Jaime Garcia Dias – A Literary Work

Among his many accomplishments, Jaime Garcia Dias is the recipient of the ABC Award of the Brazil Fictional Literature Award. Dias, 45, born in the city of Rio de Janeiro has a collection of awards in the literary world.

Jaime’s story in literature began early, when he was only 15 years old. The son of writer Arnaldo Dias and architect Garcia Dulce Dias, his father was the primary mentor of James along with numerous books that served as a study guide for writing. Jaime Garcia Dias had as his first book and inspiration, the Backlands of Graciliano Ramos. After this first reading, a passion for literature had been seeded, and at 18, James entered the University of Rio de Janeiro to study Letters.

In 1993, Jaime entered the Carioca Literature Academy as a teacher where he taught for five years. Classes were taught to teenagers who had the intention of studying literature through to graduation.
In 1997, after proposing new methods of study and creating new classes at the gyms, Jaime also began dedicating classes organized and managed based on Brazilian literature. Still very young at 30 years of age, Jaime Garcia Dias had already authored more than ten books, and in 2001 he won his first award in the literary world for White Crane. The White Crane award was an influential prize for new authors in Brazilian literature.

With this award, Jaime and his major work in progress, his new novel Fell from Heaven, sold throughout South America and was honored by the renowned Argentine writer Joshua Gomez on the Latinos Encounter Books in 2003.

After his ten year dedication to the vice presidency of the Carioca Literature Academy, Jaime Garcia Dias was honored in 2007 and elected the new president of the Carioca Literature Academy. In less than three years in office, the Carioca Literature Academy became the first home dedicated to journalistic literature and is considered the largest perimeter dedicated to Brazilian writers.

With a total of twenty published books including five awards: Fell from Heaven, Two Ways, Canal, Clouds and Tiny, Jaime became one of the leading writers of Brazilian fiction literature.

In 2013, honoring his father with the publication of a chronic Wise, Jaime was invited to write for the weekly journal literature notebook. A tribute to his father chronicles a childhood story of Jaime’s youthful side.

President of Status Labs Darius Fisher to Speak at Impacat15 Conference

Founder and president of Status Labs, Darius Fisher is set to speak at Impact15. The online reputation management expert will speak about the importance of online brand management in his presentation “Why the First Page of Google Search is the New First Impression,” at the three-day conference in Las Vegas Nevada, that runs from Sept. 23-25. The annual marketing conference is designed to bring together online marketing experts so that they can share their expertise.

As part of his speech Fisher will share some of his expertise and knowledge about the tools anyone from a Fortune 500 brand to the average person on internet can use to manage their online reputation. He will also share secrets about fixing crisis situations, and provide examples of case studies of crisis situations he and his company have managed. These case studies are picked to show people how they can manage their own online reputation in the event of a crisis.

Other featured speakers at this annual conference include Victor Cho, CEO of EVITE, and Joe Demike, Head of the Customer Experience Lab at Google. They will also share tools and techniques to Help businesses grow and increase market share.

As president and co-founder of Status Labs, Darius Fisher is proud to be featured at the same conference as these other featured speakers. Before becoming president and co-founder of Status Labs, Fisher worked as a political consultant and a copywriter while gaining the skills he needed to make Status Labs a success.

The conference is all about strategic online marketing, and Fisher and his company Status Labs are on the forefront. Fisher understands that for a company, search results directly impacts their bottom line. He also knows that even though you can’t control Google search results, you camps have a big impact by managing what you put out there, both as an individual, and a company. He sees the conference as a unique opportunity where he can share some of his experience and expertise, And where companies can work together to create brands that will push the next level.

Staus Labs is a premier online reputation management, digital marketing, and public relations firm. They have helped clients all over the globe, including Clients in Austin, New York, and São Paulo.

Fisher To Speak On Online Reputation Management At Impact15

The annual online marketing conference Impact15 starts later this week in Las Vegas, Nevada. The conference allows industry leaders to network and share best practices and techniques in the field. Participants will also get an up close look at the latest online marketing technology.

Among the speakers at the conference will be Darius Fisher, the president of Status Labs. Fisher’s presentation is entitled “Why the First Page of Google Search is the New First Impression.” Fisher will discuss the importance of taking a proactive approach to managing one’s online presence.

Status Labs is a leading online reputation management firm that works with individuals and businesses to protect their digital profile. Status Labs helps suppress negative reviews and other harmful online content by creating positive content that occupies the first page of a Google Search or other online searches.

Negative content on the internet can cause more than just embarrassment. Fisher notes that “As an executive or a business owner, what shows up in your search results affects your bottom line.” A negative entry that reaches the first page of a search result can take customers away from the website that a company has worked so hard to create. Fisher and his colleagues at status labs are the cyber equivalents of the public relations “fixer” that prevents negative information about their clients from spreading.

