Desiree Perez Is Helping To Revitalize JAY Z’s Online Streaming Service Tidal

If you are an avid internet user then you were probably among the scores of people who tuned in with bated breath on their tablets and computers to watch the Tidal x 10/20 concert that was broadcast on the streaming service in October of 2015. The concert was jam packed with performances by musicians that are situated in a variety of genres. The acts included R&B newbies Alessia Cara and Justine Skye, rap newcomers Flatbush Zombies and Bas, country singer Thomas Rhett, indie rockers Indochine and rap titan Nicki Minaj. The concert also included performances by rap legend and Tidal-owner Jay-Z and his wife pop megastar Beyoncé.

The concert seemed to be the launch of a kind of period of revitalization for the online streaming service. While Tidal has tended to lag behind other players in the streaming service space like competitors Apple Music and Spotify, Jay-Z’s ability to attract the participation of contemporary music’s biggest names seems to be paying off. The year 2016 has seen the release of albums by some of the largest names in the music industry including ANTI by the uber-stylish pop star Rihanna, The Life of Pablo by avant-garde and outspoken rapper Kanye West and Lemonade by the ever-evolving pop music force Beyoncé.

Notably when Beyoncé released the streaming version of her most recent album exclusively on Tidal the platform acquired more than one million subscribers during the first seven days of the album’s release, according to music website Pitchfork. But the Carters are not the only forces behind the revitalization of the streaming service. According to HITS Daily Double Desiree Perez, one of Jay-Z’s business advisors and long time associates, also has a lot to do with helping to turn the streaming service around. The site reports that Perez and her spouse have helped run other businesses that Jay-Z owns such as SC Enterprises and Roc Nation Sports. With the shifts that have been occurring in Tidal’s senior leadership, HITS Daily Double credits Perez with managing the slate of high profile exclusive album releases that Tidal has scored by Rihanna, Beyoncé and Kanye West. Perez has also been said to be behind helping bring Beyoncé’s 2016 Formation World Tour to fruition. Perez is also behind a deal negotiated between Samsung and pop star Rihanna. She is known for being a fierce and skilled negotiator and bean counter. Her skill at the negotiation table has earned her the moniker Babe Ruthless. 

Beneful’s Healthy and Tasty Dog Food Choices

Beneful “Originals” is the brand’s classic dry dog food formula from Purinastore. It’s specially formulated for adult dogs. Chicken, salmon and beef flavor options are all available. The chicken option includes several other ingredients that aren’t chicken. These are avocados, tomatoes and carrots. This dry food choice can be excellent for people who want to lavish their pets with whole grains, farm-raised chicken and small amounts of vegetables. Beneful Originals can be bought on Amazon in bags. The size choices are 3.5 pounds, 6.3 pounds, 15.5 pounds and 31.1 pounds.
Beneful “IncrediBites” are a popular wet dog food option []. Chicken, salmon and beef flavor options are available for IncrediBites. This wet dog food is appropriate for adult dogs that are small. The beef version of IncrediBites can be purchased in 3 ounce cans. Other than beef, IncrediBites contain wild rice, carrots and tomatoes. This wet formula is also a great source of protein for canines. It’s balanced and complete, too. People who want to take action and focus on their dogs’ well-being may benefit from introducing Beneful‘s IncrediBites to their furry lives.

“Chopped Blends” are a Beneful wet dog food made in a number of different flavor varieties. These are all are designed to satisfy dogs’ appetites. This wet food is ideal for people who want to take care of their pets’ meaty cravings. A chicken and liver flavor option is available. These Chopped Blends are essentially a mix of chicken, liver, sauce, sweet potatoes, brown rice and peas. Dogs don’t only adore the taste of Chopped Blends, either. They also go mad for the pleasant texture.

Beneful also makes a selection of high-quality doggy treats. The brand’s “Baked Delights” are exactly what they appear to be. They’re baked dog treats. They’re made in several different flavor choices that are perfect for pooches that love great taste. These flavor choices include bacon and cheese, chicken and cheese, peanut butter and cheese and beef and cheese. Dog owners can buy Baked Delights in convenient pouches that are 9.5 ounces. Dogs love these treats due to their super soft middles. They also love their savory tastes.

The Early Life and Achievements of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier was born in America and attended Harvard University in the year 1984. He began programing in grade four, which was followed by the introduction of Database Corporation in high faculty. He later migrated to Los Angeles where he established a platform by the name People Doing Things (PDT). The main goal of this foundation was to discourse health care, learning and various issues by use of technology.

Pulier strategized the building of starbright world, which was to isolate social web for chronically ill kids for easy chat and all kind of communication. This enhanced a free sharing among people who had similar experiences. Sharing of experiences enhanced information spread and increased awareness.

Few years later, Eric Pulier was selected in the creation and execution of presidential technology. Following several exhibitions he participated in the vice president’s forum on health upkeep and technology enterprises. He gave a vast advice on the main stipulations and guidelines on the role of technology in health care.

Referring to his technological intelligence he is perceived to make a vision while still implementing the plan. Even though few people gave support to his views on technological health care he never bugged down but he ventured on for the success of his practical activities. Many people were influenced by his amazing creativity and passionate in technology. His inventions remain to be lasting achievement story.

Mr. Pulier is perceived to be a founder of several projects, which include desktone, media platform and many others. These projects are seen to create job opportunities to various people in the maintenance and operation of the databases.

Pulier is a main donor to various non-profit establishments. The funds provided are used to supplement the insufficient tax revenue collected from public. Funding is accompanied by budget for the proper and economical expenditure.

He is viewed to be an innovative mastermind in the technological sector, which is seen to resolve humanity’s ultimate challenges. Through his work in human health care technology, there has been an improvement in the human health.

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THREADS 3.1 Video Apps Suitable for Inmate Phone Calls

Secure Technologies is the world most excellent communication platform that offers unique features and applicable to many devices and generates an interactive environment to the end-user. Secure Technologies according to wikipedia is the global leader in dedicated effort in establishing a platform that serves 140 patents and focusing more on research and development than any other platform across the world. Safety is the Key basis for secure technologies by providing instant response and incident management comeback when needed and give best in retaining reliable information delivery. At broad perspective, reliable technology serves more than 1,200,000 inmates within North America and accommodation approximately 3,400 correction and enforcement agencies, and also public safety platforms.

Recently reports on Securus Technology introduces in the market Securus Threads 3.1 Video App; the application was unveiled due to the need to improve the quality and features of “inmate video Calls”. The App is embedded with an element that holds big data video call that gives room for more than one participant in the call. Inmates will be able to see their loved one in the call and also celebrate important home events. According to Solid, the Securus Video Visitation process had been advance to include features like listening to call made through Secure Call Platform (SCP). The App allows friends and relatives to serve and connect indifferently from the odd ways of making a call. The Apps includes accommodates important feature that is significant to lead in criminal investigations and monitor inmates calling patterns.

Securus video thread offers an easier way for use and adequate performance making it more convenient to prisoners. The App had been warmly received by inmates and their loved ones. Secure Technologies was founded in 1986 with an ambition of offering more understanding to Civic and Criminal Justice Technology solutions. It is the most trusted platform for security purposes and advanced regarding today’s technology.

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