that she loves so much.

Becoming A World Class Surgeon

The medical field has long been one that has part of Dr. Walden’s family. Many of her family members have gone into medicine as she tells a recent interview in Austin MD Magazine. Such a decision has helped inspire her to follow in their footsteps and develop a career of her own in this much needed area. As a woman, she knows that she forms a small minority of surgeons in America. This fact does not daunt her. It only pushes her to work harder and be even more skilled. As a graduate of the University of Texas system, she is an ample illustration of how the schools in the state can help prepare natives to go on to have important and useful careers.

Happily Home

Dr. Walden has traveled far and wide. She’s seen many places including New York City where she completed a fellowship in the field of cosmetic surgery. Yet none compare to her home town of Austin. After giving birth to her adored twin boys, she wanted to return home to raise them as she had been raised in the community she adores. This is why she opened up her cosmetic surgery practice in the area. Her ability to combine work with the opportunity to be closely involved in the lives of her boys has been one that she utterly cherishes.


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