Doe Deere Creator Of Lime Crime Make-Up

Doe Deere is an entrepreneur and entertainer. She is best known as the creator of the Lime Crime cosmetics line. Doe Deere was born in Russia and moved to the United States as a child. Raised in New York City, life was not always easy for Doe Deere. At one point her family was forced to live in a homeless shelter. But they persevered and through the kindness of others, her family was able to get back on their feet. That experience had a profound impact on Deere. It taught her the power of persistence. It is that hard work and persistence that eventually led to her success with Lime Crime.

Growing up, Doe Deere had an eye for fashion and a talent for modeling. She enrolled at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology to learn the basics of fashion design and hone her skills. She also began to do some modeling. But even while attending FIT, Doe Deere was developing and interest in music. A very open-minded individual, Doe Deere has friends of all ages, races, and sexual orientations. This along with being an extremely driven person has served her well in her journey to success.

In 1999 she met Mark, the love of her life, and her life began to change for the better. With Mark’s encouragement and support Doe Deere decided that in addition to fashion, she would also try her hand at music. In 2002 they started a band called Sky Salt. It played what Deere calls Fairytale Rock. While shopping online she was inspired to start her own clothing website. She called it Thunderwear. Then in 2004 she launched an eBay store. She called it Lime Crime because she loves lime green.

While performing with her band, she realized she needed make-up that would make her stand out. Deere began experimenting with make-up and even did online make-up tutorials that taught people how to transform themselves into fantastical characters. While her music and clothing designs didn’t really catch fire, people loved her make-up tutorials. So she began to put more time and energy into it. When she couldn’t get the super bright colors she wanted, Deere decided to make them herself.

In October 2008 Doe Deere launched and created an internet sensation. Lime Crime’s motto is “So bright it’s illegal”. That’s an apt description because the colors in the Lime Crime cosmetics line definitely stand out. But that’s part of the reason they’ve become so popular. Plus Doe Deere does not use animal derived ingredients in her make-up line nor test the products on animals. Today Lime Crime’s neon bright make-up is worn by people of all ages, races, and sexual orientations worldwide.

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