Using Leverage Responsibly to Make Profits

Leverage is when an investor borrows money from a bank or other entity to complete a transaction. It is an important concept according to PR Newswire in any investment. Leverage enhances the risk but also enhances the profit of the investment. For that reason, investors must be very careful with their decision.

For example, if you make an investment in a $100,000 property by using $10,000 of your own money and $90,000 of the bank’s, if the property falls 10% in value then your ownership is worth nothing. On the other hand, it the property increases in value just 10% then you have doubled your money. Good investment advice requires taking a much more conservative approach, yet still using leverage when the situation requires or when the risk is not as high.

Laidlaw & Company is a UK based international investment bank with offices throughout the US and Europe. The Laidlaw & Company firm has more than 150 employees and an astounding 170 year history of providing clients superior financial advice.

Laidlaw & Company according to serves clients through its Capital Markets, Alternative Investments and Wealth Management divisions. Each division is led by excellent leaders with decades of experience helping clients achieve their financial goals. Together, these three divisions help clients for the entire financial life cycle. From raising capital for businesses to deploying capital for investment, to managing the profits of those investments Laidlaw & Company has the team to help their clients. Bankers have decades of experience helping their clients manage leverage and debt. They have world-class understanding of the risks and opportunities of debt and will be sure to help any clients with that need.


The Best Online Marketers

There are many marketing firms all dedicated towards helping you advertise your business. One of the best there is White Shark Media. They are a digital online marketing agency, which offers marketing solutions to small and medium sized businesses.

It was founded in 2011 by 3 Danish entrepreneurs, with a goal to conquer the US and Latin American market. They currently have over one hundred employees in 3 countries. The company partnered with Google and was awarded the Google AdWords premier SMB partnership. Microsoft also allied with them and White Shark Media is part of their Bing ads authorized reseller program.

Their reviews over time

The best way to know how efficient your services are, is by checking your client reviews regularly. Since the company begun, there have been many reviews given with about three quarter of them being positive.

The companies they have been working with have reported increased sales of up to 50%, with the number of prospective clients also increasing. There is also a feeling of trust, with companies being totally secure once they let White Shark Media, take on their online campaigns.

This can be seen in the reviews given by different companies. Alexander H. Lostocco of Lucky Premium Treats said that, ‘the white shark team is doing and outstanding job managing our account’. Elsewhere Mark Reynolds of Ruffins Pet Center said that, ‘Partnering with white shark media was one of the smartest business decisions I have made’.

How They Handle Customer Complaints

In most cases, compliments tend to go hand in hand with complaints. The way you handle this complaints will determine the fate of your business. White Shark Media has a quick and unique way of handling any complaints.

In relation to the AdWords campaigns

The company makes sure that every customer is thoroughly informed to about their new campaign. Once the client knows how it works, it minimizes the possibility of them getting confused.

On Communication matters

As consultants, communication is one of the most important aspects of their business. They have improved on this by providing direct connections between you and your contact person. They provide an email and phone number, allowing you to reach them even if they are out of the office.

They also hold monthly online conference calls, allowing the contact person at the company to get in touch with the client and discuss the monthly results.

On Campaign quality

In case you already have an efficient campaign, instead of creating a new one, they improve on it to give you one that is more efficient.

Getting a contact person who you do not relate to with

In order to avoid you being teamed up with someone you do not understand, they ensure that a senior consultant is involved with you from the beginning. Even if you might be handed over to another consultant, the senior consultant is still available for any inquiries.
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Solo Capital’s No-Nonsense Services

Having a business itself isn’t enough in this competitive world. You have got be meticulous about the kind of service you choose for the business. You need to define your expectation to the employees and make them work for it without fail. It also helps greatly if you are using help from outside where you can delegate some of the internal functioning of the business to a reliable service company, like Solo Capital.

Solo Capital founded by Sanjay Shah is an investment banking firm that offers a number of services related to finance and management, such as personal finance, business administration, asset management, underwriting, mergers and acquisitions. It has helped hundreds of businesses fulfill their dream goals. Solo Capital is all set to serve many more customers in its field of expertise which is why it is contemplating expansion in countries all over the world. A business owner of a successful tire company built up a team of employees. When he hired new staff, he screened them and let them know of the work to be done. He was up front about what he wanted at his business. Workers were expected to show up on time and they did. However, they failed to live up to their expectations and lacked a system of accountability for the end game:profits. They were under-performing in the areas that they were not proficient in. This is when Solo Capital pitched in, built an efficient system to handle the weak area in the business. The service offered by Solo Capital was able to generate more business and meet increasingly high financial goal for the business owner.