Like other aspects of digital marketing, online reputation management is constantly evolving. Search engines regularly update their algorithms to produce the most relevant results. In addition, there has been a proliferation of online review and social media websites that allow people to write negative content about their subjects that often ranks high in search engines. The changing digital landscape requires online reputation management firms and their clients to adjust their strategies in order to maintain a positive online presence.

Fisher’s presentation will discuss the most effective ways for both individuals and corporations to protect their online reputation. The presentation will include case studies that examine how clients use online reputation management services at all stages of a public relations crisis.

Fisher, a graduate of Vanderbilt University, worked as a political consultant and copywriter before co-founding Status Labs. With offices in Austin, New York, and Sao Paolo. the company serves politicians, athletes, and Fortune 500 companies. The company has over 1,500 clients in 35 countries.

Haidar Barbouti Proves That Hard Work Is Worth It

Starting up one’s own restaurant is a big deal, and it is something that very few people are able to do. Haidar Barbouti is a real estate developer who has been able to tackle the challenge of starting up his own restaurant, and who has been able to succeed in doing that.

Haidar Barbouti wanted everything to be perfect for the Highland Village, a shopping center located in Houston, Texas, and so when there were not the perfect options available to him of restaurants that could come into the shopping center, he decided to create a restaurant himself. He had no experience doing something like that, but it was a challenge that he was willing to take on. Haidar Barbouti wanted to create a restaurant that would have a great atmosphere, and that would serve only the best of food, and he took his vision for it and made it happen.
Most people feel lucky if they are able to have success in one area in the career, but Haidar Barbouti has had success in multiple areas. He is a great real estate developer who has also taken on the challenge of forming a restaurant – and who has succeeded in doing that.

The more ambitious a person is in their career, the more likely that they will be to see success. Haidar Barbouti has proven himself to be very ambitious, not only in his work as a real estate developer, but also in his work creating his restaurant. He has done great things in his career and in his life, and he is someone who has proved to everyone that taking on a challenge can be worth it if one is prepared for all of the work that it will take, and if they feel passionately about what they are wanting to do.

Caring For Your Dog And The Benefits Of Beneful

If you love your dog, then keeping your buddy well cared for will be one of your top priorities. Our dogs do so much for us that we don’t even realize. They offer us healthier hearts, fantastic for mental health especially anxiety and our dogs give us loyalty and love. It is the least we can do to return the favor, and keep them well taken care of and happy so we have them in our lives and loving us for as long as possible.

Visiting a good vet regularly is the best thing that you do for your dog. Your dog’s vet will help you ensure that you’re doing everything that you need to be doing along with medical expertise that only their training will permit. They offer a variety of necessary services such as tagging your canine, keeping your dog vaccinated with records and proper nutrition by giving Beneful and weight management guidance.

Your dog has to get his or her shots as scheduled to make sure that your pet stays in optimal health on walmart.com. Vaccines cover a wide variety of protection against nasty and life threatening diseases and illnesses that your dog can contract like distemper, canine hepatitis and rabies because we don’t want our canine pals turning into Cujo from the Stephen King novel. How often your dog needs to get shots depends on a few things though. Their lifestyle, age, risks for vaccines and for your dog and their overall health will be something to consult your vet about.

Microchipping or tagging your dog is crucial. If your dog gets lost, then it has less than a 15% chance that it will ever make its way back home. That’s scary for any owner that loves their dogs. A lot of people see their dogs as their kids. Imagine a human child getting lost with those statistic. It’s an uneasy feeling just imagining it. Fortunately, your vet can chip your dog. That means that if he or she gets lost then they’ll be found much easier no matter how far off the beaten path they wander. The chip doesn’t need a battery, and it is inserted right underneath the skin. It’s quite painless and small since it is only the size of a grain of rice. Once your dog is found, any animal control officer, vet or shelter can scan your dog within seconds, and you’d be notified immediately.

When your vet brings up food and weight management, then they’ll likely be happy to hear that you’re already feeding your buddy with Purina’s Beneful brand dog food. That will make their advice short and the appointment shorter. Beneful offers great guidelines for feeding your dog for their breed and size, has a great balanced nutritional spectrum and several different product lines for your dog’s age and breed. It’s a fantastic all in one food source that’s affordable. Most agree with this summary of the product too, and Purina has been at the forefront of pet nutrition for decades now, and Beneful is one of their finest products.

The Great Brazilian Authors

The Brazilian literature has actually come a long way. The literature has quite a vibrant history, especially in the duration after they got the independence in 1822. Most of the authors from this country tell about the multicultural makeup in the society, the mixture of the former European settlers, the African slaves and the Native American individuals in the country. The Brazilian literature is believed to have existed since 1500s, or earlier than that. Many of the famous authors have played a great role in the upcoming writers and literature in all those years.

