Ara Chackerian Promotes Treatments For Depression

Ara Chackerian and a business partner of his have recently discovered a new way to treat major depression disorder. Ara is widely known for his involvements in the technology and healthcare fields. He hope to be able to combine the two fields in a balanced manner that would prove to be most beneficial to the well being of the population. Mr. Chackerian has recently found one of those types of treatments.


Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is the most recent development that Ara and his partner have found. TMS has shown to be a highly effective method of treating major depression disorder. The new kind of treatment has been recognized as the third pillar of psychiatric care by Chackerian and his business partner. The other two pillars are medication and talk therapy. Ara hopes to bring more awareness to the effectiveness of this treatment. Check out



The desire to bring to light a new way to treat depression is similar to his desire to bring awareness to the issue of suicide that our country faces today. It is well known that there can be many underlying reason for suicide and depression is most common among them. 45,000 people die from suicide in the United States every year. That is a staggering number that Ara Chackerian hopes to bring down by first bringing awareness to it.


We can only change something if we are aware of it first. Many people do not have the capacity to talk about their suicidal thoughts or tendencies because of fear and confusion. They may fear what other people may think about them because the topic of suicide is taboo in our society. Speaking about suicide can leave someone in a very vulnerable position and that is something that many do not want to experience. You can visit



Not only can talking about suicide put someone in a very vulnerable position, it can also reveal the underlying depression. Not knowing how to react could quite possibly be another reason for the stigma that surrounds the topic of suicide. Suicide is not something that is as publicly talked about as it should be.



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