There are many instances like this where Solo Capital comes into picture. It has devised plans and strategies for its clients’ businesses, installed rational performance services and managed a number of assets within the business. Its’ plans have helped businesses find where their departments were financially and operationally at the end of each period. From order entry to procurement of products, Solo Capital has helped in every part of the business. The experts were ready with suggestions for improvements when something went wrong. In essence, Solo Capital is dedicated to providing the kind of services that are helpful for businesses to achieve their full profit potential. This company can turn your business around, and the experts here will show you how. Their plans are based on their experience with hundreds of businesses in hundreds of industries. Their insights are meant to trigger performance that goes straight to tackling the business challenges that entrepreneurs and business owners face in today’s world. With initial consultation, you will find information that can be used as a reference to grow your business for the future.

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George Soros Feels That Hillary Could Help Avert Disaster


George Soros is not optimistic about the economic future, and he thinks that another recession is soon to hit. He has been watching troubling signs in the world economy, and he feels these signs are going to evolve into a major economic calamity. He sees issues within Europe, and he also sees concerning changes in the Chinese economy. These changes have been reflected in some measurements of the instability of stock markets.

Luckily, he does see there as some hope for the future of the economy. However, he feels that competent political leaders will be necessary for the world to be able to avert disaster. In American politics, he sees Hillary as the best candidate to be able to navigate these rough economic waters successfully. He has taken measures to help her succeed in the next election. He’s made monetary donations of a very significant nature to her campaign.

George Soros is a very wealthy man, and he is a major donor to American politics. In the past, he’s worked to have Bush removed from office. There were some political groups that were working towards making this happen. He gave these groups an incredible donation of 20 million dollars. However, he hasn’t donated quite as much to political causes. He also helped Barrack Obama in his efforts to get elected, but Soros didn’t give as large of amounts of money. However, he did donate around a million dollars to a PAC in 2012.

George Soros says that he actually regrets supporting Obama over Hillary in earlier election cycles. Now, in support of Hillary, he gave eight million dollars to the campaign through super PACS. This donation is considered extremely large for a liberal candidate. Typically, liberal candidates will not end up receiving such large amounts of funding from one person. However, George Soros has historically been a very large political donor to liberal candidates in America. He has been extremely liberal to the democratic party in America.

Donald Trump and Ted Cruz haven’t had these extremely large Super PAC donations. The large amounts of money that Hillary has gotten will make her more able to advertise her campaign. Candidates that receive large amounts of funding are able to more widely advertise themselves, and they have the ability to launch better television advertisements. As Hillary is more positively noticed by voters, she will likely get larger numbers of votes. With larger numbers of votes, she’ll stand a better chance at being elected into office.

Hopefully, George Soros is right and Hillary can help to avert this economic disaster. She likely stands a good chance of winning this election. This is even more true, after the contribution that George Soros has made to her campaign.

Eucatex Is A Highly Successful and Environmentally Friendly Company

The environment is truly a precious resource, but there has been an unfortunate destruction of it. Brazil contains one of the world’s most important and most threatened natural environments. The Amazon Rainforest mostly is part of Brazil, but there is a massive amount of ecological destruction going on in it. However, there is one company that has made the right choice. This company has not participated in the mass environmental destruction that is taking place in Brazil and elsewhere in the world. Eucatex has been a prominent producer of home products. This company has become a multinational corporation, and Eucatex has goods available outside of Brazil.

Eucatex makes very reputable products. They sell paint, doors, flooring products, and other goods that are used to furnish and design homes. Furthermore, the company’s products significantly differ from the products used by other home design companies. Eucatex does not just use the standard materials that other companies use. Instead, most Eucatex made items have eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is rarely used in commercial products. Interestingly, Eucatex makes use of eucalyptus, due to it being an environmentally friendly choice. Eucalyptus generally will grow back far more rapidly than other varieties of trees. Also, eucalyptus is quite a durable type of wood.

Flavio Maluf has held the position of president of Eucatex for quite a while now. During his management, the company has done well. Flavio Maluf has been an exceptionally hardworking executive for the company. His hard work has served to make the company larger, more profitable, and more streamlined. Furthermore, news outlets report Flavio Maluf holds the title of president in yet another company. He’s president at GrandFoods.

Flavio Maluf also has had an exceptional background for a business career. In terms of education, Flavio Maluf is a graduate of the best colleges. As an undergraduate, he was a student at FAAP. FAAP has always had a great reputation as a college, and it’s reputation consistently is regarded as among the best in Brazil. After finishing at FAAP, Flavio Maluf continued his educational path. As a graduate student, Flavio Maluf was a student at NYU. NYU is located in New York State, and it’s seen very highly within the United States and abroad.

