The Newark CEDC Vows To Make Real Changes To Newark

Newark’s Community Economic Development Corporation (CECD), formerly known as The Brick City Development Corporation, is reopening after a long hiatus. The company has undergone a complete revamping that includes 11 new board members. The city of Newark is the CECEs sole client, and the state’s primary economic catalyst.

The CEDC offers a number of community services including business attraction and retention, real estate, small business development, neighborhood development and industry focus. The CEDC works primarily with business seeking to relocate their business to the Newark area. Real estate developers are also assisted in areas such as site approval, permits and gap financing.

The CEDC has recently brought in an expert on financial management and development, Kevin Seawright. The Baltimore native brings a wealth of experience with him having served the people of Maryland for nearly 15 years. In his most recent job as Baltimore’s Fiscal Management Officer at the Commission on Aging and Retirement, he implemented a number of directives that saved the city money.

Seawright has also provided his expertise to a number of other Baltimore organizations including the Department of Parks and Recreation and The Housing Authority of Baltimore City. He currently sits on a number of boards in the Baltimore area and completed his MBA at Notre Dame.

The CEDC believes that all the city’s wards are viable for economic development. Economic developers for each ward will use their expertise to implement community development so that residents will reap the highest possible gains. CEDC also recognizes the important of industry focus. Priorities are placed on arts and entertainment, ports, higher education and manufacturing.

Handy: Cleaning Service On Call

If you are looking for home cleaning to handyman services, Handy is the leading platform for connecting individuals with their top-quality, pre-screened independent service professionals. They offer a 24/7 friendly customer service and their rates are affordable. Handy is the easiest, most convenient way to book home services.

Handy services are available in 25 cities in the U.S., two in Canada, and in London as well. So far they have received over 200,000 applications to the site for potential cleaners and handymen, and currently have over 5,000 active professionals who complete at least one job in a month.

The cleaning business is booming, and two years after the CEO, Umang Dua launched the business, they recently hit over $1million in bookings per week.

Handy on twitter, introduced a mobile app that offers consumers cleaning services on-demand, it shows real-time tracking of service professionals. Increasingly, consumers are getting comfortable with the idea of booking services through their mobile phone and with mandated background checks. Handy service professionals are thoroughly vetted.

Using the Handybook app and website, once you enter your zip code, the number of rooms to be cleaned, schedule the appointment, you instantly get a price quote, inclusive with tax and tip. A push notification on the app alerts you 15 minutes prior to your boked appointment that the cleaning professional is on his or her way. A map pops up in-app, showing your Handy professional in transit to your home. That person is tracked from 15 minutes before the job, until it’s complete.

They advertise themselves as an “Uber for home cleaning”, the Uber of home maintenance, and in many ways it is minus the surge pricing.

Handybook does a thorough background check, references and in-person interviews. From the thousands of applications received, only 3% get accepted. Handybook offers a money back guarantee, even covers replacement costs if by chance something is damaged.

For freelancers, they decide when and where they want to work and know how much money they will make before they accept a gig. They are more like contractors than actual employees. The income is reported on the books. The hourly wage is between $15 and $22 per hour, averages around $18 per hour for Handy cleaning professionals.

While Handybook offers other services, 85% of the company’s money came from house cleaning with the remaining 15% split between handyman services and a small number of plumbing services according to Hanrahan.

Purina: The New Household Staple

In 2012 the pet care industry felt a major shift. People began to treat their animals as they treat their children. Pet food companies had the chance either to step up to improve and diversify their products or they would get swept under the rug. Purina was one of those that chose to step up. They paid more attention to their formulas and offered more formulas to satisfy the needs of the pets they cater to. From their Purina One line which satisfies the pickiest fur-parents to Alpo which offers quality food at a lower price, everyone can find something to love about the Purina news name. Even those of us that have dogs with special dietary needs or allergies, we find something.

Purina has also become much more of a household name. Recently, the Purina Pro Plan Incredible Dog Challenge Eastern Regionals were held in Boston, Massachusetts. People across the country watched as the dogs fetched, bobbed, weaved, and generally showed off what they can do. Events like this show that Purina really pays attention to what the public wants to see. They exhibited everything from dogs doing agility, to surfing, dock diving, and hurdle racing. People love their dogs and love to show off what they can do. This event definitely gave them a place to do this.