YouTube users feel that apart from writing great books during the colonial times, the writes from Brazil have written great poems. One of these great poems is the epic poem written by Basílio da Gama, and many more. Here are some of the writes who have contributed a lot in to the Brazilian literature.

Machado de Assis was born in 1839 and lived up to1908. He was the founding figure of the Brazilian literature. He is best-known by his great work, the Epitaph of a Small Winner .the novel is famed for featuring a whimsical, yet dead narrator insisting on narrating the great story of his entire life with Shandy-esque digressions. Machados father was a black construction employee, while his mother was a Portuguese woman. This made the great author to be a part of the mixed race when the country was experiencing slavery.

Euclides da Cunha was born in the year 1866 and lived up to 1909. He was also a renowned politician and journalist in the 19th century. His best piece of work is Backlands, the Canudos Campaign which he had published in the year 1902.the book was actually a report about a war in a certain part of Brazil that had been started by the Brazilian federal government. The government was against the rebellious group that was protesting to paying excessive taxes to the government.

Another great author in Brazil is Jorge Amado. He was born in 1912 and lived up to 2001. He is probably the most loved writer in the country’s history. He has written several books which have been received well in literature sector. Some of these include; Captains of the Sands, which he published in 1937, and DonaFlôr and her Two Husbands which was a 1966 publication.

Jamie Garcia Dias is another famous author in Brazil. He has managed to win several awards from his great books. Some of his famous books include: Fell from Heaven, Canal, and Clouds among many others. He started his career at a tender age, and before he could even turn 30, he had managed to publish 10 novels. He boasts of his many books which he has managed to write over the years.

Christian Broda: New York Based Economist

Christian Broda is the current managing director at Capital Management Duquesne which is in New York. His career started with his focus aimed at economics and planning in finance after his graduation from Universidad de San Andres. After attaining his Bachelors degree, he proceeded to the Institute of Technology in Massachusetts where he pursued both his Master’s and Doctorate in Philosophy.

His career began by working with the Federal Bank in New York. He stayed here for quite some time before he decided to move back to academia where he took a tenure position in the University of Chico’s Booth and School of Business. He maneuvered in the routes of business and academia which finally landed him at hedge fund as a manager. This is what made him get his current job post. At this time he was still editing for various academia publications and journals.

The research and publications that have always aimed at international trade, macroeconomics and finance have made him to become very famous. With his numerous research Broda has been on nber.org at the forefront in coming up with theories that are related to economics. Back in the year 2009, together with Harris, they came up with a publication that had speculated that there would be inflation for a long time in the United states because of the market forces that were there. Other speculations were quite bear on the dollar because the market housing had collapsed the previous year 2008.

Because he is using his knowledge on the subject, his publications have been seen in quite a good number of well known publications. Some of them include American Economic Review, The economic Quarterly journal and the International economic journal. Christian Broda has won quite a number of awards that include two national science foundation which was because of his work in the impact of better and new in international and domestic prices. Another one was in trade, geography and prices together with D.E. Weinstein.

These publications have at a higher level allowed him to show case his findings and researches that are advanced in various universities as well as banks from all over the world. Good examples of these banks are federal reserve, European Central Bank, Japanese Bank and also the International Monetary Fund.
Broda is a research person in the national bureau and economic research where he is an active member. In addition to this he is also an editor of development economics journal.

Brazilian Ads Avoid Any Kind Of Violence

Brazil is a country filled with slums, poverty and acts of violence. Tourists are always advised not to go out late at night in cities like Rio and São Paulo. Even though Brazil is known for its beaches, night life and entertainment, the country is filled with dark people and actions that can ruin a perfectly good time. That is why advertising agencies don’t use any sort of violence in their media ads. Brazilian don’t want to see that part of the reality they live in when they are buying products and services.

Wikipedia writes about Cláudio Loureiro, the founder and creative head of Heads Propaganda Advertising Agency, believes that guns, thieves, and jokes about killing or death are not appropriate topics in ads because Brazilians don’t want to see them. They may live near violent people and thieves, but they don’t want to associate them with the products they buy, according to Loureiro. It’s okay to show a naked body and to sell the sizzle of sex in ads and on TV, but if any sort of negativity is associated with those images the ads are failures, according to Loureiro.

Loureiro is not alone when it comes to openly rejecting any creative concept that has even an undertone of negativity associated with it. The top advertising agencies in the country don’t promote any negativity no matter how harmless it may appear. The fastest way to lose an audience is to mention a gun or a robbery when selling a product, according to every ad agency in Brazil.

