Charles Koch: Bernie Sender is Right

Charles Koch is a famous billionaire in America. He is the founder of a powerful political machine in this country, and he plays an important role in the American politics. His closest associate is his brother, David Koch. They are also the owner of Koch Industries, the companies they inherited from their father, Fred Koch. Since the company was left in their ownership, the two have worked very hard to expand it, and currently, it is one of the biggest industries in the United States. Due to the respect they command in this country, they have a lot of power in some of the most important decisions in America. The 2016 upcoming elections are just around the corner, and the billionaires are doing their best to endorse the right candidates especially the presidential position. They are both conservatives, and they spent millions of dollars to ensure the right people are elected.

The Koch brothers have never liked Bernie Sender ideas and policies. They are always criticizing each other in the media, and to matters worse, they have never met in person. The whole country was shocked when Charles Koch said that he agreed with a statement made by his greatest opponent, Bernie Sender.

The billionaire conservatives have a network that always spends millions of money trying to push free market ideas in all the elections in the country. The sender has always made it clear in his statements that he doesn’t like their ideas. The senator is an independent democratic socialist, and he has been seen in several cases trying to warn the country to stay away the oligarchic society created by the Koch brothers where the economic and political system is controlled by several billionaires in the country.

Surprisingly, it now turns out that Charles Koch agrees with these statements, but in a totally different way. According to the Koch brothers, the political and economic system in the country is rigged. The brothers think that the Democrats do not show any fairness in the presidential elections, giving less priority to the less fortunate people in the society.

The fact that the two individuals agree on this issue doesn’t mean that they have become friends in politics. Sender says that he would never accept any funding from the billionaires. He has always criticized their ideas and wealth, and this clearly indicates they can never fund him. Everyone is just surprised why they have finally agreed with each other.

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