Qnet Has A Heart For Small Business Owners

Qnet is a company has been helping people who have a dream for running their own business, but who did not have the resources to do that on their own, for awhile, now. They have been going at it and allowing people to fulfill their dreams through their website. They want to allow the average man to be able to sell his products to the world. They provide their services to people in over one hundred countries. They care about the people all over, and they want their dreams to be able to come through through their service.

Anyone who sees what Qnet is doing can know that this is a company that has a heart for the people in which it is serving. The company started out as a place for people to be able to sell their merchandise, when they otherwise would not be able to do that, and many people have benefited from what they have been able to do through it. The company has a way about them as they serve people that just shows everyone how much they care. They make a point of being humble in everything that they do, and that has not only benefited their customers, but it has also made them a better company, as well. Check out QNet’s profile on YouTube.

There are so many great things that this company has done, and they just keep expanding. They have plans to do many more things, and in many more places, and people who have wanted to run their own businesses, but how never believed that they would be able to do that, can be happy that this company offers them that chance. Qnet has a heart for the people that they work with unlike what most other companies have, and it is a great thing to see.

Doe Deere Creator Of Lime Crime Make-Up

Doe Deere is an entrepreneur and entertainer. She is best known as the creator of the Lime Crime cosmetics line. Doe Deere was born in Russia and moved to the United States as a child. Raised in New York City, life was not always easy for Doe Deere. At one point her family was forced to live in a homeless shelter. But they persevered and through the kindness of others, her family was able to get back on their feet. That experience had a profound impact on Deere. It taught her the power of persistence. It is that hard work and persistence that eventually led to her success with Lime Crime.

Growing up, Doe Deere had an eye for fashion and a talent for modeling. She enrolled at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology to learn the basics of fashion design and hone her skills. She also began to do some modeling. But even while attending FIT, Doe Deere was developing and interest in music. A very open-minded individual, Doe Deere has friends of all ages, races, and sexual orientations. This along with being an extremely driven person has served her well in her journey to success.

In 1999 she met Mark, the love of her life, and her life began to change for the better. With Mark’s encouragement and support Doe Deere decided that in addition to fashion, she would also try her hand at music. In 2002 they started a band called Sky Salt. It played what Deere calls Fairytale Rock. While shopping online she was inspired to start her own clothing website. She called it Thunderwear. Then in 2004 she launched an eBay store. She called it Lime Crime because she loves lime green.

While performing with her band, she realized she needed make-up that would make her stand out. Deere began experimenting with make-up and even did online make-up tutorials that taught people how to transform themselves into fantastical characters. While her music and clothing designs didn’t really catch fire, people loved her make-up tutorials. So she began to put more time and energy into it. When she couldn’t get the super bright colors she wanted, Deere decided to make them herself.

In October 2008 Doe Deere launched LimeCrimeMakeup.com and created an internet sensation. Lime Crime’s motto is “So bright it’s illegal”. That’s an apt description because the colors in the Lime Crime cosmetics line definitely stand out. But that’s part of the reason they’ve become so popular. Plus Doe Deere does not use animal derived ingredients in her make-up line nor test the products on animals. Today Lime Crime’s neon bright make-up is worn by people of all ages, races, and sexual orientations worldwide.

A Glimpse at Highland Capital Management’s Rich History

Highland Capital Management has a long history that proves their resilience and determination to manage structured investments, hedge funds, and distressed investment funds in the best way possible. The alternative investment management corporation invests in global fixed income, hedge markets, and public equity with a central focus on structured bonds products, high yield bonds, and leveraged loans.

The history of Highland Capital Management began back in January 1990 when James Dondero and Mark Okada co-founded a joint venture that specialized in fixed income markets with Protective Life Insurance Corporation. In 1991, the joint venture evolved into Protective Asset Management Company.

