Gregory Hauge and The Creation of 990

Gregory D Hauge is the founder and owner of The 990 Sells Homes Company. But what does this company do and how can it help better the community around it? As one of the top educated individuals and real estate professionals, Gregory knows a thing or two of not only moving property but creating businesses the entire city can get behind. Plus, with his career spanning across the country, he has been able to expand his services throughout some of the most sought after areas of the United States.

Gregory D Hauge originally studied science at Miami University in 1971, but decided to change paths and obtained his Juris Doctor from American University Washington College of Law in Washington, D.C. three years later in 1974. However, before al of this, Gregory D Hauge had a passion for real estate, so he obtained his first real estate license when he was just 18 years old. Eight years later, he had a license to practice law, making him a true double threat.

His family at the time owned a real estate business in Cincinnati. This proved to be right around the same time a young Donald Trump purchased his first real estate property for his own family in Cincinnati and the two did cross paths from time to time in southern Ohio. Four years after starting work for his family he went on to spin off his own real estate company and, within a single year, it became one of the largest real estate brokerage firms in the city, offering 11 different offices, 220 agents and over 600 listings at once.

By 1981 though, he moved away from the snow and cold of Ohio and relocated his family in Scottsdale, Arizona, the high-end suburb of Phoenix. In Metro Phoenix, he created a new company called WHY USA, which helped home owners sell their homes for a set price of $990. This way, home owners could save off of the more expensive commission fees. Within a year of opening the company with two other people, it employed 221 individuals.

This company went on to be called The 990 Company. The process is still the same and he and his company still are able to work with home owners to help them sell their houses for a flat fee of $990 each time.

Eventually, Gregory D Hauge decided to start up practicing law again. He received his Arizona license in 2012 to practice within the state. He first started to practice law inside of the Stinson Morrison Hacker, LLP outside of Phoenix but then went on to create the Hauge Law Group. he also helps currently with the Arizona Volunteer Lawyers Program among other services he offers.

Beneful Brands Fit For Any Type Of Dog Needs

Beneful Dog food is an amazing brand that cares about the animals that eat their food. They pride themselves on the wide verity of foods they produce, and the customer satisfaction it provides. Beneful IncrediBites Adult Dog Food This type of food is great for small dogs. It offers smaller pieces for those tinier mouths. Some pieces are crunchy while the others are much softer and moist. This gives your little pup a range of textures while providing them with vitamin enriched vegetables, wholesome grains, and real beef. The six distinct shapes, colors, and sizes will truly show all the wonderful ways they cater to your little sized pet. Beneful Playful Life Dog Food This product is designed for that energetic and playful kind of dog. It is jam packed with proteins to keep up with your dog who always seems to keep moving. Never worry about your animal burning off more then it has eaten. Made with blueberries, fulfilling oatmeal, real beef, vegetables, and eggs. It is exactly what your playful dog needs to keep on moving. PurinaStore Beneful Healthy Puupy Dry Dog Food This recipe is perfect for growing puppies. It is filled with calcium, for over all bone and teeth health. It also provides DHA for brain and vision development. Those two key ingredients will get your puppy off to a great start. Puppies will love the soft chewy pieces, and the wonderful taste you can trust with Beneful products. Beneful Healthy Radiance This dog food is made with real salmon to give your dog a healthy thick coat, and strong muscles. The Omega fatty acid and zinc help the skin and coat as well. It will make your dog look and feel healthier then ever. The crunchy rice provides a great source of carbohydrates. As with every Beneful product, it also houses a complete nutritional balance for your dogs. Beneful dog foods are USA made, and has a product perfect for any type of dog. Each has a unique purpose but all have great taste, nutritional values, and will leave your dog feeling The best it possible can.

Eric Pulier Helps To Make The Computer Sciences Corporation Run Well

The Computer Sciences Corporation is a big corporation that is run with the plan of making itself better each and every day. The people who work for this corporation understand that plan, and they are all hard workers.They believe in what the Computer Sciences Corporation is doing, and they want to be able to support it in all of the things that it does. They want to make it better, and so they put in hard work to do that.

Eric Pulier is the CEO of the Computer Sciences Corporation, and he has been making smart decisions for the corporation since he first started out. He’s a man who has a lot of ambition for all of the things that he does, and that is proven through the many titles that he holds and has success in. He is a technologist, public speaker, published author and more. He knows how to go out there and make a name for himself in any area that he chooses to, and he is a good example to those who are wanting to do the same.When someone can see the things that Eric Pulier has accomplished in his career they can realize that they can do the same if they only have as much ambition as this man.

