The Dogs That I Rescue Love Beneful Brand Foods

I’m such a fan of Beneful brand foods that I should be a salesperson. I have had several dogs over the years because I rescue them when I can. Everyone in the neighborhood knows me as the rescue woman, and if a dog is wandering around the neighborhood, they’ll always bring the dog to me. Over the years, I’ve learned what dogs like to eat, and I’ve never had a problem when it comes to feeding any of my dogs Beneful. At one point or another I switched up foods, and the dog may have gotten sick, or they may not have eaten it, or it just ended up sitting there and going to waste.

Fortunately, when it came to feeding any of my dogs Beneful, it was never a problem, so I continued buying the Beneful brand of food. Recently, I had a dog that seemed to have an allergy against certain types of food. I fed the dog some table scraps because I didn’t have any dog food at the time. I didn’t have any dog food because I hadn’t had a rescue dog in months, and any food that I had was no longer in the house. I figured table scraps would be okay for the dog, but I was wrong.

Unfortunately, it seems as if the dog got sick from the meat that I fed him, and he was throwing up all night. I took him to the veterinarian the next day, and the vet let me know that the dog had allergies. Although I could never have known what the dog had, he suggested that I only feed the dog, dog food, and nothing from the table. I went back to exactly what I know, and I chose to buy Beneful brand foods because I knew the dog would love it.

I was right about the food, and the dog ate all of it without a problem. Whatever allergies the dog may have had, the Beneful brand food had nothing to do with it, and he absolutely loved it. I kept the dog for a few weeks until a dog rescue pound could take him, and I heard that he now has a very good home. I will continue to rescue dogs as long as I live, and another thing I’ll do as long as I live is buy Beneful brand food. Since all my dogs have love Beneful, I see no reason to switch.

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