Rocketship Education, Creating Equality through Learning

Education plays an indispensable role in the life of the 21st-century child. That is why many parents strive to take their kids to the best institutions. Nonetheless, not all parents are fortunate to afford expensive schools so they cannot afford to pay for quality education. As a result, many children who had the potential to better their lives end up on the streets trying to make ends meet. That is the reason behind the establishment of Rocketship Education. It started operating in 2006 and targets children from low-income communities. It is a public charter school, which means it receives funding from the government and also a little contribution from the parents to help in its running. It ensures that the children from less-fortunate families access quality education.

The school began as a single facility, but it currently has over 25 new public charter schools. That can be attributed to the collaboration of major stakeholders such as the community, parents, and educators. Half of the charter schools are in San Jose because that is where they originated from, while the others are spread across California in places such as Redwood and even in Washington. D.C.

Five core values run the school, and one of the main ones is the involvement of the parents. The management understands that the student’s success is deeply dependent on the relationship between them and their guardians. With this in mind, they are usually updated on the performance of their children and given tips on how to assist their kids in improving. They also offer their views on what they expect from them, and the teachers also do the same. The other four values, which play a huge role in the accomplishments of Rocketship Education students, are empathy, persistence, respect, and responsibility. The schools have put in place proper guidelines to ensure safety by enclosing it with a fence. Therefore, the school has only one entrance, and every parent must produce an ID when picking their children. Rocketship Education has helped bridge the gap between the less fortunate and the rich by the provision of quality education.

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