The Computer Sciences Corporation is lucky to have such a good CEO working for it. The corporation would not be able to keep improving if it did not have good workers helping to make it stronger, and it needs all of the best people on its side. In order for any company to be able to do the things that they want to, they need to be smart in the people that they have working there. Because, the people who are working for a company really make all of the difference in how it is run.

What You Can Learn About US Money Reserve

US Money Reserve is a leading company that has been able to offer a reliable platform where individuals can easily transact with gold and other precious metals. The company has been in business for many years and over the long time they have been operational, no negative charges have been placed against them since they have worked to ensure they offer the best to their customers. Offering a reliable experience to their customers has enabled them to rise beyond limits. They have been ranked among the best companies in the market for allowing the prevalence of positive approaches to transactions that involve the sale of gold and other metals.

Hiring is a process that avails a different experience for any company. This is one of the factors US Money Reserve has held dear as they have ensured the staff employed to work with them is well qualified and capable of handling all needs that are presented by the customers. Maintaining courtesy and taking all requests presented by customers seriously has been a relief to the attainment of success within US Money Reserve. They have worked with well trained professionals in different categories to help make the delivery of services easier and faster.

Security is a paramount issue that should be taken into consideration while handling any transactions that involve huge sums of money. US Money Reserve has invested in the best security systems and this is one of the things that have allowed their customers to have confidence in the company. They have installed modern encryption, which makes it difficult for theft of information stored by their customers.

Giving back to the community is also something that defines a company. US Money Reserve has not been left behind on this. They have designed a program that offers support to the needy and allows them to gain by having sufficient supply of basic needs. The project, named US Money Reserve CrowdRise, has helped reach many individuals who need urgent support to make their lives better. The kitty has raised billions in the past, which have gone to uplifting communities that need urgent support and care.

The US Money Reserve Crowdrise has also been structured in a manner that the money cannot be misused or squandered. They have a strict oversight body which allows the implementation of the program to take place seamlessly. Members of US Money Reserve are urged to also take part in this fundraising campaign.

Billionaire Griffin – A Long Ways From His Room At Harvard

That saying “Too much is given, much is expected” is a way of life for Ken Griffin on marketwatch. Through his richly diverse career of investing. He began his investing career in his room at Harvard University. He never looked back from there.

Upon graduating with a bachelor’s degree from Harvard he continued to support educational causes that invested in the community improvement. He serves on the Board of Directors of the Chicago Public Education Fund on He graduated in 1989 in economics, at which time he continued his investing with the help of an investor, Frank C. Meyer, who provided him with $1 million. Mr. Meyer’s was the founder of Glenwood Capital LLC. Kenneth Griffin was able to provide a 70 percent return of the his initial investment, according to the New York Times.

Today, Ken Griffin is ranked No. 89 on the list of Forbes 400 richest people in America.

In 1990, Citadel was founded by Kenneth Griffin. Ken Griffin is the firm’s Chief Executive Officer. Citadel is a diverse financial institution. Citadel is one of the leading liquidity providers in America’s capital markets. With Citadel Technology providing investment management technology. There are more than 1250 members who work for Citadel worldwide today.

Mr. Griffin was ranked by Fortune magazine in September 2004, as the eight richest American under forty in the category of self-made, United States-based wealth. Today as of May, 2015 is worth 6.6 Billion dollars. He continues to contribute on financial regulations at various government hearings.

He continues to donate large amounts such as June 2014 he contributed $2.5 million dollars to Rauner to defeat Democratic Governor Pat Quinn in the election. He has contributed $3.57 million dollars to the Winnekta venture capitalist’s campaign. And he offered $150 million to Harvard to be used for students’ financial aid. Griffin continues to improve and enrich the lives of others with a total more than $250 million through his personal contributions.

Not only from his personal contributions but through his company, he has donated to the University of Chicago, Lurie Children’s Hospital, and the Art Institute. Mr. Griffin continues to support Chicago’s civic and cultural institutions. He sets on the Board of Trustees for the Art Institute of Chicago, The Whitney Museum, along with the Museum of Contemporary Art.

As you can see, Kenneth Griffin, really give back in a big way by supporting the community not only with contributions but serving on different boards.

