Keith Mann Has A Passion For Helping Children Attend College

Education is important to all children. The need for education is increasing more and more as society integrates the use of technology into the core business operations of companies both large and small. While education is becoming more and more important, the cost of a college education is increasing for many students. There was a time when students could manage to pay for their college education on their own with part time jobs and a little assistance from family and friends.


However, times have changed significantly. College cost have soared over the past decade. Many students cannot afford to go to college without taking out student loans or having someone help them a lot with college expenses. An alternative to student loans is academic scholarships. Many students are using the scholarships as a primary source of funding for college. Although scholarships are a good source of money for students, it does take effort to locate available scholarships and apply for the scholarships.


Many students graduating from high school every year want to go to college, but many are finding the cost of college too much for them to handle. For graduating high school seniors who want to go to college, it is very disappointing to not be able to go because of the lack of money. Many people in communities across the country feel that it is wrong for any child to be denied an opportunity to go to college because of the lack of money. One of these people is Keith Mann. Mr. Mann has a belief in education. He feels that education is a great equalizer for young people, and it can provide a springboard for professional success.


Recently Keith Mann established a scholarship for graduating seniors from an Uncommon High School in Brooklyn. The scholarship is valued at $5,000, and any graduating senior from an Uncommon High School in Brooklyn can apply for the scholarship. One scholarship will be awarded each year to a deserving graduating high school senior from an Uncommon High School in Brooklyn.


Keith Mann is the founder and CEO of Dynamic Search Partners. The company is an executive search firm that helps companies fill key executive positions within the companies.


Keith Mann is an experienced executive search professional who has over 15 years of experience in the industry. Dynamic Search Partners has helped hundreds of companies fill key executive positions since its establishment.

Igor Cornelsen Recommends Investing in the Brazilian Economy


Banking plays a huge role in the business world. Without quality banking, businesses cannot purchase the capital they need to grow. As globalization has emerged as a major force, many businesses have started to notice and care more about international banking rules. Every country has a slightly different banking system that influences the economic growth of the country. Brazil is one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and their banking system plays a major role in that growth. Igor Cornelsen is a major player within the Brazilian business community, and recently he sat down with a major media outlet to discuss the Brazilian banking industry.


Brazil’s economy recently was in a major rough patch. The economy was at an all-time low at the end of 2014, and most people expected the banking industry to match that trend. To the shock of everyone, the two largest banks in Brazil both grew considerably. Both Banco Bradesco and Itau Unibanco had their shares increase in value at the end of the year. Banco Bradesco jumped by 28% and Itau jumped by 36%. These banks are still successful regardless of the economic storm, so what happened.


Igor credited the risk management teams at both banks. He stated that bankers are only lending to people that are truly worthy of credit. This lets the companies streamline costs and gives the bank the security they need. People with less desirable credit cannot acquire loans, which is great for the banks, but not great for the Brazilian economy. If you don’t have great credit, it is almost impossible for your to start a business. Igor recommends that the Brazilian government focus on reforms and austerity to get through this difficult time.


Many might wonder why they should consider the investing the Brazilian economy at all? Fortunately, Brazil has great natural resources and thus has great potential to grow in the future. With the Brazilian economy at a floor, now is the perfect time to invest.


The Brazilian economy is a great opportunity for investors and Igor Cornelsen recommends that people invest in Brazil and grow their wealth.  Check him out on Wikidot, or read more about Igor from his Facebook feed.


Geoffrey Cone Issues Professional Advice Regarding Foreign Trusts

The New Zealand tax law scene has changed over the years and offered a different approach to foreign trusts. Since few weeks ago, professionals have taken to the media to express their ideas on the changes and how they feel some industries and individuals are going to be affected. On particular concern is the issue of ranking the country as a tax haven, where many individuals and entities can benefit and find a better ground to advance their policies.


Unfortunately, New Zealand failed to rank among listed countries where taxes are fair and low in line with the suggestions offered by the OECD model. One of the experts of law who have gone ahead and issued their take on the problem is Geoffrey Cone, a verified commercial litigation lawyer. He describes the situation as an urgent issue that needs immediate address from the parties concerned to bring change to the country. Most of the individuals who are likely to suffer due to the laws are those with highly valued businesses and property because they are expected to offer huge contributions to the tax regime.


Many would like to experience the feeling of living in a county that is considered a tax haven but the requirements issued in favor of the achievements are by far not what the country has achieved. One of the rules given by the OECD for a country to be listed among tax havens is to offer nominal or no taxes. Additionally, exchange of information between governments is also a vital requirement that New Zealand has not managed to achieve.


Despite all the above information, the country has managed to streamline the foreign trusts and transacting between jurisdictions has not been a major challenge among traders and individuals looking to share their property across. This is one of the great changes that came with re-looking the international laws and professionals are advocating for the same to be instilled in local laws.


Geoffrey Cone

Geoffrey Cone, a professional trust and estate lawyer, is the brain behind the establishment of the only law firm in New Zealand to offer international tax planning. He established Cone Marshall in 1999 after working for 20 years with different law firms across the county and amassing a wealth of experience in commercial litigation. Geoffrey Cone has been drafting vital ideas that have contributed to the achievement of success among clients who come with complex and urgent cases regarding commercial litigation.

Is Your Haircare Routine Ruining Your Hair?

Most people take pride in their hair especially women. Whether you have brown, black, red, or blonde colored locks, having great hair is an accomplishment in itself. Did you know that colored hair has positives as well as negatives? That’s right! Dying your hair is fairly common and it’s a great way to temporarily change your image. If you’re the kind of person who tends to dye your hair a lot, you’re actually harming the follicles. Yes, this procedure adds shine, but it’s only for small amount of time. The truth is that dyed hair becomes frazzled and frayed with consistent use as well as creates a much more dull appearance.

