Join The Securus Technologies Team And Stay Connected To Your Loved Ones

Securus is highly respected for being an inmate calling regulator that provides monitoring and surveillance to ensure the safety of the public. The Public Utility Commission ensures that Securus carries out this government mandate. The goal is to ensure that inmates are talking over a secure network that saves customers time and money. You don’t have to worry about a lengthy commute to a correctional facility if you live in a rural area. There are thousands of inmates and their families that trust and rely on the Securus network to keep them connect. Become a Securus team member today and save.


Securus Technologies has an interactive network that allows internet access for inmates, video calling features, and more. You can maximize your wallet and your calling features with Securus Technologies. They have a wide range of benefits for their valued customers that join their team through their website. They have partnered with premier video leaders Vimeo to offer their customers a high definition video that gives inmates and their families complete control. JPay Services has quickly joined the Securus team to take part in saving the customers time and money. Securus Technologies is committed to customer service excellency.


Securus Technologies


Video Calling


Video calling is a network that provides superior internet calling to inmates and their families. If you want to follow your loved ones progress you now have the option of talking face-to-face. They also have a one touch volume control and video zoom in and out capabilities to control the picture.


Inmate Voicemail


Inmates can get messages from their loved ones and stay connected to the outside. This feature works great for legal counsel that wants to prepare and inmate for changes in their case or a loved ones that needs them to call home at a certain time.


Join the Securus Technologies team today.


Adam Goldenberg And The Effects Of Dressing Well

While not that many people pay attention to how they dress, it does have an effect on their lives in many more ways than they realize. For one thing, when people dress better, they tend to feel better, especially when other people compliment them on how they dress. This brings forth confidence which gives them the energy to carry on with their day. Also, given the average attitude towards fashion on Huffington Post, it can be rather easy to stand out from the crowd. People often wear some of the most basic pieces of clothing. A lot of it is because they don’t know where to find some of the more interesting bits of fashion. Fortunately, Adam Goldenberg is one of the people that have made it easier to find some interesting fashions.

Adam Goldenberg is one of the founders and owners of JustFab. The company has been such a success because it is in tune with the customers. It keeps on top on the clothes that are selling. At the same time, the company is always providing new and unique pieces of fashion for the customer at Therefore, they are able to present their customers with something that will not only look good on them, but make them feel good.

Adam Goldenberg also knows the effects of dressing well. For one thing, it makes every aspect of one’s life easier. This is especially true in the workforce. When someone is dressed a little better in the workplace, it commands respect. It also shows others self respect. For one thing, people are followers by nature. They follow everyone on what they think about themselves. How they dress shows others what they think about themselves. Therefore, if one is dressed in a way that is well put together, it shows that she sees herself as someone worth the time and effort.

Adam Goldenberg makes it easier for people to find the outfits that not only look good, but also fit them well. As a result, people are able to feel a lot better about their wardrobe. They don’t have to look into their wardrobe with dread and uninspired feelings. They could decide on which outfit that they like better.

Lime Crime’s Bold New Color Palette


You’ve probably heard of the online based cosmetics company, Lime Crime at one point or another. They certainly stand out in a crowd and are much different from the rest of the cosmetic industry. Created by Doe Deere, this line includes the most unique and vibrant shades of lip and eye colors, plus more. Words cannot describe the beauty and creativity that Lime Crime cosmetic products possess- they are simply irreplaceable. Two of the most popular products in the line just got a makeover, and your going to want to hear about the addition to her fabulous line of make-up, Lime Crime.

If you’ve searched their site you’ve likely seen their Metallic Velvetines. Doe has added some precious new shades of pink and purple that scream feminine with a side of spunk. They are metallic, with a slight velvet finish, as the title describes. These lip colors were an overnight success due to the uniqueness of the color paired with the ability to wear all day long.


The other product you won’t find elsewhere is the Superfoils line of eyeshadows. These are activated by water to look much bolder and brighter but can be worn dry as well. She has added beautiful shades of olive and rose gold with hints of gold sparkle for the fall season. In addition, she’s added some mauve, which is the color to have this season, with cocoa brown. These are the perfect shades for the coming colder weather.


Doe Deere found her success being solely based online, at retailers like Doll’s Kill, and by providing cosmetics that are environmentally friendly and animal-cruelty free. She prides herself on running an honest, hardworking company and is involved with much of the makeup creating herself. She uses inspiration from her fans and Instagram followers for new ideas on color and products. Lime Crime is great inspiration to be yourself, be bold and wear the colors you love without worrying. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you need to do so right away. Social media is the best place.  Check out what they’ve been doing on Twitter, as well as Doe’s Tumblr page.

DIY Raw Vegan Chocolate With Markus Rothkranz

Looking for an easy, healthy way to satisfy your chocolate cravings? In the video below, Markus Rothkranz gives you just that – a delicious, ridiculously easy vegan chocolate recipe that anyone can make in a matter of minutes. The final product is chocolate so rich, you’ll think it was made by a professional.

To make your chocolate, you’ll need the following ingredients:
1 cup cacao powder
1/4 cup carob powder (non roasted)
1/4 cup maple syrup
1/4 cup cashew butter
1/2 cup melted coconut oil
1 tsp vanilla (without alcohol)

Once you have all of the ingredients together, use a sifter if you have one lying around to get rid of some of the lumps in the cacao and carob powders. After that, throw all remaining ingredients in a bowl and mix away! Just a few minutes to combine all of the ingredients, and boom! Instant vegan chocolate. For a dip or coating for fruit (strawberries go wonderfully with this), use the chocolate when it is freshly mixed. For a more traditional treat, portion the chocolate out into baking cups or molds and freeze for 45 minutes. Once frozen, enjoy to your hearts content!

For an added element of flavor, couple your chocolate with marzipan! To make the marzipan, you will only need two ingredients:
1 1/2 cups ground almonds
3 tablespoons maple syrup

Just as before, combine all ingredients, either by hand or via a food processor – and, voila! To impress your friends and family, pour a little chocolate into a paper or silicon baking cup and top with a dollop of marzipan. Freeze for 45 minutes and eat away!

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