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Bernardo Chua, the OrganoGold founder and CEO

When he started ORGANO™, Bernardo Chua the CEO and Founder was already a victorious business person. What made this new pursuit one of its kind is that it was resulting from his vision and duty into taking the old Chinese herb referred as Ganoderma to other parts of the globe. In 2008, Bernardo saw the need to expand to make an organization that could truly take ganoderma lucidum items to another level. In the wake of seeing the achievement ganoderma items had in Asian markets, Chua needed to demonstrate to the Western world what they could have disregarding. In five years, Organo Gold was pronounced by Direct Selling News as the 55th biggest direct offering organization on the planet, something Chua proudly represents on his resume.

Bernardo Chua has invested a considerable measure of energy teaching individuals about the numerous advantages this herb, and he continues to sing it’s praises on his Facebook. Education has dependably been an enormous center for Chua, as it furnishes the trust with Distributors and purchasers that different organizations may miss the mark on. Situated in Canada, Organo Gold has more than one million Distributors around the world. Chua and the organization keep on concentrating on key approaches to stay in front of the business rivalry, and that has been a major motivation behind why the name has kept on developing. Chua believes the location of the Company in Canada, a nation known for having strict rules for items and organizations, gives clients a considerable peace of mind. Any apparent dangers are disposed of in the wake of perceiving the herb testing and the condition of the items before dispersion.

Bernardo Chua is a standout amongst the best businesspeople in The Pacific Rim. Amid his profession, Chua has been honored with a couple of distinctive awards. Most strikingly, he got the Award of Dangal ng Bayan for Business & Industry from the Joint 22nd Yearly People’s Choice and the Award of National Consumers Quality during 2014. The National Shoppers Choice additionally recognized the organization as the top direct offering organization within the foods supplements field. Chua has been respected on five distinct events with the Award for Direct Sales Company of the Year.

With Organo Gold settled, Bernardo Chua keeps on concentrating his major efforts on refining his business as could reasonably be expected. He works intimately with a portion of the best natural ganoderma makers on the planet, which permits him to give quality products without a precarious sticker price. He additionally subsidizes exploration identified with ganoderma, permitting Organo Gold to have a decisive advantage over the business competition when new substances come along or uses are found.

What Makes Sergio Cortes Stand Out?

There are so many different impersonators in the world today, and numerous people in this industry join local clubs or have small shows to help build their name. Only some people can say they make a good income and a good living in this industry. The truth is that not many people can be great impersonators, and it takes a very special person to be good at being another celebrity or performer. Sergio Cortes is known for his amazing skills and how he beautifully brings to life MJ. Michael Jackson is a legend in music, but Sergio is known for his amazing work portraying and bringing Michael to life in his own little way.

What Makes Sergio Cortes Stand Out?

There are several things that a person can to help improve their chances on standing out as an impersonator. The goal is to be as best as you can be and to stand out. Sergio Cortes is unique because of one thing, he knows how to bring the music of Michael to life. Although he looks a lot like MJ, the best part about what he does is the fact that he helps bring Michael to life so well. He knows all about the world of entertaining and bringing people to the next level.

He grew up watching Michael Jackson constantly, and you will find that he has become quite successful on how he has been able to bring the the magic of Michael to life on stage every single time he hits the stage. Sergio is by far one of the most amazing performers on the stage because of how he handles the world of performing. As an amazing performer, he does the job so well and knows how to get people to listen and watch.

Sergio Cortes is by far one of the few impersonators who brings something new and different to the table. He is capable of standing out so well because of how he brings the character to life. As a singer and dancer, he does so well on singing just like Michael. When he hits the stage, he is amazing at using special effects at creating only the most beautiful shows possible. Sergio is quite exciting with what they offer, and you will find that he definitely knows what he is doing. Sergio is truly a unique performer that you need to watch if you love Michael Jackson.

The City of Chicago Has Many Great Business Leaders

Chicago is one of the most popular and economically important cities in the United States of America. Chicago is considered to be similar to New York City, Los Angeles, and Miami in the sense that it is so large. There are many important business leaders in the city of Chicago because the businesses there are large and very popular.

Mr. Kenneth Griffin is undoubtedly one of the most successful and prominent business people that works in Chicago. Mr. Griffin founded Citadel, one of the largest hedge funds in the world. Mr. Ken Griffin actually went to college at one of the best in the world in Harvard University. Mr. Griffin has had an astounding career, which started off with him managing a hedge fund financed by family and friends that was worth a quarter of a million dollars at the time.

