Shaygan Kheradpir Improves IT Assets

Shaygan Kheradpir is a Man of Technology
Shaygan Kheradpir on is indeed well versed in all business and technology areas. He is only 54 years old and has impressed many. He has the following degrees:
*doctorate in electrical engineering
This is a credible business and technology savvy man. He has an intriguing record and history. Technology is his specialty area. Mr. Kheradpir had graduated from Cornell University. His impressive career began at GTE Corporation. This company had merged with Bell Verizon in the year 2000. He had served as the CIO/CTO. He gained much experience by serving for 11 years. He was a leader of 7,000 team members who had supported IT systems and also developed numerous new products. These would include:
*Verizon One
He was managed to lower the spending for technology by approximately 30 percent. He was able to do this through negotiations with vendors. He outsourced to India. He also improved the utilization of IT assets.

Telecommuting and the Future
The future of work definitely includes telecommuting. There is a higher percentage of employees who work from their own home offices. These are also virtual employees, contractors, and long-term freelancers. This percentage of telecommuting may be approximately 30 to 34 percent. Collaborating is a core element in the area of telecommuting and the overall future. This is one trend that is already established.

The Actual Meaning of Telecommuting
Telecommuting technology allows many individuals to work from a location that is not a typical office setting. Telecommuting could be performed from the following locations. These would even include:
*a coffee shop
*a room in a hotel
*a home office
This is a list that can be much longer. Telecommuting allows for many locations that anyone may choose. The equipment that may be used would include the following items:
*instant messaging
*the internet
*fax machines
The overall technological advances have enabled numerous types of work arrangements. Working from a desired location has become a popular choice that has come about due to the remarkable telecommuting technology.

Technology Makes it Happen
Internet-based technology does make telecommuting happen. Without this technology, the overall telecommuting would not occur. Home-based employees are on the rises thanks to the explosion of the internet. The past telecommuters had to rely on the common landmine telephones to communicate with their office. This was also previously done through delivery services and the fax machine. The overall technology has continued to rise and become much more sophisticated and savvy. The home-based worker was previously well underway even before the internet had made so many advances.

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