The Cleansing Conditioners Of Wen By Chaz

Wen by Chaz Dean is a formidable brand of hair products for women. They offer a multitude of conditioners, styling creams, treatment oils, shampoos, and even pet conditioners. Among these though, the cleansing conditioners of Wen by Chaz stand out as high quality products that do wonders to hair.

The idea for these cleansing conditioners is to provide a cleaning experience that does not damage hair, and that can replace harsh shampoos typically used by women. Traditionally, shampoos packed with abrasive chemicals and detergents have been used to remove excess oils and dirt from women’s hair. As a result, the well-being of their scalps and hair would deteriorate, causing hair loss amongst other reactions. The cleansing conditioners of Wen by Chaz seek to end this trend. They are designed to replace not only shampoo but conditioner, deep conditioner, detangling conditioner, and even leave in conditioner – giving you five products in a single bottle.

When any of the cleansing conditioners of Wen by Chaz are used, they clean the scalp and hair whilst providing it the nutrients and moisture needed to make the user’s hair soft and silky. No other hair cleansing conditioner on the market can compare with those of Wen by Chaz!

For more info, visit the Wen website, crunchbase page and Twitter account.

James Dondero Gives Back

James Dondero is a successful businessman, consultant, as well as financial experts who is renowned all over the world as one of the best individuals to seek out investment advice that will guarantee anyone who seeks out the advice within the highest returns involved as well as the lowest risk that is also involved. James Dondero has set himself a part from other experts due to his innovation and his ability to create unique solutions for each of his clients that have been specifically tailored to each of their needs. James Dondero is the proud owner as well as the proud co-founder of Highland Capital Management, an international financial firm that offers the bet solutions in the world. As a successful individual, James Dondero is sought out after for his excellent and unique advice by individuals that are within both the public sector as well as individuals as well as businesses in the private sector.


James Dondero founded Highland Capital Management in order to make sure that all individuals all over the world have the opportunity to invest and have the opportunity to accumulate their capital. James Dondero not only makes investment opportunities to the typical millionaires, but also encourages investment from those who are still in the process of building their portfolios. As not only a financial expert, James Dondero is a man who is a part of the Dallas community. In recent news, James Dondero and his company donated a $1 million challenge grant that has been intended to help the victims of family violence.


James Dondero is a strong as well as a valuable member of the Dallas community and wants to help not only the clients of the company, but also wants to help those who have not been so fortunate. Highland Capital Management has always been impressed with the many organizations that are dedicated to fighting family violence and wants to continue offering their avid philanthropic support that will help the community of Dallas and will continue to encourage even more donations. James Dondero is not only a successful individual, but he is also a caring one.

Stave off Winter with Netflix Streaming Baseball Movies!


October is baseball, and usually that puts everyone in the mood for Netflix sports documentaries. Sports fans flock to the stadiums to watch baseball history be written. In 2004 it got its own chapter. The ESPN 30 for 30 documentary entitled ‘4 Days in October’ recounts the historic run by the 2004 Boston Red Sox against the New York Yankees in the American League Championship Series. Down three games in a series of seven, the New York Yankees needed to win one more game against the Boston Red Sox to advance to the World Series. The Boston Red Sox battled back to win four straight, something that has never been done in sports history. The Red Sox would go on to win the World Series against the St. Louis Cardinals and end the 86-year championship drought that plagued them since selling Babe Ruth to the Yankees in 1918. Watch interviews with players and fans recalling the emotions that went through them during the historical series.


Who is the greatest athlete of all time? If you say Michael Jordan then You don’t know Bo. In another ESPN 30 for 30 entitled ‘You don’t Know Bo’, it tells the story of Bo Jackson. The all-around greatest athlete. Coaches, teammates, and journalists chronicle his life and the stunning abilities he showed on the diamond and the gridiron. His short-lived career was filled with jaw-dropping highlights in both football and baseball until it abruptly ended too soon. From growing up in Alabama to playing in the NFL and MLB, it tells you everything you need to know about the man, the myth, and the legend. Bo Jackson.


For a different side of sports, and a story that isn’t often told, make sure to check out the documentary Game Face about LGBT athletes.  Definitely has to go down as one of the most inspiring trans movies, and it definitely tells a story that isn’t covered enough.


George Soros Political Contribution in the Previous Electioneering Period

George Soros is a famous billionaire who has made his fortune by trading with foreign currencies. He has been successful in this business by using his trading experience to analyze and to study the market trend then selling short against the least expected currency making a hit worth billions of cash. Over the years, George has been a significant political donor since 2004 when he donated to the group that wanted to oust George Bush. George Soros has been ranked on top 30 list of most wealthy individuals in the United States having a net worth of $24 billion.

George Soros is the founder of Soros Fund Management a firm that deals with the hedge funds. Other than being a businessman and a philanthropist, he is also a political activist supporting the Democratic political party that nominated Hillary Clinton as their presidential candidate. Tough the Soros had the enthusiasm to attend the nomination party on; he did not make it as he had to analyze the Europe markets which seemed to be affected by the ongoing USA presidential campaigns.

Although Soros did not attend the party, he sent his donation of $6 million through PAC. This donation was in the addition of the previous $1 million that he had earlier donated at the start of the Democrat campaign preparations on Politico. According to Soros’ political adviser Michael Vachon, George has been a consistent political donator for a very long time although after 2004 elections that Democrats failed to win the presidential seat he dialed back the donations.