Due to Flavio Maluf’s great expertise and skill, Eucatex can be expected to see growth. The growth of Eucatex could very well be quite robust. This expected growth means that Eucatex stock likely is a good investment.

Charles Koch: Bernie Sender is Right

Charles Koch is a famous billionaire in America. He is the founder of a powerful political machine in this country, and he plays an important role in the American politics. His closest associate is his brother, David Koch. They are also the owner of Koch Industries, the companies they inherited from their father, Fred Koch. Since the company was left in their ownership, the two have worked very hard to expand it, and currently, it is one of the biggest industries in the United States. Due to the respect they command in this country, they have a lot of power in some of the most important decisions in America. The 2016 upcoming elections are just around the corner, and the billionaires are doing their best to endorse the right candidates especially the presidential position. They are both conservatives, and they spent millions of dollars to ensure the right people are elected.

The Koch brothers have never liked Bernie Sender ideas and policies. They are always criticizing each other in the media, and to matters worse, they have never met in person. The whole country was shocked when Charles Koch said that he agreed with a statement made by his greatest opponent, Bernie Sender.

The billionaire conservatives have a network that always spends millions of money trying to push free market ideas in all the elections in the country. The sender has always made it clear in his statements that he doesn’t like their ideas. The senator is an independent democratic socialist, and he has been seen in several cases trying to warn the country to stay away the oligarchic society created by the Koch brothers where the economic and political system is controlled by several billionaires in the country.

Surprisingly, it now turns out that Charles Koch agrees with these statements, but in a totally different way. According to the Koch brothers, the political and economic system in the country is rigged. The brothers think that the Democrats do not show any fairness in the presidential elections, giving less priority to the less fortunate people in the society.

The fact that the two individuals agree on this issue doesn’t mean that they have become friends in politics. Sender says that he would never accept any funding from the billionaires. He has always criticized their ideas and wealth, and this clearly indicates they can never fund him. Everyone is just surprised why they have finally agreed with each other.

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Interesting Information To Note About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is an online marketing platform that uses different avenues to promote businesses through online advertisement. Basically, it is in the video communication business which involves selling digital tools such as video conferencing, broadcasting and social networking products.

The company was founded by Bob Reina who has over 20 years experience in the marketing industry. He has built a great reputation through media appearances and is especially lauded for his charity and civic contributions. Reina founded the company in 2007 with video email marketing as a tool to connect with customers. However, they have since expanded their digital product line to include live video chats, meetings, conferences and newsletters.

Through Talk Fusion, a person can be able to brand their company’s graphics into a video with the alternative of selecting from a number of templates provided by the service. This video can then be sent to an individual or thousands of people in one go, depending on the service one buys. The videos are stored on Talk Fusion’s data base and can be re-used. The company also provides hundreds of pre-made videos in the event that the user does not want to make their own video.

Talk Fusion captures the idea that in recent times, the growth of the internet has seen attention spans shrink. Video marketing has a way of engaging audiences and therefore holding their interest for long enough to market a product. Videos provide instant gratification and can capture a brand’s identity more effectively.

At the moment Talk Fusion is the 8th largest online video content provider in the world, defying all odds and doubts cast on it upon debut into the market. It is ranked first place in Indonesia and fifth in Japan. This has been achieved through a competent and tech savvy crew which has managed to transform the concept of video conferencing.

Users like the services for being user friendly and simplifying video marketing especially through provision of ready to use template for most imaginable scenarios. The user also has the option of customizing the templates to their own liking. Marketers who are not utilizing videos in email marketing should try Talk Fusion as it is sure to transform their brand.

Keith Mann Launches New Scholarship Fund For Uncommon Schools Seniors

The Manns, Keith, and Keely continue to promote higher education for New York students. The couple’s latest project is a scholarship fund aimed at providing financial aid to a student enrolling in college for four years. They’ve teamed with the New York-based nonprofit, Uncommon Schools to promote this giving. Dubbed the “2016 Scholarships for Professional Achievement,” this program recognizes brilliant candidates with the competence of becoming a future business leader. Keith Mann has pledged to sponsor a high school senior each year.

