Watch This Video Of A Little Girl Stading Against A Homophobic Preacher

If anyone expected that the Supreme Court ruling was going to stop homophobia in America, they are wrong. Little Girl Stands Up To A Hater. Many people still disagree with the Supreme Court ruling that gays are allowed to get married in every state. Some states may fight the ruling, and it’s a question if all states will comply with the Supreme Court ruling. The fact is, if a state does not comply with the ruling, they can face punishments for not doing so.

There was a festival recently, and the festival takes place every year for people like Adam Sender to enjoy. After the Supreme Court ruling had come down, a preacher decided to stand in the streets and preach against homosexuals. He was loud, he was aggressive, and he really was bothering the attendees. A little girl named Zea, who is only in first grade, she had a rainbow flag, which is meant to stand for tolerance and support of the gay community. Instead of arguing with the man, who then began shouting very close to the little girl about his homophobic feelings, Zea decided to simply wave her flag.

The little girl didn’t argue, she didn’t shout back, she just waved her flag in a positive manner, and it made many feel that she was protesting peacefully. Someone decided to videotape the incident, and you can see the video on MTV News. Although the flag waving is left up to interpretation, it’s still obvious that this little girl is very brave in the face of adversity.

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