When George Soros learned of the political aspirations of Hillary Clinton, his donation enthusiasm got better of him, and he decided to support her with a sum worth to make her win the presidential race. George and Clinton have been close allies for over 25 years and for this long time, Clinton offered George chances to participate in designing some policies a move that made him regret his decision of donating for Obama in 2012 presidential campaigns on George however, said that he would continue contributing for Hillary when another need arises.

George has been investing in risky investments that most people don’t have the guts to invest in but has always yielded great results. Unlike other billionaires, George has a kind heart and has been involved in many liberal movements in raising funds for the need in the community.G eorge has been a Democrat and believes that the country’s leadership at affects the economic status of the country which respectively causes positive or negative influence of the currency in the international money markets. Though Soros stretched his financial muscle for Clinton to win, the results amazed him as Donald Trump won with the majority of electoral votes.These results however, didn’t kill his spirit to give more to the future Democrat candidates as he believes that a time will come when the democrats will scoop the presidential sit.

The Expansion of Lime Crime

 For a unique brand that specializes in bright makeup colors that was created in order to bring out the beautiful features of both men and women of any color, the brand of Lime Crime is the best one to choose. This brand demonstrates time and effort that was put in by one special individual who has always loved to combine not only her creative skills, but also her love and passion to please others. This individual is Doe Deere who established Lime Crime in 2008 as a side business to a clothing line. What makes her brand of makeup a unique brand is the fact that she uses bright and bold colors that have changed the way that individuals all over the world wear makeup. Doe Deere wanted to create a brand of makeup that could not only be used for any occasion, but also wanted to create a brand that would influence a positive attitude on the outside as well as on the inside.

Doe Deere is passionate about what she does which is consistently demonstrated on social media sites such as Instagram that showcase the new styles that she has created with both makeup as well as clothing. Doe Deere has never been afraid to use color and believes that bright and bold colors are the way to accentuate beautiful features. As the name suggests, Doe Deere’s favorite color to use is lime which she believes can be used on not only the lips and the eyes, but can also be used on the cheeks.


In recent news, Doe Deere sat down with Galore magazine, a fashion magazine to not only talk about her accomplishments within the competitive makeup industry, but to also discuss her plans for the future. Doe Deere’s company is currently an internet-based company that was created that way on purpose to make sure that he fans have an input in the products that she puts on the market. This method of doing business has not only kept Doe Deere humble in her accomplishments, but has also made sure that Lime Crime products are top of the line lipstick products.

“The Greyhound Diaries” Continues A Rich Tradition For Doug Levitt

Doug Levitt is a well known artist among members of the folk rock community and is developing a growing audience for his socially aware catalog of songs, written word, and photographic images. In his work producing “The Greyhound Diaries“, Doug Levitt believes he found his true calling as he embarked on his initial six week bus journey to some of the least well known areas of the U.S. just as the first effects of the 2008 economic slowdown were beginning to send shock waves across the nation.


After seeing the economic and social issues that cause problems for people in some of the poorest areas of the country Doug Levitt has stated it is his responsibility to continue to document the stories of those who are often ignored by major news media in the 21st century. In his work Doug looks back to his inspiration of the government funded artistic visions completed by important folk musicians, authors, and photographers during the 1930s when social inequality was seen to be at its peak.


Doug Levitt himself was once a member of the news media who continue to fail to report on the social problems in the U.S. as he was a London based foreign correspondent for many major news organizations. Despite the career path Doug has followed he believes he has developed a successful career as an artist that began when he was living in and reporting from London; Doug has strong links to community and social work through his family who have taken on key roles in local government across Washington D.C. for many decades.


Inspiration to return to his artistic vision almost a decade ago came for Doug Levitt after the death of his father prompted a reassessment of his life and career. A move to Nashville and a return to his love of music provided the inspiration for “The Greyhound Diaries”. Over the course of the more than 120,000 miles Doug Levitt has completed using buses he has performed his work at institutions such as The Kennedy Center for the Arts and for audiences viewing many major news channels.

Things to Know About Hair Care Products

Taking care of your hair daily is very important especially by using the right products. This may turn out to be difficult in case you have damaged hair or dyed hair. You therefore need to ensure you get the right product which will work best for your hair to restore its health and strength. Wen hair care products which is designed by Chaz Dean specifically to nourish, restore health and even make your hair stronger. These products are made from natural ingredients ensuring there are no harsh chemicals which may ham your hair.

By using Wen by Chaz Dean products,, you will be in a position to easily manage your hair. This means styling it and combing will not be an issue at all. You can do it at home and be able to avoid using heat devices which only weakens your hair. Women who have dyed their hair sometimes experience breakages which may be as a result of the harsh chemicals present in the dye. You can decide to use these products since they do not discolor your hair rather, they restore health and strength making it strong and not prone to breakages.


You need to understand how important it is to keep your hair and scalp clean all the time. says shampoo is the best product to use in case you spend most of your time outside your compound. It gets deep into your scalp cleaning off the sweat, dust and any kind of dirt present in it. Conditioners are also recommended to be used once in a while for women who have strong or damaged hair. They work to ensure your hair is well-maintained, nourished and strong to keep it away from breaking easily. It is therefore important to start using these two products while managing your hair. For more info, visit the brand’s Crunchbase page.