Uncommon Charter High School’s counselor, Joe Frick expressed deep gratitude for The Manns generosity in funding such an opportunity. Students of low-income families struggle to afford a college education, despite their brilliant academic performance. With this initiative, The Manns aim to inspire donors to sponsor other qualifying candidates as the program piques interest. This scholarship isn’t about partial funding as it’s designed to support an awardee throughout the college cycle. Qualifiers should explain in 1000 words, how having a graduate-level college degree can help them achieve their career goals.

The program welcomes all New York-based Uncommon Charter High School seniors attending an institution in Brooklyn. The winner will receive a funding of $5000. By month end, the organizers will name the winner. Unfortunately, they’re no longer accepting applications as of February 29, but Keith Mann intends to continue the program. Certainly, its continuation depends largely on student turnover.

Leading New York-based executive businessman, Keith Mann co-founded Dynamics Search Partners. Currently, he’s a senior managing director and chief executive at the consultancy. Prior to taking up office at Dynamics Search Partners, Keith Mann worked with the financial services company, Alternative Investments Division. He climbed the executive ladder reaching as far as VP (Vice President) before starting his own practice.

With 15+ years of unmatched industry experience and a bucket of knowledge, Keith is undeniably a rare talent. The serial hedge fund expert has specialization in hiring, staffing and compensation management strategies. Additionally, he’s a well-known philanthropist with a focus on innovating the pillars of higher education. He’s particularly interested in lending aid to students of low-income families who often struggle financially.

Successful Dentist Avi Weisfogel Supports Operation Smile

As a person passionate about the medical field, Avi Weisfogel has started a GoFundMe Campaign for Operation Smile, a non-profit that helps children over seas get safe facial surgeries. The GoFundMe will raise $2,000 for the cause. Avi Weisfogel is a dentist out of New Jersey and has a heart for children in need, believing all kids should have access to affordable safe surgery and medical care.

Operation Smile was started in 1982 by husband and wife, Dr. William Magee and Kathleen Magee, a nurse. It started as a simple medical mission trip to the Philippines to help other medical professionals with cleft lip and palate surgery. There was such high need in the area, it broke their heart to have to leave with so many more needing help. That was when the couple decided to return to the Philippines and found Operation Smile. It started out as a small non-profit, but has since grown to include thousands of professionals in different medical fields providing their time, expertise and money to the cause. Operation Smile works with local hospitals in the different countries they visit to ensure the best care and recovery for patients. All medical services are free.

Avi Weisfogel has a real passion for helping others, and a determination to succeed. He started his career at Old Bridge Dental Care after graduating from New York University College of Dentistry. He became well known and liked and soon outgrew the practice. Moving to a bigger one, Avi saw many patients a day, but his real dream was to help patients with sleep apnea. Sleep apnea patients are only sometimes referred to dentists, and Avi was determined to see as many as he could. Avi went through years of research and work to develop his current business model, and in the process lost almost everything having to declare bankruptcy, according to Avi’s website. However, he did not give up and opened Dental Sleep Masters, which caters directly to patients with sleeping disorders.

A generous man who was proud of his accomplishments, Avi wanted to share his success with other doctors despite friends urging him to keep it to himself. He opened Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient where he is the chief lecturer. His goal was to train and support other dentists on how to grow their sleep patient practice and create oral appliances that aid sleep apnea patients.

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Handy is Changing the Way People Clean Their House

On demand is an amazing concept. People love on demand movies and television shows, and when we boot up our computers we expect to access our music and other content instantly. While on demand has had an amazing impact on the media landscape, people have rarely considered the concept in other fields. Handy is changing that perception. Handy is the world’s leading on-demand handyman and cleaning service.

Everyone needs a clean house, but sometimes the job is just too big. Handy helps find a cleaning service when they need it. You no longer need to set an appointment with a maid, weeks in advance. You simply pull your mobile phone out and book a cleaner at a time that is convenient for you. Handy also offers handyman services, so you can complete those pesky jobs around your home. Fixing a leaky faucet to getting the gutters cleaned, all you need is a mobile phone and these jobs will get done.

Handy is an instant success, drawing investors in at a rapid pace. Recently, Handy finished another round of funding. They brought in $50 million and are now valued at $500 million. This company is an incredible success.

Handy has grown considerably, but this did not happen by accident. Handy benefits from an amazing leader, Oisin Hanrahan. Oisin stated this company to make life easier for everyone. He took $50,000 in seed money and the app immediately took off. Handy benefitted from a lack of competition in their field. No one was offering an app that could connect people with a handyman. The company has managed to stay focused on expansion and has brought their vision cities throughout the United States.

People will always need cleaning and handyman services, and Handy will connect people with the service they need. Oisin Hanrahan will guide the company to a bright future.

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