Bruce Levenson: Great Business Mind and Philanthropist

Bruce Levenson is a successful American businessman and entrepreneur. He is well known for previously owning the Atlanta Hawks NBA franchise from 2004 to 2014. Bruce used he’s intelligence and industriousness to build a fortune and a reputation as an astute business tycoon.
Bruce Levenson began his career in business when he founded United Communications Group with Ed Peskowitz in 1977. The company began from Levenson’s Maryland apartment where the two men published a newspaper on the oil business. Levenson’s company began to buy other small newspapers and put out databases containing pertinent details for those working and speculating within the industry, including up-to-date pricing information. Today, the company focuses on providing news and data for the healthcare, technology, energy markets and others.

Bruce Levenson and partners acquired the Atlanta Hawks in 2004. Levenson bought the Hawks from Ted Turner’s broadcasting company and purchased the rights to Phillips Arena, home of the team, as well. Bruce also bought the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers as part of the same deal, but the team was sold in 2011 and moved to Canada. Levenson’s group acquired the franchises for $250 million. In 2014, Levenson divested of the Hawks in a sale reported by Forbes at $850 million to a group of investors that included basketball legend Grant Hill.

Levenson also has a long history of philanthropy. He has given to the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C. and the Hoops Dream Foundation. He has also given to organizations aimed at providing services for low-income children in D.C. Additionally, Levenson is one of the largest donors to the Holocaust Museum and funds a program to take low-income kids to the museum and teach them lessons from the exhibit. Levenson has been an avid giver to a host of charities aimed at Jewish and Israeli initiatives.


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