The answer to this is by using moisturizer to counterbalance the effects. In some cases it works, but consistently doing this basically covering up a hidden problem. Example: If you cut your finger a bandage is commonly used to stop the bleeding, but the bandage only covers the problem and lacks healing properties. Same goes with haircare.

One of the best bands currently on the market today is WEN by Chaz. Founded by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean, this revolutionary line handles any and all scalp conditions. The success of the products is that they manifest from an organic nature. That’s right! (WEN) products are full of fruit/plant extracts, oils, and minerals. There are well over 50 distinct products available on QVC and with continued success, WEN by Chaz will likely become the most diverse haircare product line on earth.

Since the products come in powerful extracts, a small amount is all that’s needed when applying. Wen hair gives you products like:

  • Sweet Almond Mint Treatment
  • 5-in-1 Conditioner
  • Cucumber Anti-Frizz Creme
  • Tea Tree Treatment
  • Lavender Moisture Treatment

This only scratches the surface of what (WEN) can do for do. If you want the best in total hair treatment, WEN by Chaz is the best in the business.

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They have crafted a website that gets it, understands it, and follows through with each and every detail there is to be had on NFL betting. If somebody is more of a visual person, they have that on their website as well. They have great videos, expert predictions, and they go out of their way to make sure this is given its day in court, as they say. More and more people are discovering and they are telling their friends about it. They know it is a professional website and they know it has the answers and insights that people are looking for and need to succeed.

Raj Fernando: A successful Career in Business

Raj Fernando is the current CEO and Scouthead founder. Before founding the company, Fernando was the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Chopper Trading.While he was undertaking his college education, Raj Fernando started his career at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange as a volunteer he has worked his way in his professional trajectory into various positions in the Board of Trade in Chicago. In 2002, he founded Chopper Trading in Chicago. The company grew to cover more than 250 employees under his leadership. For the United States Trading Futures Fernando has contributed to supporting the business’s mission. The company is now more competitive, transparent, and financially sounds in the financial market.

In 2011, Fernando had an opportunity to lecture the panelist on disruption trading practices in the commission’s discussion. In 2014, he had another exclusive opportunity to address the shareholders and media international audience at the Leader Conference on Rosenblatt Global Exchange. In 2015, Raj Fernando sold Chopper Trading to DRW Company. This is a Chicago-based trading firm. In 2016, he launched Scouthead as an interesting startup to improve professional and corporate growth. The company also fosters productivity through advanced ad secure communication systems. He is the Chairman and CEO of Scouthead.

Raj Fernando is a great supporter of philanthropic activities in the United States and Chicago. He is a member of the board of trustees for Symphony Orchestra Chicago. He is also an executive council member of the Chicago-based PAWS. While he was still in Chopper Trading, he was a great supporter of the Clinton Foundation, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Chicago Metropolitan, and Wounded Warriors.

Raj Fernando is a member of the executive board of directors for the Security Project of America. He is also a member of the Global Affairs Council for Chicago. He is one of the serving members of the Foreign Leadership Policy Committee at Brookings. In 2011, he was an appointee to the International Board of Advisers. However, he stepped down for excessive volatility in the trade markets. Fernando graduated with a bachelor’s degree in History and Economics from Beloit College. He also studied financial markets at the University College of London.

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Established in 2010, the company is best known for providing their clients, both businesses and individuals, excellent online reputation management and removal services. For more than 6 years, they have continuously provided clients customized and comprehensive solutions in terms of protecting and managing their client’s image and reputation on the web. The company’s main thrust is to assist their clients in successfully defending and defining who they are online.

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Are Millennials Receiving Too Much Help From Their Parents?


Moving Back Home

The Millennial generation came of age during a time of severe economic crisis. The Great Recession left Millennials graduating college without many job options or forced them to take lower paying jobs unrelated to their college majors. Unfortunately many Millennials are moving back to their parents or at least requiring financial assistance from their parents. This doesn’t mean Millennials aren’t planning for the future or saving money. As Sam Tabar sees things, Millennials are taking advantage of a situation to prepare for their futures, but the parents of Millennials are bearing the costs of their living at home. He sees this as a potential danger to the retirement of Baby Boomers and Generation X

The Prepared Generation

While the average American adult has only $400 in savings the average Millennial has $9100 stored in their bank account. More than half of all American Millennials claims to have either an investment or retirement account giving today’s young adults a head start unheard for the youth of past decades. Overall these stats raise questions about the living arrangements of Millennials. Are Millennials Taking Too Much From Mom and Dad?

The Capital Strategist

As an attorney and capital advisor Tabar understands savings and retirement just fine. After graduating from Columbia University in 2001 he set out to begin his career immediately. He found work as an associate at Skaddler, Alps, Meagar and Flom and gained experience in the legal aspects he would later deal with when he started his own private practice.  He also has quite the investment record, as Sam’s page will attest.

Sam Tabar In The Current Day

His career would take through many law firms before he finally found a position as a senior associate the Schulte Roth and Zabel firm. Here he uses his experience to help his clients manage some of the world’s largest investment funds. This success has attracted the interest of journalists and given Tabar a chance to write articles about the sort of things he often works with. A great example of the articles Sam Tabar writes is “When Should A Parent Stop Supporting Their Adult Children?”. He often writes about savings, investments, and retirement planning.  Keep up to date on Sam’s personal career path by visiting his bio page on the FullCycle Energy Fund website.