Beneful Leads The Premium Dog Food Industry

Owners of pets across the country are becoming more aware of what they are feeding their pets. Their pets deserve to have high quality foods introduced to their diets. Their owners have started looking at the ingredients labels instead of simply picking up a bag of food at random. Loyalty to brands is a thing of the past. People are now more interested in what is in their dog’s food. The premium brands are where more and more concerned pet owners are turning for their dog’s nutrition. Pet owners are trusting premium brands to provide a solid source of nutrition for their pets to lead healthy and active lifestyles.

Premium Pet Food News

If you haven’t heard already, the Daily Herald released a compelling article about premium pet foods that is blowing the top off of this industry. We have all often wondered exactly how these foods are produced and in what manner the companies that manufacture our pet food are handling their facilities. The article does a great job at showing how innovative and safe their procedures are in the premium manufacturer settings.

The brand that so many premium pet food fans are flocking to is Beneful. This brand of quality dog food is made by Purina, who is well known for their products in the dog and cat food industries. Beneful uses high quality ingredients to make their foods. Buying Beneful is a great way to introduce your dog to real meats and actual vegetables. Don’t settle for the cheap brands. Beneful has a better mixture of healthy ingredients that the cheap brands don’t even begin to match.

Beneful’s Chopped Blends is one of the best premium foods on the market. Just take one look at the moist blend of veggies and meats, and you will see what the buzz is all about. The premium pet food industry has Beneful to thank for all of the attention. Beneful can be found in mostly every pet store, and they have a wide variety of Chopped Blends to offer. The article from the Daily Herald has more information.


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