Russian Philanthropist Funds Education Goals

Alexei Beltyukov and his wife have worked hard to find their success, and through no easy path. Alexei Beltyukov completed his medical degree prior to changing course and seeking out his true calling as an entrepreneur by completing his Master of Business Administration in 1997 through INSEAD business school.

After graduating from INSEAD with his Master of Business Administration, Alexei Beltyukov founded New Gas Technologies in 2006, A-Ventures in 2006, and Endemic Capital in 2013, and currently serves as adviser to the president of Skolkovo Foundation.

INSEAD business school is an international system with campuses in Europe, Asia, Abu Dhabi and North America, and they specialize in global business and cultural diversity. Founded in 1957 the global institution emphasizes a multi-campus model to absorb research, culture, and ideas from across the world in an attempt to transform individuals and organizations.

As a philanthropist, Alexei Beltyukov and his wife have donated money to the Russian Alumni Scholarship, providing funding upwards of $150,000, which was likely influenced by his own receipt of the Lister Vickery Scholarship that allowed him to support his family while putting himself through school leading up to his completion of his Master of Business Administration.

Currently, Alexei Beltyukov can be found with diverse business approaches, more recently as the Chief Operating Officer of Solvy, an educational oriented organization that is attempting to use an online system to focus on mathematics through easy access.

Philanthropy was only the beginning for Alexei and his wife. By using their strong entrepreneurial background and striving to give back to the communities, one of their most recent contributions and goals aimed to give back to the community by providing a system that would assist students with one of the greatest challenges in modern education.

Solvy is an online system that focuses on making mathematics education more accessible, the software allows users to practice solving equations, word problems, tables and graphs online with the option to receive feedback immediately.

What Solvy is tackling is a weakness in the American education system, a systemic under-performing in mathematics. By providing a customized approach that caters to the needs of each individual the assignments can be modified and monitored to identify weaknesses or challenges that the child may need to succeed. Additionally, the extensive tools available to teachers allows for customized assignments and quizzes to cater to the individual needs of students.

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