Jon Urbana Wins Environmentalist of the Year Award

Jon Urbana is an entrepreneur and business professional in the medical technology industry who lives just outside Denver. He majored in economics at Villanova, and since 2013 he has been the Head of Business Development for Ellipse USA, a manufacturer of IPL and laser based dermatological systems.

Urbana is a highly-trained pilot who has been honored with inclusion in the FAA’s Airmen Certification Database, passing the FAA’s stringent requirements for inclusion.

An athlete with a passion for lacrosse, squash, and skiing, Urbana played for the Wildcats, Villanova’s lacrosse team, and was the defensive anchor of a Villanova squad that ranked seventh nationwide in scoring defense. Urbana’s love of lacrosse was such that he chose to study at Villanova on account of the strength of their lacrosse program. In 2011 he co-founded Next Level Lacrosse Camp, a renowned youth lacrosse camp in the Denver area.

In 2016, Jon Urbana started a GoFundMe for a non-profit dedicated to mobilizing the youth to protect and beautify the environment. Inspired by Jon Urbana’s interaction with his lacrosse studentsJo and his deep love for the earth’s natural beauty, Earth Force is devoted to empowering and educating the youth on the importance of clean energy and the health of our environment.

Recently Urbana has ventured into the realm of electronic music. Using Ableton software, he crafts remixes and original music.

Urbana also has a deep interest in photography. His love of beauty and nature is apparent in his well composed shots of natural landscapes, flowers, animals, gems, foods, children, and architectural wonders.

Sergio Cortes Is Known As The Top Michael Jackson Performer In The World

Just like Elvis Presley and other celebrities that have moved on to another reality, Michael Jackson is being honored by impersonators all over the world. Impersonators never really project the full personality of a deceased musical giant in their performance, but some performers are close enough a “thumbs up.” There is a Las Vegas show honoring Michael Jackson and several films that depict the talent of the Michael Jackson. But none of the performances compare to the show that Sergio Cortes puts on when he takes the stage as Michael Jackson.
The Brazilian online magazine calls Sergio Cortes a musical genius for his impersonation of Jackson. Cortes, a 44-year-old native of Barcelona Spain, has nailed his impersonation of Michael. Sergio started impersonating Jackson when he was a boy, and he has been doing it ever since. Cortes lives in Brazil now, and he is considered a celebrity for continuing to bring Michael’s consciousness back to life on stage.
The difference between Sergio and the other MJ impersonators is Cortes looks just like Michael. His mannerisms, his voice and his dance moves makes audiences go crazy. When Sergio performs cuts from the “thriller Album” people want more. Cortes becomes Michael Jackson, and the audience feels it.
Cortes is in demand all over the world, because the world still loves “MJ.” In spite of all the issues that gave the media the ammunition it needed to keep Michael in the news for years, his fan base never died. In fact it got stronger thanks to all the full-time reporting which was not accurate, according to people close to Jackson. Sergio is able to present Jackson in the way he should be presented. He was and still is considered a creative genius that loved life and people.
Most impersonators have a few Twitter followers, but Cortes has more than 17,000 and the list is still growing. The reason for his popularity is a simple one. Sergio believes he is Michael Jackson on stage. Sergio Cortes disappears and Michael arrives with his white glove, white socks, black slip-on loafers and dynamic as well as unique voice. Cortes does an excellent job convincing audiences that he is Jackson, because he believes he is. Sergio actually lives as Michael for a couple of hours on stage, and the transformation is obvious.
Most people that friend Cortes on FaceBook say things like that really happen. The Sergio Cortes fans know that what he does and what he becomes on stage is real. Cortes is channeling Jackson through his moves and voice in some way while he performs. Audiences come away from feeling like Michael is still alive and well in the body of Sergio Cortes.

Beneful Leads The Premium Dog Food Industry

Owners of pets across the country are becoming more aware of what they are feeding their pets. Their pets deserve to have high quality foods introduced to their diets. Their owners have started looking at the ingredients labels instead of simply picking up a bag of food at random. Loyalty to brands is a thing of the past. People are now more interested in what is in their dog’s food. The premium brands are where more and more concerned pet owners are turning for their dog’s nutrition. Pet owners are trusting premium brands to provide a solid source of nutrition for their pets to lead healthy and active lifestyles.

Premium Pet Food News

If you haven’t heard already, the Daily Herald released a compelling article about premium pet foods that is blowing the top off of this industry. We have all often wondered exactly how these foods are produced and in what manner the companies that manufacture our pet food are handling their facilities. The article does a great job at showing how innovative and safe their procedures are in the premium manufacturer settings.