Majeed Ekbal is quite the businessman in the city of Chicago hiself. He founded Expresso, and is currently serving as president of the company. Expresso takes grocery lists from clients who need to get groceries. The client pays for the groceries himself, and pays up to a ten dollar fee to get the groceries delivered in the trunk of their vehicle. The great thing about this business is that no matter how many stores a person has to go to, it only cost $10 at the very most.

Mr. Majeed Ekbal’s commpany allows its clients to pick from more than 12,000 grocery items. This is one of the dynamics of Expresso that Mr. Ekbal has implemented to bring success to his business.

Mellody Hobson is based in Chicago and she is currently the president of Ariel Investments, one of the largest investing firms that is located in the city of Chicago. She has been listed as one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the entire world. Many people in the United States of America have heard some of the things that Mrs. Mellody Hobson has said. She is planned to be the speaker at the 2016 Women in the Forefront Luncheon, which takes place in Chicago next year in April.

Beneful Ad Campaign: Purina Employees Feed Their Dogs Beneful, Too

Employees of the Purina Company do not just work for this dog food company. They are proud supporters who want the public to know that they feed their dogs the Beneful brand of dog food that they make. Purina has launched a national campaign with the employees at the Atlanta factory as their spokesmen and women. As originally reported on the PR Newswire, employees are shown in an “I Stand Behind Beneful” commercial with their loved pets. They speak of the quality and safety of Beneful dog food that is one of the company’s best brands in spite of a class action lawsuit. These pet owners share the confidence and pride they have in this product. It is the personal goal of every employee to ensure the top quality of this brand for their customer’s pets as well as their own. This campaign reaches television, print and digital advertising. Customers know Beneful is high quality, safe and nutritious; and that fact is reinforced thanks to actual Purina employees stating this is the dog food they choose to feed their pets, too. A class action suit was filed in February of this year. The contents consisted of untrue and unfounded accusations about this brand even though there have never been any recalls. Over 9.5 million homes feed their canines Beneful, and approximately 15 million dogs enjoyed this product last year. Beneful brand is made by the Nestle Purina PetCare Company. Both dry and wet formulas are available with a perfect balance of nutrition and taste. Beneful was first introduced to the public in 2001 and is one of their most successful brands. The company encourages responsible pet ownership, community involvement and a favorable bond between pets and their owners. Visit for more information on this inspiring campaign.

Help Denver’s Best Lacrosse Player Achieve Fundraising Success

If you are like most people, you have come across many charity websites that raise funds for good causes. CrowdRise is the talk of the town. It is one of the world’s largest fundraiser websites raising funds for many causes like animal shelter, disabled people, hospital bills, funeral, education, hunger, diseases, homeless shelter and much else. This website has been named the best online fundraising website by Forbes and Mashable as well, thanks to Jon Urbana – a staunch advocate against animal cruelty. It is also one of the top 25 best global philanthropists, according to Barron’s. CrowdRise has played pretty good role in encouraging people to donate money and be a part of fundraising community programs.

CrowdRise has been dedicated to innovation in online fundraising since its inception. This way people have been raising money for their own causes as well as others’, getting those needed funds right away and putting it to good use. There are no goals when setting the amount of fund to be raised and no campaign deadline to meet. The website is easy to use – just sign up with real information, write a title and description of your cause and let people donate.

The man behind this company, Jon urbana, who is an entrepreneur behind Next Level Lacrosse Camp and a former lacrosse player, has graciously put his name behind the fundraising campaign for causes including an ARAS CrowdRise.

He is a well-known celebrity in the greater Denver area, with a big Facebook following and quite a few self-produced videos that he shares with the world on Vimeo. He states on his personal blog that he first gained popularity during his high-school lacrosse games. And if you ever need to fly somewhere, Urbana’s your guy. His FAA database induction inks him as one of the top pilots in the Rocky Mountain region.

His recognition had him playing the game for Villanova Wildcats earning him many awards and accolades listed on his website for his performance. His abilities also landed him opportunities in Jr. Olympics ski sports.

He quit his job mainly because he simply couldn’t stand another day seeing the cruelty meted out against animals. Since then, he’s taken a position with Ellipse USA as Head of Business Development and writes music in his spare time. Jon Urbana decided to go with CrowdRise due to its popularity and ease of use.

Most people would love to live a carefree lifestyle filled with luxury, but what you might not know is that not contributing to society and making a positive impact is equivalent to wasting one’s life, says Urbana.