Essentials That Will Last


The Best Boot Brands for Your Stylish, Hard-Working Feet

Doc Marten’s are solid choice that last for literal years. These combat boot brands are found in all sorts of shapes and sizes as well as colors to suit your boot needs.


Timberland boots are a classic, yet trendy, choice. Seen throughout hip-hop, these are making their way into streetwear culture and boast a sturdy build, to “boot”.


The Best Backpack Brands

Jansport has never failed me with their extensive choice of colors and inoffensive logo. From solid black to a galaxy print, these reliable bags will never cease to satisfy your carrying needs.  They are one of the more reliable backpack companies for a reason after all.


Everlane is far less known, but rivals world renowned backpack brands in their quality. They’re thickly built with very minimalist designs for your personal customization or dignified desires.


The Best Headphones Brands

Sennheiser’s good headphones provide everything you could possibly want from the device. Near-studio quality sounds from headphones that can last extensive abuse are worth their weight in gold – Sennheiser produces just that.


Beats by Dre are nothing to sneeze at. There’s a reason they are seen everyone. Combine a stylish design available in all sorts of colorways with a clear, bass-heavy sound and you have one of the tyrants of the headphone market.


Bonn Oir Vodka Takes Texas

According to a news release by Street Insider, Bonn Oir Gold Medal Vodka, the Timber Creek Capital and Marc Sparks backed Irish-American vodka, has a new partnership with wholesale distributor Goody Goody out of Fort Worth and Houston. The release is going to provide a soft opening in the southern United States as it tests the waters and then looks to expand throughout all of the United States from there. 

Goody Goody has been around since 1964 and has been importing a variety of alcoholic products from international venders for nearly 50 years. Bonn Oir Vodka is the latest addition to its catalog as the company looks to first sell the Irish-American vodka to restaurants, bars and hotels throughout Houston and Fort Worth in order to build brand recognition. Depending on the success of the vodka, Goody Goody is then set to push to other major markets, including Dallas and outward towards Phoenix, Los Angeles and Los Vegas. Bonn Oir uses top grain and soft white wheat to produce a clean and smooth vodka while making sure the beverage is gluten free so all alcohol drinkers are able to enjoy the beverage. The bottle is set to retail at a mid-level price of $29.99. 

It is aiming at the vodka drinking crowd, which has been growing steadily in regional markets as more and more individuals are turning away from heavier, darker liquors and moving towards lighter liquors. With all of this in mind, Goody Goody and Bonn Oir Gold Metal Vodka are looking to take advantage of the growing popularity with the new vodka. The smooth flavor and crisp taste along with a premium quality should prove desirable as it does not have the higher-end vodka price tag attacked to it. All of this is designed to ensure the highest level of growth.