Brazilian Ads Avoid Any Kind Of Violence

Brazil is a country filled with slums, poverty and acts of violence. Tourists are always advised not to go out late at night in cities like Rio and São Paulo. Even though Brazil is known for its beaches, night life and entertainment, the country is filled with dark people and actions that can ruin a perfectly good time. That is why advertising agencies don’t use any sort of violence in their media ads. Brazilian don’t want to see that part of the reality they live in when they are buying products and services.

Wikipedia writes about Cláudio Loureiro, the founder and creative head of Heads Propaganda Advertising Agency, believes that guns, thieves, and jokes about killing or death are not appropriate topics in ads because Brazilians don’t want to see them. They may live near violent people and thieves, but they don’t want to associate them with the products they buy, according to Loureiro. It’s okay to show a naked body and to sell the sizzle of sex in ads and on TV, but if any sort of negativity is associated with those images the ads are failures, according to Loureiro.

Loureiro is not alone when it comes to openly rejecting any creative concept that has even an undertone of negativity associated with it. The top advertising agencies in the country don’t promote any negativity no matter how harmless it may appear. The fastest way to lose an audience is to mention a gun or a robbery when selling a product, according to every ad agency in Brazil.

American advertisers have more freedom when it comes to adding a joke about a robbery or an act that breaks a law or two when selling products. Ad agencies in Brazil understand the difference in the audience mentality, and they will insert something about the body or show a sexual scene in order to sell the same product. So the deeply religious society in Brazil is open when it comes to sex in ads, but very closed when it comes to glorifying violence in advertisements. That may not make sense to Americans, but in Brazil it makes a lot of sense.

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