Recently, Purina has also been tugging at the heartstrings of consumers. Their now-famous commercial featuring a man raising and bonding with his puppy has really delighted young and old alike. We’ve all had those special moments with our dogs and this commercial really highlighted a few of them. For a fur-parent of an aging pup, their Vibrant Maturity formula made a difference I could see and feel from my boy. It gave me hope that I will have those moments for a few more years at least.

Purina is definitely a place to turn when feeding your animals for every stage of their life. The attention they’ve paid to what dogs and their owners want and need from a food company shows they have listened to what we have to say. Purina will not be swept under the rug anytime soon, and if they keep on the trajectory they’re currently on they will stay a household name.

Bonn Oir Vodka Takes Texas

According to a news release by Street Insider, Bonn Oir Gold Medal Vodka, the Timber Creek Capital and Marc Sparks backed Irish-American vodka, has a new partnership with wholesale distributor Goody Goody out of Fort Worth and Houston. The release is going to provide a soft opening in the southern United States as it tests the waters and then looks to expand throughout all of the United States from there. 

Goody Goody has been around since 1964 and has been importing a variety of alcoholic products from international venders for nearly 50 years. Bonn Oir Vodka is the latest addition to its catalog as the company looks to first sell the Irish-American vodka to restaurants, bars and hotels throughout Houston and Fort Worth in order to build brand recognition. Depending on the success of the vodka, Goody Goody is then set to push to other major markets, including Dallas and outward towards Phoenix, Los Angeles and Los Vegas. Bonn Oir uses top grain and soft white wheat to produce a clean and smooth vodka while making sure the beverage is gluten free so all alcohol drinkers are able to enjoy the beverage. The bottle is set to retail at a mid-level price of $29.99. 

It is aiming at the vodka drinking crowd, which has been growing steadily in regional markets as more and more individuals are turning away from heavier, darker liquors and moving towards lighter liquors. With all of this in mind, Goody Goody and Bonn Oir Gold Metal Vodka are looking to take advantage of the growing popularity with the new vodka. The smooth flavor and crisp taste along with a premium quality should prove desirable as it does not have the higher-end vodka price tag attacked to it. All of this is designed to ensure the highest level of growth.

North American Spine Finds Solution to Chronic Neck and Back Pain

If you suffer from neck and back pain do not lose faith just yet, thanks to North American Spine there is a new non surgical procedure that has been performed on over 8,000 patients. AccuraScope is an outpatient procedure located in Dallas that can be completed by North American Spine doctors in 45 minutes to an hour using a small laser. The laser method seems to work best on patients with pain in their back and neck tissue opposed to pain in the back and neck bones because the laser is able to reach the tissue much easier.

After the AccuraScope procedure, patients have felt immediate relief and are able to return to work within a weeks time. These procedures have been achieved by board certified physicians with years of experience and training specializing in Orthopedic Spine Surgery, Neurosurgery and interventional Pain Management. It has shown to have an 82% success rate as well as saving patients about $23,190 in 5 years by cutting down trips to the doctor and pharmacy. This very simple and reasonably priced method has satisfied many patients by relieving their persistent back and neck pain leaving them more than happy with the AccuraScope procedure.

Brad Reifler to Open up the Field for the 99%

Brad Reifler began his financial career in 1982 and has successfully grown and developed firms since then. As the Occupy Wall Street movement swept the country and revealed the gaps between the haves and the have-nots, Reifler noticed. As the founder of the Forefront Group, he has unique insight into the boutique market of investing and has decided to make some changes in the ways people invest.

As originally reported in Reuters, Brad Reifler is looking to correct some perceived financial injustices and economic inequalities by providing access to financial markets for the 99% instead of just the top 1 percenters. His previous work focused solely on qualified, or what he referred to as “accredited”, investors. A target customer on that list would potentially be worth more than a million dollars and/or have a salary of greater than $200,000.

To accomplish this task, Reifller “created Forefront Income Trust”. With this new trust, the 99 percenters have the option of investing for significantly less than 1% elite. A minimum of $2,500 would enable one to buy in to the new trust. The new program also claims to provide an 8 percent return on investment.

Reifler’s new trust is designed to be a safe financial plan providing options, understanding, and financial well-being for the common middle class investor, as evidenced by his Reuters piece.

