How to Get Perfect Lips

I have spent countless hours trying to get my lipstick to look bold and perfect like the models in the magazines or the actresses on TV. What I have learned is that matte lipstick is really hard to apply. It doesn’t blend well, the color gets everywhere, and if I do manage to get it too look nice my lips end up feeling dry and kind of gross. Because of this I tend to use lip gloss on a daily basis. Lip gloss is so easy to apply and it makes my lips feel soft and look shiny. The problem is lip gloss doesn’t give me that bold movie star look and I have to re-apply it constantly because it comes off everywhere. This means that I am constantly re-applying lip gloss and my lips consistently look boring.

All of that has officially changed. I just found the most amazing product ever! It is liquid-to-matte lipstick. So basically, the lipstick goes on slick and easy just like my favorite lip gloss. I am able to get it exactly where I want it and then blend it to the perfect look. Once I have the look exactly how I want it, the lipstick magically dries and gives me bold, long-lasting color that stays put. This lipstick also keeps my lips feeling soft and moisturized and doesn’t have any of the flaking problems that I sometimes get with regular matte lipstick. So whether I am trying to create that Taylor Swift red lip classic thing or I want my inner punk rocker to shine thru my bright blue lips, I am able to pull off any look flawlessly with liquid-to-matte lipstick. Which is amazing, because I am not even anywhere close to being a make-up professional.

I bet you are thinking something this amazing is probably going to cost you a fortune, right? Well I also found a Los Angeles based cosmetic company named Lime Crime on dollskill, that has an extremely affordable line of liquid-to-matte lipsticks that are fabulous. It is called the Velvetines line and they offer around 14 different shades of liquid to matte lipsticks that will leave your lips looking bright and feeling velvety. The colors have fun names like Rave, which is an electric lavender, and Wicked, a really deep red. This lipstick is so simple to use and when it dries it’s completely touch-proof and transfer-proof. Your lips will look great, but you won’t spend half of your day re-applying your lipstick. Another reason I love Lime Crime products is that they are all cruelty-free and vegan free. So you can get amazing lips without any of the guilt. Now that I have discovered Velvetines lipstick, I will never struggle getting the perfect lip look again.

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