New Partnership And Streamlining For Qnet

The main subsidiary of the QI group is Qnet, an international e-commerce website, was first known as GoldQuest. Qnet is an Asian direct-selling multi-level marketing (DS/MLM) industry that offers products promoting a healthy lifestyle that range from skin care, lotions, Swiss made watches and even jewelry such as the chi pendant and the bio disc. In the last years, Qnet has expanded its business from the Southeast Asia to over a hundred countries in the North Africa and the Middle East, Central Asia and most recently Europe and Russia. While the company is based in Hong Kong, and has manufacturing bases in over a dozen countries, Qnet plans to consolidate these bases in India over the next several years. The company predicts an eight to twelve percent cost benefit from this move. Here, QNet’s home page discusses their business further.

Qnet is currently working on overcoming the challenges of international commerce and regulations, working with others to create policies that make international business less of a hassle, the goal of having clear regulations in place and promoting a growing environment for multi-level marketing industries. The international director of Corporate affairs is quoted saying “We are confident that the government will consider all relevant legislation from other countries in reaching a fair and just conclusion and legislation here, so ensure equity and business interests are best served.”

The newest partner of Qnet is Manchester City Football Club (MCFC), based in Manchester, England. JR Mayer, managing Director of QNET says this of the partnership “This venture provides another strategic platform for QNET to further elevate its brand and achieve greater reach to its Independent Representatives (IRs) and consumers worldwide.” Both companies are excited for this connection since both started small with just a group of friends. MCFC began as just a small club giving back to the community through football, and Qnet gives back to the community through their program RYTHM which is “Raise Yourself To Help Mankind.”

Qnet continues to grow steadily, and as manufacturing is streamlined into a main hub, they predict a bounce back from the tie ups of international commerce. Check out QNet’s page on Facebook.

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