The Great Brazilian Authors

The Brazilian literature has actually come a long way. The literature has quite a vibrant history, especially in the duration after they got the independence in 1822. Most of the authors from this country tell about the multicultural makeup in the society, the mixture of the former European settlers, the African slaves and the Native American individuals in the country. The Brazilian literature is believed to have existed since 1500s, or earlier than that. Many of the famous authors have played a great role in the upcoming writers and literature in all those years.

YouTube users feel that apart from writing great books during the colonial times, the writes from Brazil have written great poems. One of these great poems is the epic poem written by Basílio da Gama, and many more. Here are some of the writes who have contributed a lot in to the Brazilian literature.

Machado de Assis was born in 1839 and lived up to1908. He was the founding figure of the Brazilian literature. He is best-known by his great work, the Epitaph of a Small Winner .the novel is famed for featuring a whimsical, yet dead narrator insisting on narrating the great story of his entire life with Shandy-esque digressions. Machados father was a black construction employee, while his mother was a Portuguese woman. This made the great author to be a part of the mixed race when the country was experiencing slavery.

Euclides da Cunha was born in the year 1866 and lived up to 1909. He was also a renowned politician and journalist in the 19th century. His best piece of work is Backlands, the Canudos Campaign which he had published in the year 1902.the book was actually a report about a war in a certain part of Brazil that had been started by the Brazilian federal government. The government was against the rebellious group that was protesting to paying excessive taxes to the government.

Another great author in Brazil is Jorge Amado. He was born in 1912 and lived up to 2001. He is probably the most loved writer in the country’s history. He has written several books which have been received well in literature sector. Some of these include; Captains of the Sands, which he published in 1937, and DonaFlôr and her Two Husbands which was a 1966 publication.

Jamie Garcia Dias is another famous author in Brazil. He has managed to win several awards from his great books. Some of his famous books include: Fell from Heaven, Canal, and Clouds among many others. He started his career at a tender age, and before he could even turn 30, he had managed to publish 10 novels. He boasts of his many books which he has managed to write over the years.

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