The co-founders purchased Protective Life’s stake in Protective Asset Management Company, which was 60 percent, as the company began to take off in 1997. They established Ranger Asset Management and changed the name the following year to Highland Capital Management. The corporation has grown over the years under the able leadership of James Dondero and Mark Okada. In 2000, under their leadership, Highland Capital Management launched their first commingled bank loan fund. In 2004, the corporation continued their expansion of product lines by entering the mutual fund business. The firm’s vast experience and efficient leadership, their global footprint has always expanded considerably. In 2008, the firm opened their Singapore office and in 2011 they opened the Seoul office.

James Dondero is also the President of Highland and currently resides in Dallas, Texas. He has more than 30 years of experience in the industry and focuses mainly on distressed and high-yield investing. Since the corporation’s foundation in 1993, Dondero has been a pioneer in the development of credit oriented solutions and the Collateralized Loan Obligation. Award winning products that Dondero has contributed significantly to their development include mutual funds, hedge funds, and separate accounts.

James Dondero’s effective leadership at Highland Capital Management has earned him a reputation as a competent leader. In return, he has been appointed to lead several reputable organizations. He is the Chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, NexBank, and CCS Medical. Besides, Dondero serves on the Boards of American Banknote and MGM Studios and is a very active philanthropist. He helped build out the GIC subsidiary of Protective Life before founding Highland Capital Management.

Highland Capital Management today is autonomous independently owned investment corporation with more than two decades of experience in a wide range of products for institutional and retail investors. The Corporation is a rapidly growing team of more than 180 employees based around the world. Highland is headquartered in Dallas and has an extensive network of offices in Seoul, Singapore, New York, and Sao Paulo. Besides, the corporation has a diversified base of clients that include corporations, high-net-worth individuals, pension plans, governments, and financial institutions.

Accurascope Procedure Making Great Difference in Spinal Surgery

Spinal Surgery is a procedure done by orthopedic specialists to correct injuries and pain associated with the back and neck. The pain is felt when the bones or tissues have been damaged. There are several spinal injury facilities in the United States that offer this kind of treatment. They include North American Spine Center, John Hopkins, and the Laser Spine Institute among others.

The human body is delicate and if not treated with care, injuries are bound to happen. They can be caused by excessive pressure to the body due to bad sitting habits or accidents. The pressure affects the tissues of the spine and patients usually undergo pain when this occurs. This results to them taking sleeping pills and inflammatory medications just to get a few hours of sleep.

The spinal injuries can occur without people noticing. The effects of the injury appears when the situation is about to get worse. This is because the spinal column can be affected by a simple movement like stretching. This can give rise to spinal trauma. Weakening of the body bones also causes that especially the elderly. This trend seems to continue as people get older, but the number of middle age people seeking this treatment has also been increasing
Many spinal treatment facilities have come up over the years due to the increased demand. Currently in the United States alone, there are over 20,000 patients treated every year. With changing lifestyles the number is likely to increase. They form the large segment of people seeking for spinal injury treatment.

This has led clinics to improvise new methods of treating these conditions. There has been much improvement to the traditional spinal fusion surgery. The clinics in the in United States currently use methods that are more effective and help the patients heal faster. One such spinal treatment facility is North American Spine. Twitter points out that this is a facility that operates from Dallas and uses the Accurascope procedure exclusively. The procedure is the most recommended by doctors for solving tissue related problems.

The improvement the clinic has made has enabled the treatment of patients quicker. Patients can now be treated in less than 40 minutes. The recovery time has also been shortened enabling people to get back at their normal activities quicker. The AccuraScope procedure offers treatment with no major surgery involved and it takes less than an hour to complete it. The doctors of North American Spine conduct this procedure using a tiny laser that works on the tissues that it touches only. It is best suitable for treatment of nerve related treatments. Apart from Accurascope, the North American Spine Center offers discectomy and cervical decompression surgeries. With the improved spinal surgery methods, patients now have a chance to get better treatment.

Tips on Citadel LLC

Citadel LLC is a private investment firm that manages hedge funds for its customers. The firm invests its funds in securities of successful companies from different sectors across the world. Citadel LLC has invested in the public equity and alternative investments programs that cover different classes of assets. The company has grown from trading to offering lending services to multinational companies in the emerging markets like China. The performance of Citadel LLC rebounded in 2009 after the global financial crisis when it started to allow clients to withdraw their cash again.

