Millennials and Magnises: A Marvelous Combination

Magnises is a group that helps their members develop a social network and help them see their cities in a new way that they never have before. They also help them move their lives up to the next level and keep moving on up the social ladder. In a world where people (especially millennials) are constantly wanting to move up in the world career wise and socially (without as little time and sometimes that they can put into it), a true-to-life social networking site will give them a step up in their social lives. Magnises offers their members a lot of benefits and perks and a lot comes with beholding one of their black cards.

When a Magnises member uses their membership card, it unlocks a whole new world for them. This private and exclusive club membership and its card allows young professionals to obtain access to special events and deals in some of the largest towns on the East coast, especially in New York City and Washington D.C. Utilizing their Magnises card helps them unlock a whole new universe by giving them discounts at restaurants, bars, or clubs and one-of-a-kind and unique experiences like private concerts and extravagant and fancy getaways and access to their private clubhouse and other exclusive clubhouse.

They also have their own private clubhouse where they host events where their members can meet, work, and network and they also give them access to select clubhouses where their members get exclusive access to. The clubhouses include the lounges at the Wayfarer and the Gansevoort Park hotels where their members can host business meetings, can freshen up before going out for the night, and have a drink with other members with the purpose of networking and working. Also, if Magnises members choose to pay an additional one-hundred dollars a month, they can obtain access to Alley, a community-oriented co-working space that has three locations in Manhattan. To attract new members and keep their current ones, Magnises added some new benefits this year to their list of benefits.

The new benefits that Magnises added to their list of membership benefits list include:

-A WorkPass benefit, where members pay an additional ninety-nine dollars a month to obtain access to the co-working facilities at Alley in New York City where Magnises has their corporate offices.

-The ClubPass benefit for an additional sixty-five dollars a month that gives their members guaranteed access to the most exclusive nightclubs in New York.

-The third and last new benefit is the HotelPass which permits their members to stay at Dream Hotel’s locations in New York for only seventy-nine dollars a night. The cost of a night at this hotel without the Magnises discount is $245 a night.

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Like almost all businesses and organizations in the world today, Magnises has a social media presence to make themselves more available and present to their current and potential members.

Magnises also has a presence on a few social media sites. To learn more about them or for their members to contact them and network with each other, they have Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter accounts. Billy McFarland is the creator and owner of Magnises and the one who keeps this magnificent company going.

Billy McFarland started and set Magnises in motion in March of 2014. Since he opened this company, Business Insider labeled him a “Tech Whiz”, a “Mastermind” by Bloomberg, and “The Money Man for Millennials” by Chic Metropolitan. Before he found Magnises, he founded and lead Spling, a venture backed ad-tech company, that obtained notable clients like Hearst, Discovery, Universal, and Warner. He is still the CEO of the company. Prior to owning Spling, he went to Bucknell University to study computer engineering and graduated from the Pingry School in New Jersey. At the young age of twenty-four, he is a successful businessman and a millionaire as well. Magnises is also well-known for being a “new millennial guide.”

Magnises is the “new millennial guide” for many reasons. They are they “go-to concierge platform” for millennials that introduces them to new people, items to purchases, and businesses. Since they really get to know their members, they can give them real-time and individualized recommendations that help them more than generic concierge services in their areas of services. Their present service areas include New York City and Washington DC (but they are planning to expand to five more cities in the near future). Over the next year, they plan to expand to twelve cities and they hope to be in fifty cities around the world by the year 2020. This business gives their members a lot of cool experiences and benefits.

Additional benefits of being a Magnises member are access to a member network of over 6,000 members, access to their members only sites (a penthouse located in New York and a pool and lounge on top of a roof in DC), planned events and activities for every day of the week, and a real-time concierge app called Magnises Now. Some of the great experiences that their members have been able to be a part of in the past include Tesla test drives on an airport runway that is not open, virtual reality demonstrations with Samsung, and private concerts with Action Bronson, Rick Ross, and Wale.

Magnises is a wonderful corporation who loves to help Millennials connect on professional and social levels. They love to bring them together, help them work hard, and play hard as well. With all of these services and great clients, millennials and Magnises is most definitely a marvelous combination.

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