Rodrigo Terpins: Racing to Win

Rodrigo Terpins is a Brazilian professional rally driver who has been training since childhood to win every rally driving competitions around the world. He believes that his life revolves around racing, and he will do everything to end up being victorious in every race across the globe. He is the son of former basketball athlete Jack Terpins, who was raised in a family of sports enthusiasts and advocates. He is the older brother of Michel Terpins, who is also into rally driving. As a child, his father taught him about the value of doing what he wanted in life. Jack Terpins would always encourage his children to pursue the career that they wanted, and when they revealed that they wanted to become rally drivers, Jack Terpins supported them and even taught them how to drive. For more details visit




The caring nature of his father has inspired Rodrigo Terpins to become a professional rally driver. He stated that he is grateful that his father supported him in his chosen career, and he is dedicating his victory to the man who raised him up. Together with his younger brother, Rodrigo Terpins enters any rally driving competitions around the world and being in the top ranks among the global rally drivers. He would sometimes take home the gold, and sometimes, he does not, but for Rodrigo Terpins, what matters is the enjoyment that he felt whenever he is in a rally driving competition. This year, he will once again join the 25th edition of the Sertoes Rally, considered as the most important rally driving event in Brazil. Check out




Rodrigo Terpins will be driving a T1 Prototype, under the Bull Sertoes Rally Team which he established. He will join the race with his younger brother and other colleagues who are members of the team, and together, they will endure a route of more than 3,000 kilometers, that will be held on the mid-western states of Brazil. They will face 200 plus rally drivers from across the world, which will be driving more than 100 vehicles, trying to endure the changing terrain of the chosen route. Terpins wanted to wish his teammates good luck, and he is hoping that they will end up victorious.a  Click here:

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