Helane Morrison Course for Making the Corporate World Better for Investors and Advisors

Investments are profitable and risky ventures. It is normal to be cautious when seeking investment advice especially after the 2007 economic crash. That crisis enabled investors and the world see the corruption that goes on in the world of business. Moreover, it confirmed that any dealings done minus business ethics are bound to fail miserably. During the crisis, stock markets crashed, people lost their employments and large corporations and banks failed too. More importantly, corruption such as false records and underhand deals were exposed and the consequence of this exposure was lost of trust.

These led to the need for transparency and high ethical behavior in the corporate world. With the 2016 elections looming ahead, it is even more important that you get partners who will advise you well on what you should invest or avoid. This is because presidential elections have been known to affect the stock market and other investments. Taxation and laws that concern investments can change once a new government takes over, and if this occurs, you should have an investment advisor who will steer you well into the change.

When seeking an investment firm, it is important that you choose a firm that maintains integrity, transparency and ethics in their work. The firm must also have a successful record. Hall Capital is one of a kind advisory firm. It is the most successful firm in San Francisco and handles more than 24 billion assets and finances.

The firm has a high profile team that works to ensure there is honesty and transparency. Helane Morrison the Chief Compliance officer upholds the integrity of each of their deals by going through the records of any entity that the firm’s advisor chooses to send their client to. She does this with the help of an ‘examination staff’ team. When it comes to maintaining integrity among the staff, Morrison put an enforcement team that discovers any underhand deals and carries out disciplinary action. She has put policies that favor both the workers and their clients in a bid to prevent the re-occurrence of 2007 crisis.

Helane Morrison has worked steadily throughout her career to fight corruption and ensure that all investors have a safe place to put their money. Helane is assertive and unshakable when it comes to maintaining integrity. She started her education and career as a journalist and later went on to acquire a degree in law and do legal practice in the public sector and as a partner in one of the private firms in San Francisco. From the legal practice she went to government service and was Head of Commission and Regional Director at SEC.

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