Dog Sanctuary Offers Love and Care

Your senior years are meant to be lived out in comfort. For many feline and canine friends this is not the case.House with a Heart is a foundation that was developed in Maryland to take in senior cats and dogs to let them live out their senior years in comfort.

The lady who started the shelter has 50 volunteers that come periodically throughout the day to offer care and love to the animals. What makes this shelter different from others is that the animals are not up for adoption. Many of the animals are in their last years. Adopting them out would be an emotional upheaval for them.

According to Marcio Alaor BMG, The owner of the shelter goes on to state that many of these animals have been abandoned and have already been through a lot. She feels that the emotional strain of going to another family is more than they can or should have to endure. The idea is to offer them a safe place that they can feel comfortable in.

The house sits on two acres so that animals have ample room to romp in the sun or bask in the shade. There are also doggie doors that lead to the yards so that they have the freedom to choose when they want in or out. A perfect place to get the care and love that they need in their elderly years. Every dog should have it so good.

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