American advertisers have more freedom when it comes to adding a joke about a robbery or an act that breaks a law or two when selling products. Ad agencies in Brazil understand the difference in the audience mentality, and they will insert something about the body or show a sexual scene in order to sell the same product. So the deeply religious society in Brazil is open when it comes to sex in ads, but very closed when it comes to glorifying violence in advertisements. That may not make sense to Americans, but in Brazil it makes a lot of sense.

How to Get Perfect Lips

I have spent countless hours trying to get my lipstick to look bold and perfect like the models in the magazines or the actresses on TV. What I have learned is that matte lipstick is really hard to apply. It doesn’t blend well, the color gets everywhere, and if I do manage to get it too look nice my lips end up feeling dry and kind of gross. Because of this I tend to use lip gloss on a daily basis. Lip gloss is so easy to apply and it makes my lips feel soft and look shiny. The problem is lip gloss doesn’t give me that bold movie star look and I have to re-apply it constantly because it comes off everywhere. This means that I am constantly re-applying lip gloss and my lips consistently look boring.

All of that has officially changed. I just found the most amazing product ever! It is liquid-to-matte lipstick. So basically, the lipstick goes on slick and easy just like my favorite lip gloss. I am able to get it exactly where I want it and then blend it to the perfect look. Once I have the look exactly how I want it, the lipstick magically dries and gives me bold, long-lasting color that stays put. This lipstick also keeps my lips feeling soft and moisturized and doesn’t have any of the flaking problems that I sometimes get with regular matte lipstick. So whether I am trying to create that Taylor Swift red lip classic thing or I want my inner punk rocker to shine thru my bright blue lips, I am able to pull off any look flawlessly with liquid-to-matte lipstick. Which is amazing, because I am not even anywhere close to being a make-up professional.

I bet you are thinking something this amazing is probably going to cost you a fortune, right? Well I also found a Los Angeles based cosmetic company named Lime Crime on dollskill, that has an extremely affordable line of liquid-to-matte lipsticks that are fabulous. It is called the Velvetines line and they offer around 14 different shades of liquid to matte lipsticks that will leave your lips looking bright and feeling velvety. The colors have fun names like Rave, which is an electric lavender, and Wicked, a really deep red. This lipstick is so simple to use and when it dries it’s completely touch-proof and transfer-proof. Your lips will look great, but you won’t spend half of your day re-applying your lipstick. Another reason I love Lime Crime products is that they are all cruelty-free and vegan free. So you can get amazing lips without any of the guilt. Now that I have discovered Velvetines lipstick, I will never struggle getting the perfect lip look again.

Magic Mike is Back in XXL!

Magic Mike, that gorgeously oiled up, sleek and toned stripper played by the always gorgeous Channing Tatum, is back in the stripped down sequel, “Magic Mike XXL,” and the cheers of erotically overcharged women can be heard all the way from the back of the movie house.

Yes, women are cheering and well they should, as “Magic Mike XXL” delivers on its promise of delivering sexy guys in sexy stripteases, with ample doses of high good cheer thrown in. The plot, basically a skeleton for Tatum and his crew of stripper buddies (including the always fabulous Joe Manganiello) to hang some major strip numbers on, revolves around Tatum’s return for one last try at stripping after spending a few years in the furniture refurnishing business. It seems that Mike (Tatum) still yearns for the good times on stage, and now seems as good a time as any to reunite with his pals and achieve even greater stripper glory.

This version of the Magic Mike story is directed by Gregory Jacobs, but is also co-produced by Steven Soderbergh, who directed the first film. Still, there is plenty of entertainment value to be had in this version, which takes off at times in fits of sure dancing, stripping pleasure. The film hearkens back to the old time musicals, which were seemingly put together with minimal plotlines as an excuse to feature stars in highly entertaining production numbers. Of course, “Magic Mike XXL” delivers on its numbers with a much higher dose of wacky eroticism than we ever would have seen in musicals of yore.

Beyond the masculine attractions of “Magic Mike XXL” there are also many fine actresses on hand to keep things moving. Andie MacDowell (who first worked with Soderbergh in “Sex, Lies and Videotape” at the start of her career) is on hand as a sex-starved wife who’s ready to be entertained mightily by one of the guys, and Jada Pinkett Smith has great presence as the head of a strip nightclub.

Former Disney and “Guiding Light” soap star, the always lovely Crystal Hunt, has a featured role in the film as one of the many eccentric characters the guys meet on their stripper guy road trip. Hunt has blossomed greatly and has great presence as well in her role here, which is her first feature film in a long while, after spending many years working in television.

For those who love high comic hi jinks with a dose of musical eroticism, or for those ladies who just love looking at gorgeous guys going full on in strip numbers, there’s no question that “Magic Mike XXL” is the movie to see, enjoy, and scream through.