The Chief Executive officer of Citadel LLC is called Kenneth Griffin. He has a bachelor’s degree from Harvard University and is very active in supporting educational programs that navigate community developments. Mr. Griffin is a member of many institutions found in Chicago. He has been actively supporting civic and cultural institutions in Chicago. Also, Mr. Griffin is a proud member of several art institutions in this city.

  1. Griffin started a hedge fund during his early days at the university. His family and friends supported didn’t let him down but supported him accordingly. Later he was able to link his residence to enable him access real time data. Mr. Griffin is 45-year old and ranked among the riches persons across the world. Recently, he donated $150 million to Harvard to be used to offer financial aid to students.

Citadel LLC goal is to capture available opportunities and will be launching new stand-alone stock-picking division in Chicago. The unit is located in San Francisco’s Steuart Tower, and will be equipped with ten teams that would be managing around $1 billion for Chicago based company. According to the experts, the company’s position could add an extra $10 billion dollars from this new investment. Citadel LLC and its founder have been rebuilding and growing since 2008.

As a way of its potential in stocks, the company has doubled on its fast-growing sector, the one that has made billions of dollars in profits from trading. Last year, the company’s Global Equities Fund was up by 23.4% and 8.7% up to May 2015. In both cases, the Citadel was able to surpass its growth targets. The company is planning to hire veteran portfolio managers to take the entity to the next level.

Citadel LLC is expected to employ specialists who will manager financials, industrial, consumers, and health care as well as telecommunications stocks. This would be the company’s new operation on the West Coast. The other department of Global Equities will continue function separately because it focuses on homegrown investment talents.

The company has utilized all opportunities to improve its performance and managing its risks. Citadel allows entrepreneurs to with leaders across the industry in order to learn some crucial management techniques. Also, they encourage investors to meet with most successful business founders and economists from across the world. Citadel LLC has been rewarding its hardworking staffs with attractive packages to enhance their lives. In this way, the company is able to retain majority of its staffs for long.

You May Be Able To Get New York City Real Estate With A View Of Central Park

Central Park is humongous park in the center of NYC luxury real estate, and many homes overlook this park. Anyone who’s ever seen pictures of Central Park with an aerial view will be able to see all the high-rise homes that surround the park, and not all of these places have been filled up yet. If you’ve ever thought about getting a home that overlooks Central Park, and the home has a great view, then you’ll need a real estate agent to help you find this type of home.

There are many homes that surround Central Park, and a lot of them have a great view of the park. Some of the homes may even be able to see some of the events that take place in the park. Central Park is a place that has concerts, events, and other shows that go on throughout the year. Anyone who knows how great Central Park is will want a view of it, especially if it’s from a high-rise building. The high-rise building surrounding Central Park are one of the most coveted homes in New York City, but they can be difficult to obtain. Someone who wants a high-rise home in New York City should have a real estate agent that can get them homes with the best views.

There are some homes that can be obtained in New York City, without the help of a real estate agent, but more than likely a realtor will have the best listings that are in New York City, especially if they are around Central Park. A lot of people do things in Central Park, such as running, playing, and even having private events. Central Park even contains its own lake that can be seen from any high-rise building that surrounds the park, and this is only part of the reason why many people love living around Central Park.

If you’re serious about getting a home in New York City, even if you want to have a great view of Central Park, then contact Town Real Estate. Town Real Estate is an agency that has some of the best homes available in New York City, and it’s possible you may get a home with a view of beautiful Central Park. Your home can be in a high-rise or a low-rise, depending on what your tastes are, but you can definitely find some great places with Town Real Estate. All you have to do is make one phone call in order to start the process of looking for your New York City home.

