North American Spine Finds Solution to Chronic Neck and Back Pain

If you suffer from neck and back pain do not lose faith just yet, thanks to North American Spine there is a new non surgical procedure that has been performed on over 8,000 patients. AccuraScope is an outpatient procedure located in Dallas that can be completed by North American Spine doctors in 45 minutes to an hour using a small laser. The laser method seems to work best on patients with pain in their back and neck tissue opposed to pain in the back and neck bones because the laser is able to reach the tissue much easier.

After the AccuraScope procedure, patients have felt immediate relief and are able to return to work within a weeks time. These procedures have been achieved by board certified physicians with years of experience and training specializing in Orthopedic Spine Surgery, Neurosurgery and interventional Pain Management. It has shown to have an 82% success rate as well as saving patients about $23,190 in 5 years by cutting down trips to the doctor and pharmacy. This very simple and reasonably priced method has satisfied many patients by relieving their persistent back and neck pain leaving them more than happy with the AccuraScope procedure.

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