The brand that so many premium pet food fans are flocking to is Beneful. This brand of quality dog food is made by Purina, who is well known for their products in the dog and cat food industries. Beneful uses high quality ingredients to make their foods. Buying Beneful is a great way to introduce your dog to real meats and actual vegetables. Don’t settle for the cheap brands. Beneful has a better mixture of healthy ingredients that the cheap brands don’t even begin to match.

Beneful’s Chopped Blends is one of the best premium foods on the market. Just take one look at the moist blend of veggies and meats, and you will see what the buzz is all about. The premium pet food industry has Beneful to thank for all of the attention. Beneful can be found in mostly every pet store, and they have a wide variety of Chopped Blends to offer. The article from the Daily Herald has more information.


George Soros & Mark Cuban Purchased Gold Assets

Gold remains the most popular investment when times are troublesome. Gold is a precious metal that has withstood revolutions, depressions and natural disasters. Learn why both George Soros and Mark Cuban are purchasing gold assets.

“Scarce Gold Mining Stocks”

When the Spanish conquistadors spoke of the “streets of gold” in the New World, the Old World instantly took notice. Gold mines are quite scarce and have always been a key determinants of a nation’s wealth. The Aztec gold mines might have been the foundation of the Spanish dollar.

Billionaire Investor & Author George Soros has not forgotten the lessons of history. In August 2015, George Soros “accrued 1.9 million shares of Barrick Gold” paying $20.1 million for the allotment. George Soros also held $13.5 million stakes in Market Vectors Gold Miners ETF.

“Mark Cuban Buying Gold Call Options”

Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban purchased gold call options because he expected the price to increase. Cuban told CNBC’s “Fast Money: Halftime Report” on February 11, 2016 that “[w]hen traders don’t know what to do, they go where everybody is. And I thought that would be gold.” Gold bars are the currency of central banks around the world.

January 2016 saw stock exchanges falling all around the world. Naturally, investors started to become worried about stocks not being a sure thing. Even Forbes had to ask whether global stocks may be overvalued.

“Regular Investors Purchase Gold Coins”

The sophistication required for properly measuring the value of gold mines or timing gold call options may not be everybody. During his US Money Reserve Podcast, US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl mentioned the rise of gold-backed ETFs as a reason for the popularity of the precious metal. Likewise, government-issued gold bullion coins can be a nice safety net for estate planning.

Each US Money Reserve government-issued gold bullion coin has a guaranteed weight and purity. These American coins are prized around the world for their beauty, design and intrinsic value. As Investor Mark Cuban stated in as many words: People turn to gold when afraid.

While you might not be able to establish world peace yourself, you can protect your financial future in an unsafe world. Soros and Cuban have felt the tides turning and purchased gold to protect their wealth.

Sergio Cortes Provides Coverage Of A Recent Michael Jackson Auction

The most recent article on Michael Jackson in Direito e Negocios offers coverage from Sergio Cortes on a memorabilia sale. There are many Michael Jackson artifacts floating around the world today, and these artifacts often come up for auction. Sergio is the best impersonator in the world today, and this article explains his discoveries at the auction.

#1: There Were Many Artifacts To Choose From

The auction was not an auction for a single item. There was a white glove that garnered most of the attention, but the auction itself had clothing, platinum records and artwork that had to do with Michael’s career. Michael Jackson was the most prolific entertainer in history, and his decades of performing created many artifacts that were on sale. Sergio was pleased to see everything he found at the auction, and there were many things he wanted for himself.

#2: The White Glove

The white performance glove used by Michael at many concerts was up for sale for a starting bid of $20,000. The sale was not expected to go much higher than $20,000, but the glove sold for $64,000. This sale represents one of the most expensive single items sold at a Michael Jackson auction, and Sergio was there to see the glove for himself. A performer of Sergio’s magnitude could use one of those gloves to propel his career forward.

#3: Why Is Sergio Interested?

Sergio Cortes is the best impersonator in the world today, and he is a dedicated performer who has only been interested in performing as Michael Jackson for all these years. His performances have been lauded for their creativity and authenticity, and Sergio has made a name for himself by simply looking so much like Michael. He sings just like Michael, and he moves just like Michael at every performance.

#4: How Does Sergio Make His Performances Perfect?