Extemporary Investment Strategies Applied By the Citadel LLC

Citadel LLC is an international financial institution which was founded in 1990. Citadel is famed as one of the largest asset managers and a premier market maker on the globe. Their products features equity options, equities and interest rate exchange for retail and corporate clients. Citadel manages assets for various international corporate investors including in fields like pensions, sovereign wealth funds as well as university endowments. The firm has more over 1400 employees and its headquarters are in Chicago with satellite offices throughout Asia, North America and Europe. The firm has been applying unique strategies in its operations that has enabled it survive in business for more than 2 decades. Its investment strategies concentrate on the major asset classes of the world’s major financial markets. The strategies are based on thoughtful research and are scientifically developed by various teams of experts. The firm understands how to best formulate perspectives to counter toughest challenges and engages in vigorous consultations to get the best solution. It largely applies equities and surveyor capital strategies.
The Citadel’s Global Equities integrates detailed, basic stock selection with an accurate portfolio of constructions as well as risk management frameworks which focus on liquid equity markets. This investment strategy is driven by a detailed, bottom-up organizational analysis. The Equities seek to produce alpha by identifying under-performing stocks in every sector in a beta-neutral structure.
Surveyor Capital
The Surveyor Capital is an international equity featuring long or short multi-manager approach. Surveyor Capital managers apply a basic, bottom-up research strategy, basic due diligence as well as intensive modeling to formulate portfolios. They focus on alpha generation while still remaining beta-neutral. The Surveyor Capital strategy offers committed capital, trading infrastructure as well as risk and investment frameworks to the portfolio managers. They also help in the hiring of top investment analysts ultimately building an effective team. Investment portfolios from Surveyor Capital and Equities are divided into seven industry sectors: Communications, Consumer, Media and Entertainment, Healthcare, Energy, Financials, Technology and Industrials.
Kenneth Griffin is the founder of Citadel LLC and the brains behind its tremendous success. He was born in the year 1968 in Florida’s Daytona Beach. In 1987, on his second academic year at the Harvard University, he founded a hedge fund to focus on convertible bond arbitrage. The innate entrepreneur capitalized his hedge fund with $265,000 which he solicited from family and friends including from his grandmother. He connected a satellite link directly to his dorm to acquire market data in real-time. The clever investment strategy immensely helped protect the fund’s capital during the 1987 Stock Market Crash. Griffin’s early triumph enabled him to start a second fund and surprisingly, between the two hedge funds, he was managing over $1 million. He ultimately graduated from the Harvard University in 1989 with a bachelor’s degree in economics. In his illustrious career, he serves in various boards in different capacities. He is a member of Committee on Capital Markets Regulation, Commercial Club of Chicago and a respected member of the G100. He serves in the Board of Trustees of University of Chicago. He is in the Board of Trustees of Museum of Contemporary Art, Art Institute of Chicago and the Whitney Museum of American Art among other top management positions in various organizations.

Dan Newlin and Associates: the experience level is critical to success for clients.

Personal injury and accident cases always find themselves up against corporate law firms employed by insurance companies. Their goal is to win the case or drastically reduce the claim regardless of the pain or serious life changes for the claimant. When a law firm can apply the experience of the victim to the equation, it adds a new element to the process: a victim’s eye view. Dan Newlin has placed his vantage point on his career.

Dan Newlin began a long career in public service as an EMT in New Chicago, Indiana. Seeing the human cost of accidents and mishaps was a first person experience. Then as a police officer he saw even more of the human toll that accidents and negligence can cause. He learned from talking with victims how insurance companies can defend themselves by trying to reduce claims or use legal means to dismiss them.

Moving to Orange County, Florida he worked as a deputy sheriff and expanded his experience. The sheriff supported his attending law school and upon graduation began a successful career in accident and personal injury law. He opened up a firm to carry his work further bringing on s team of specialists and experienced attorneys and to date they have won over 100 million dollars for clients.

The firm has on staff experts who can investigate many areas in medical and other topics which add up to providing evidence for winning claims. Adding to this the personal input from Dan Newlin’s career as an EMT and peace officer, victims can feel secure that the resolve to win their case is in place and will prevail. Dan Newlin was also discussed by Avvo.com.

