Securus Technologies is a company that is well known for provisions of technological solutions for civil and criminal justice. It offers total aid to investigations, public safety, inmate communication monitoring and corrections to assist the United States government. Its headquarters is based in Dallas, Texas and it serves over 3000 firms and agencies that deal with law enforcement and corrections. The companies manage over one million inmates in North America. The company released a data analytical tool that will ease the process of information collection in the United States correction centers known as THREADS 3.1 on 21st December 2015. The release of the technology will ensure a more reliable connection that will provide quick response to emergency services, public information, communication and incident management, rapid and accurate investigations among other functions. It will also provide monitoring products and other tracking devices for the inmates to make the world a better place.

Information technology is changing day drastically demanding the upgrade of collecting information. The new platform introduced by Securus Technology is considered to be the intellectual discovery that will assist the investigative authorities that will improve enhanced user interface to the latest technologies found on the web. The technology will not change or lower the performance of the previous analysis tool, but it will strengthen them. THREADS 3.1 is expected to improve the experience of the user and improve the performance of the application. Easier functioning parts of the platform will reduce the time used to search given information, reliable and easier to use provides an advantage to the US. In addition to improving the existing technology, Securus has introduced a video visitation software that allows inmates and loved ones to connect from afar. Click here to learn more.

THREADS 3.1 will automatically improve the platform where the software runs to HTML 5 from Silverlight, which is very compatible with other Securus applications such as the inmate phone calls system, called Secure Call Platform (SCP). Investigators have been the principal beneficiaries since the platform increases their efficiencies giving them a proactive tool that provides enough evidence for their investigation. The platform is easier to use, and this gives the users the advantages of costs that are associated with training the intended users. It will save time and also increase the performance of the authorities who are tasked to solve such cases and to monitor the inmates. Reliability is the most important when it comes to technologies. A platform that does not provide that will jeopardize all functions regarding security and confidential information. The United States government will fully benefit from the technology since the inmates will be monitored in various ways that will assist the guards to be perfect at what they do.

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