Ryan Seacrest: A Man With Many Talents

Ryan Seacrest is a beloved radio personality, television host and media mogul. He has accomplished many things for himself. Many people first became familiar with the mogul on American Idol. He became the host of the show and took the show by storm. He has made millions of dollars from working on American Idol. But his career success does not stop there. He has a trending radio show that is very popular in Los Angeles, California. On Air With Ryan is the name of his radio show. Live With Kelly and Ryan is the daytime talk show he co hosts. Many people spend their mornings tuning into this show. He has his own foundation. The Ryan Seacrest Foundation works to bring radio and media services to pediatric hospitals and medical facilities. When he is not busy juggling all of these jobs, he is working on his clothing line. Ryan Seacrest Distinction is his menswear collection. Now, his millions of fans can dress like him too. The mogul does not stop there. A skincare line is in the works that will pair well with his menswear collection.

Ryan Seacrest is a big-time boss today. He wears many hats. He travels the world running his media empire. He is the true essence of a modern entrepreneur. Many people look up to him because of his charm, personality and work ethic. But Ryan Seacrest had his fair share of trials. He spent much of youth battling being overweight. He had to learn that he had the power to change his body and life for the better. Doing so, has given him the confidence he has today.

Ryan Seacrest (@RyanSeacrest) takes health and fitness pretty seriously. It’s understandable why. To make sure he does not return to an unhealthy lifestyle he spends time in the gym. He makes sure to get in his walking. He also eats a healthy diet. Green smoothies are important to him. Eating the right amount of vegetables to keep him healthy is key to his lifestyle. He may be a busy businessman, but he is also a fitness fanatic.

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