Fabletics Taking the Athleisure Trend to the Next Level

Want a style that can be worn for athletic purposes without being too dressed down to wear in public? Athleisure style is perfect for working out and leisure activities. The trending style is making its rounds in the fashion world. The term combines athletics and leisure and is a perfect description for the new style.

According to InStyle, many fashion companies are getting in on the athleisure style, which is described as more than just another trend by many. Combining the comfortable fabrics and style associated with workout wear with trendy patterns and styles, Athleisure is big with those who live an extremely active lifestyle as well as those who only dabble in athletics. The style is now even making it to fashion runways proving that the term is more than just a passing trend.

One such company that exclusively offers athleisure wear is Fabletics – According to Youtube. With styles designed by Kate Hudson, Fabletics has become extremely popular. The subscription site offers athleisure clothing at great prices. First time visitors to the site can choose an outfit for only $25 when signing up for the subscription service. The subscription ensures members get a new outfit every month for $49.99.

When signing up, members take a quiz to determine their style preferences, then each month an outfit is hand picked for them. Not interested in the picked outfit? No problem; it is easy to cancel a month or pick a different outfit. With styles that are originally priced for hundreds of dollars, members get a deep discount when signing up for the subscription service.

Fabletics was created by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg CEOs of JustFab Inc. who brought Kate Hudson on as a partner because of her fashion style. Their goal was to provide luxury athletic clothing at an affordable price. Fabletics was launched in 2013 and has shipped millions of outfits to members over the years. The company has also started opening physical store locations across the United States.

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