The Magic Bullet Of Securus — Video Visitation

There is this really innovative new technology out there that is helping everybody. Video visitation from Securus Technologies comes with a variety of benefits. Securus, if you don’t already know, is a telecommunications company. What makes them special is their customer base. The company provides telecommunications services exclusively to prison facilities. Securus customers are all inmates, the friends of those inmates, and the inmate’s families.


Video visitation really helps the families of inmates as well as law enforcement. The technology not only allows for virtual video visits between prisoners and their families, it also schedules the video visits. This allows security guards at the prison to refocus their attention away from scheduling and toward something more productive.


This video chat technology also allows a family to skip out on a long drive to visit their inmate. This saves the family a ton of money, but it also alleviates congestion at the prison facility. Making a physical visit requires you to park at the prison facility, go through security screening, and then wait in the waiting room for your prisoner. With over 2 million connections made through Securus video visitation technology, there are fewer people at the prison itself. This allows guards to focus on more important things and it frees up the physical visitation process for other families.


On top of all of this, video visitation lowers crime rates. Studies show that prisoners who stay connected to the outside world are less were likely to reoffend when released. This technology is saving our criminal justice system money, connecting families, alleviating congestion inside of prisons, allowing prison guards to focus on more important things, and it reduces crime rates.


This company, along with its innovative technology, needs to get more attention in the industry. That’s why Securus is currently doing an advertising blitz for this technological breakthrough.


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