Recently the form added criminal defense to their agenda. Nothing can be as damaging to a person as being accused unjustly of a crime. Pursuing justice in these cases is another service that Dan Newlin an Associates. As a law officer Dan had seen where the human toll of false arrest and accusation can be traumatic. The firm pursues justice for its clients persistently and with resolve.Justice will be served.

Bruce Levenson’s Mark On The NBA And Business World

Bruce Levenson is an entrepreneur, business strategist, charity donor, and leading idealist that has made his mark both in the business media and communications world, and sports world. Recently, he was one of a group of owners that held the shares of the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks. Although he no longer holds the ownership, he is still an avid basketball fan and has played the sport himself and completely understands the importance of a team to the community of Atlanta. His innovations and philanthropic work has led to the success not only of athletes, but in young children and education as well as new businesses gaining a footing.

Bruce began his work back in the 1970s when as a young man coming out of college, decided to give media and journalism a try. He also attended law school but never practiced at a law firm. He started off interning at the Washington Star, but he became interested in forming his own journal. As a side project, he and his friend Ed Peskowitz decided to get their own editorial going and went about acquiring information from oil companies and publishing them in a journal that would soon form the base of United Communications Group. To this day, UCG is one of the leading industry information media companies out there and they have utilized software and app development to bring consumers apps such as GasBuddy, a low gas price gas station locator.

Levenson first purchased his share of the Atlanta Hawks back in 2004 when the old ownership led by Ted Turner and Time Warner Cable put the Hawks up on the market to Atlanta Spirit LLC, and Levenson gained a piece of the pie. During the Atlanta Spirit LLC regime, the Hawks were able to turn their fortunes from being a team in trouble to being a competitive powerhouse. Although they have not won a championship series yet, this last season they did reach the conference finals, the furthest they had reached in a long time thanks to changes that were made in Atlanta by Levenson and his co-owners. Just prior to the Hawks’ season going to the playoffs, Levenson resigned as owner and the team was bought by Tony Ressler and former NBA star Grant Hill.

Other accomplishments Levenson has done including camping in Antartica, founding the University of Marylands Non-Profit and Philanthropy School, and giving to the Holocaust Museum in Washington.

Susan McGalla Makes Marketing Look Easy

I am a marketing major, and I know that marketing is a difficult task. I have stayed up nights trying to figure out how to advertise a product or service for a class. It has been through my research of executives in the marketing world that I discovered Susan McGalla. She makes the process of marketing look easy, and I don’t know how she has managed to keep it all together as a businesswoman with a family. She is a woman that has excelled greatly in a male-dominated culture, and I really admire her tenacity.

As someone that is entering the world of marketing it is always refreshing to encounter someone that has been able to penetrate the corporate barriers that tend to bind some people. I know that everyone isn’t going to come out of college and become the CEO of an organization. Everyone isn’t going to rise as a marketing genius. These are things that I know. I know that there is a different type of work ethic that McGalla has. She has been able to build herself up as a leader with strong branding experience.

She has earned her right in the corporate world as an expert. I know that she has built a company that is dedicated to helping people acquire what they need to build the right brand. I don’t know if there is anything better than being able to gain experience and then turn around and use this experience to your benefit as you start your own business. This is what McGalla has been able to do. She started her own business after she sharpened her brand building skills with corporations like American Eagle and Wet Seal. This ablity to drive consumer demand and actually make them want what a company is selling is powerful. This is why I wanted to endeavor into the marketing arena myself. I wanted to be able to truly build brands and promote products it my own ideas. There are tons of people that have good ideas that never reach the light of day. I felt convicted about all the good ideas I had for promoting products and I had to put my potential to some use. That is why I chose this field of marketing for my pursuit of higher education.

Getting the degree is that one thing that Susan McGalla had been quite vocal on in lectures. She recommends this to anyone that is trying to make a name for themselves in the corporate world. Your ideas may be great, but it will be difficult to get into the place where you can develop a brand without the right educational background. That is what I have received from her, and I have been very impressed with her advice. She has certainly been able to reach for the stars since she graduated from college. I believe that she is capable of taking any brand and developing it well. She has become a real treasure to the marketing industry.