Sergio makes every performance perfect with his appearance and his mannerisms. He sounds very much like Michael, and people who have attended his concerts are very interested to check if that is indeed an impersonator. Reviews have wondered in their articles if Sergio is channeling the spirit of Michael, and Sergio shows that his lifelong respect for Michael translates into his act.

Sergio Cortes is the finest impersonator performing today, and he chooses to use the persona of Michael Jackson to play each show. Sergio is a talented individual who has dedicated his life to carrying to banner for Michael Jackson, and people who see Sergio in person are blown away by his performances. His recent look at a Michael Jackson auction shows that interest is still there for Michael’s career, and the sale of the white glove further confirms that Michael is relevant to this day.

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Andy Wirth Campaigns For Real Estate Transformation: The Fall Of Incorporate Olympic

Valley Crusaders
Lake Tahoe communities, those along the northern shoreline, in particular, have recently undergone tough trials. The recent drought largely impacted the performance of small businesses and winter resorts within the parameter. Nonetheless, this wasn’t the singular hiccup it had to overcome according to a recently published press release by the RGJ media house. The Reno-Gazette Journal reported that Andy Wirth, a committed environmental conservative finally dissuaded Incorporate Olympic Valley supporters. The ongoing political feud came to an abrupt discontinuation following the CALAFCO (California Local Agency Formation Commission) ruling not to authorize an incorporation.

Certainly, the disgruntled Incorporate Olympic Valley crusaders did express dissatisfaction with the council taking such a decision. On the positive side, Andy Wirth has directed attention to community development projects. With urgent transportation issues among other community needs, Andy Worth has pledged to restore Lake Tahoe and surrounding neighborhoods. He’s already invested thousands fighting the incorporation effort but knows his job doesn’t end there. While opposing the political insurgency, Olympic Valley, and the entire Lake Tahoe region survived tough natural disasters.

The majestic Olympic Valley landscape houses the nation’s most exquisite winter sports topography. Additionally, it’s home to the prestigious Squaw Valley Resort. Wirth commands the prominent resort management umbrella corporation, Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, LLC. as appointed CEO and president. He intends to embark on a series of real estate development projects along Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley domain.

In the past few years, Wirth masterminded a series of productions, including the CBS broadcasting of the ongoing Squaw Valley restoration effort. It’s a mini-documentary series that highlights ski resort transformations within the Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley realm. Largely, Wirth has an immaculate vision to transform the topographic landscape of Lake Tahoe. With this restoration effort, he intends to transform and improve the entire region for everyone. It’s been almost three years since the RSCVA (Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority) Board elected Andy Wirth into office as chairman. His time in office has been spent wisely and productively following the Sierra Sun publication of his appointment back in 2013.

With a wealth of resort management experience, Wirth’s candidacy is an unquestionable selection. He’s enhanced the business community as a whole, restoring air service, gaming and other needed amenities to the ski terrain. Another online media conglomerate, Powder did provide commentary on the rumored Gondola project. In a dialog with the media house, Andy Wirth confirmed that there’s such a project underway. This Gondola will connect Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows majestic ski resort landscapes. Certainly, this development should enhance the attractions and strengthen the growing tourism destination.


The financial markets are at a risk of a crisis agitated by the China’s trade havoc. The renowned philanthropist and economist, George Soro has been warning the investors and the economists in the U.S at large. He claimed that the current fluctuation of the currency might end up like the 2008 economic regression. As an economist, he advises that the financial markets should be keener since the China’s Yuan is affecting the worldwide market.
In this regard, the U.S money reserve is tested on how it overcomes the financial crisis. In a podcast in Enterprise Radio, EPN News, the U.S Money Reserve President, Philip Diehl, talks about the Gold market and the benefits of owning gold coins. The U.S Money Reserve is one of the distributors of the government gold, silver and platinum coins. He mentions that his previous role as the Director of U.S Mint significantly contributes on how to manage the gold market concerning its distribution in the market. The most rewarding aspect of his job is that he made customer satisfaction a priority and the exemplary customer services yielded significant results.
Philip Diehl emphasized on why investors should turn to the buying of the U.S government gold, silver and platinum coins. The U.S Money Reserve has a legal tender and thus quality is assured unlike in other markets where counterfeiting is the greatest hitch. Despite the recent troubles of a financial crisis, purchasing of the minted gold coins is safer than entirely depending on the appreciation of the dollar. Gold, silver and platinum coins are a store of value. They do not depreciate over the period unlike the dollar and other currencies whose fluctuation rates are uncertain.
The gold market is affected by some factors. Fluctuation prices due to the depreciation of the U.S dollar. The gold market gets affected worldwide since markets such as China and India are buying about 55% of the gold. The recent China economic quandary is going to change the gold bars. Owners of the U.S Government minted gold coins are spared the disparity from the current gold bars owners. The monetary policies set by the government are also likely to impact on the financial markets. The minted gold coins are luckily not touched strongly compared to the other forms of currency. U.S Money Reserve is where the investors should start investing in as there is assurance of quality and satisfaction.

