Essentials That Will Last


The Best Boot Brands for Your Stylish, Hard-Working Feet

Doc Marten’s are solid choice that last for literal years. These combat boot brands are found in all sorts of shapes and sizes as well as colors to suit your boot needs.


Timberland boots are a classic, yet trendy, choice. Seen throughout hip-hop, these are making their way into streetwear culture and boast a sturdy build, to “boot”.


The Best Backpack Brands

Jansport has never failed me with their extensive choice of colors and inoffensive logo. From solid black to a galaxy print, these reliable bags will never cease to satisfy your carrying needs.  They are one of the more reliable backpack companies for a reason after all.


Everlane is far less known, but rivals world renowned backpack brands in their quality. They’re thickly built with very minimalist designs for your personal customization or dignified desires.


The Best Headphones Brands

Sennheiser’s good headphones provide everything you could possibly want from the device. Near-studio quality sounds from headphones that can last extensive abuse are worth their weight in gold – Sennheiser produces just that.


Beats by Dre are nothing to sneeze at. There’s a reason they are seen everyone. Combine a stylish design available in all sorts of colorways with a clear, bass-heavy sound and you have one of the tyrants of the headphone market.


Quality Leads And Increased Sales Thanks To White Shark Media Help Your Company Find Its Way

We were initially unsure if we entered the market at the right time, but our founders invested too much money in it to close our doors just yet. We decided to try some new marketing strategies in order to see if we could create a bigger demand for our business. Our company deals with online sales. We own an e-commerce business, and the demand in our industry was good in the first quarter, but it dropped significantly. We tried every angle to get more sales and more clients. Then, we attended a trade show in order to talk to other professionals in our industry. We found some exciting news from these professionals that really helped us increase our sales volume.

White Shark Media’s Approach To Adword Management

I was initially surprised to hear how many people who were running professional e-commerce companies had put their faith in Adwords management. We spoke to one company in particular that claimed that Adwords management was their prime focus when it comes to marketing outreach programs. When it comes to marketing your product to people online, Adwords can get your company the type of recognition it deserves when you work with a professional Adwords management company. I found a review from another e-commerce company on White Shark Media’s website that made me think that a relationship with White Shark Media Complaints would be highly beneficial. It has been a profitable relationship so far, and we are excited to see where our company goes when the next quarter comes around. This quarter, we have seen our sales double, and our leads coming in our composed of seriously interested clients.

The reason that White Shark Media is so good at what they do, in the opinion of my colleagues and myself, is because they have such a large and knowledgeable group of marketing experts that pay close attention to each client’s needs. The review that we found from the other e-commerce company is a testimonial where the author claims that they had tried working with another Adwords management company, but White Shark Media did not give the e-commerce company the attention that they deserved. White Shark Media is attentive, reliable and produces real results. Our Adwords management strategy is one of the key factors in our marketing plan, and we ow White Shark Media a debt of gratitude.

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Beneful Ad Campaign: Purina Employees Feed Their Dogs Beneful, Too

Employees of the Purina Company do not just work for this dog food company. They are proud supporters who want the public to know that they feed their dogs the Beneful brand of dog food that they make. Purina has launched a national campaign with the employees at the Atlanta factory as their spokesmen and women. As originally reported on the PR Newswire, employees are shown in an “I Stand Behind Beneful” commercial with their loved pets. They speak of the quality and safety of Beneful dog food that is one of the company’s best brands in spite of a class action lawsuit. These pet owners share the confidence and pride they have in this product. It is the personal goal of every employee to ensure the top quality of this brand for their customer’s pets as well as their own. This campaign reaches television, print and digital advertising. Customers know Beneful is high quality, safe and nutritious; and that fact is reinforced thanks to actual Purina employees stating this is the dog food they choose to feed their pets, too. A class action suit was filed in February of this year. The contents consisted of untrue and unfounded accusations about this brand even though there have never been any recalls. Over 9.5 million homes feed their canines Beneful, and approximately 15 million dogs enjoyed this product last year. Beneful brand is made by the Nestle Purina PetCare Company. Both dry and wet formulas are available with a perfect balance of nutrition and taste. Beneful was first introduced to the public in 2001 and is one of their most successful brands. The company encourages responsible pet ownership, community involvement and a favorable bond between pets and their owners. Visit for more information on this inspiring campaign.