Finding Freedom: The story of Yeonmi Park

Yeonmi Park is an activist who grew up in the oppressive and impoverished nation of North Korea before her escape in 2007. As a child growing up in North Korea, Park lived with her parents and older sister in a small house near the Chinese border. Her family often went without food or ate whatever they could find such as flowers and insects. Witnessing public executions and dead bodies in the street was not an uncommon occurrence for Yeonmi. The North Korean government imposed strict regulations and ignored the poverty and hunger crisis. Finally, the Park family decided they had to escape the country and try to find a better life.

Yeonmi and her mother found a man to smuggle them across the border to China, but when they finally arrived the situation took a turn for the worse. The smuggler demanded to have sex with Yeonmi and she was only saved when her mom offered herself instead. The man then sold Yeonmi’s mother and kept Yeonmi for herself. Even though he already had a wife, he told Yeonmi he would buy her mother back and smuggle her father over the border if she became his second wife. Yeonmi agreed to this arrangement to reunite her family but she suffered years of rape and abuse at the smuggler’s hands. Unfortunately, Yeonmi’s father died from cancer before the Parks were released and moved to South Korea.

Finally, Yeonmi was free and able to live her life. She attended high school in Seoul and reunited with her sister. Yeonmi is now an activist advocating against the North Korean regime and the author of a book detailing her life story on the Reason. To find out more about her amazing journey and her book In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom, visit


The Tampon Tax


NPR dubbed last year “the year of the period.” It was the year in which women stopped merely accepting the fact that they all had a menstrual cycle and actually started discussing it. That was 2015, fast forward to 2016 and periods are now a political discussion. This is because the New York City Council is about to pass a bill that would make feminine hygiene products readily available in public schools, shelters, and correctional facilities, which Sergio Cortes supports. It will also eliminate taxation on these same products.

Dubbed the “tampon tax,” this bill strives to change the status of things like pads and tampons from “non-essential” to “essential.” However, this is highly debatable because most states derive $70-$100 annually off the taxation of menstrual products. Nonetheless, according to this is a popular movement with over 43,000 people in support of passing the bill. What will actually happen remains to be seen as this bill is acted upon in the next few weeks.

Celebrate Wikipedia’s 15th with A Wiki Page of Your Own!

It’s Wikipedia’s 15th birthday, and as you’ve come to expect, the event has triggered a wave of internet chatter. Ars Technica, MSN, and CBS have all posted articles celebrating the event with the usual presentation of facts, numbers, and statistics. Some outlets have chosen to take a more controversial look at the internet giant.

UK site The Register released such a post, busting 8 Myths about the free encyclopedia. They questioned Jimmy Wale’s role as founder, explained the real reason the site doesn’t have ads, and laid out the facts behind it’s supposed 250 language versions. They even poked holes in its calls for support with some rather impressive financials.
With all that press, good and bad, flowing across the web, now’s the perfect time to get your very own wiki page. But you’re busy, you’ve got important work to do. Don’t waste your time cobbling a page together yourself. Hire Wikipedia writers from GetYourWiki to do it for you!
GetYourWiki specializes in creating, editing, updating, and monitoring a custom wiki page for you or your business. Their veteran Wikipedia editors will employ your Wikipedia business page creation similar to that of any other Wikipedian. Every Page is supported by reliably-sourced references, formatted properly, and written following Wikipedia’s style manual. They’re so good, they guarantee your page’s approval or your money back! After they make a Wikipedia page for you, they’ll also monitor it against malicious edits, and offer a translation service to get your page posted in multiple languages.
Why have your own wiki page? With 18 billion page views and 500 million unique visitors a month, it’s one of the largest sites on the web. Your page can serve as a source of credibility, as well as a historical repository for you or your business. GetYourWiki will also get your page in the top three search results on Google, where it will power Google’s Knowledge Graph.
Whether you’re a small business owner, blogger, or professional looking to boost your visibility, anchor your credibility, or impress your friends, GetYourWiki is worth checking out! To get a free quote in the next 24 hours, contact them through their website here.