The Dogs That I Rescue Love Beneful Brand Foods

I’m such a fan of Beneful brand foods that I should be a salesperson. I have had several dogs over the years because I rescue them when I can. Everyone in the neighborhood knows me as the rescue woman, and if a dog is wandering around the neighborhood, they’ll always bring the dog to me. Over the years, I’ve learned what dogs like to eat, and I’ve never had a problem when it comes to feeding any of my dogs Beneful. At one point or another I switched up foods, and the dog may have gotten sick, or they may not have eaten it, or it just ended up sitting there and going to waste.

Fortunately, when it came to feeding any of my dogs Beneful, it was never a problem, so I continued buying the Beneful brand of food. Recently, I had a dog that seemed to have an allergy against certain types of food. I fed the dog some table scraps because I didn’t have any dog food at the time. I didn’t have any dog food because I hadn’t had a rescue dog in months, and any food that I had was no longer in the house. I figured table scraps would be okay for the dog, but I was wrong.

Unfortunately, it seems as if the dog got sick from the meat that I fed him, and he was throwing up all night. I took him to the veterinarian the next day, and the vet let me know that the dog had allergies. Although I could never have known what the dog had, he suggested that I only feed the dog, dog food, and nothing from the table. I went back to exactly what I know, and I chose to buy Beneful brand foods because I knew the dog would love it.

I was right about the food, and the dog ate all of it without a problem. Whatever allergies the dog may have had, the Beneful brand food had nothing to do with it, and he absolutely loved it. I kept the dog for a few weeks until a dog rescue pound could take him, and I heard that he now has a very good home. I will continue to rescue dogs as long as I live, and another thing I’ll do as long as I live is buy Beneful brand food. Since all my dogs have love Beneful, I see no reason to switch.

Image Recognition: Latest Tool In e-Commerce and Retail Marketing

One area that image recognition (IR) technology is showing immediate promise is in the field of e-commerce and retail marketing. Although the technology is not perfected by any means, retailers and e-commerce sites have been quick to jump on the bandwagon, so to speak, and are aggressively waiting for further development in this latest advance of image recognition.

Having started its evolution fairly recently, when iOS took off in the public and tech sectors, IR basically consisted of being able to perform “exact match” visual searches from one’s mobile device such as an Apple iPhone.

Making It Simple To Understand

Two applications provided at the start of this technology best illustrate what is being conveyed on many fronts in e-commerce and retailing markets. One application, for instance, was taking a digital photo of a particular wine that a person enjoys. Then, having obtained all the pertinent information and price comps from the bottle’s photo, one simply orders the item online.

Likewise, a second application example would be taking a picture of a person’s open refrigerator. Having a virtual photo shoot of everything inside of the refrigerator, the items are then ordered online through the person’s favorite grocery store’s website.

Taking Image Recognition To The Next Level

Today, hi-tech image recognition-oriented companies, such as industry leader Slyce, major on knowing how to exploit a shopper’s experience. Moreover, they have succeeded in integrating IR technology with a retailer’s or e-commerce site’s brand app for mobile websites–using four different platforms.

For example, perhaps a certain dressy skirt for a special occasion has caught a lady shopper’s eye. Whether at work, on the street or at school, the interested consumer simply takes a digital picture. Next, the shopper is led to a matching pair of shoes with the exact size, style and color that best suits the skirt she first saw.

Image Recognition Today

While there are many apps in the market that offer near similar features, none has yet been perfected. Nationally known retailers, such as retail giant Macy, already have joined the landscape using this kind of technology–perfected or not.

Using its own Macy iOS app, shoppers simply upload their pictures, find similar products on Macy’s website and immediately make a purchase. The app was tested across other available Macy products, including home décor and home furnishings, with over 84 defined categories.

Some industry experts report that while the technology is still really in its infancy, it will take approximately five years before it enters the global consumer market for the general public.

How Safe are Wireless Medical Devices

Technology is helping with the successful deployment of a wide range of health-related devices but how safe are these medical connected devices.

The first person to receive a wireless pacemaker in the US was Carol Kasyjanski. It was so successful that her doctor can monitor the device from another state. Since then, insulin pumps, blood pressure devices, and a proliferation of other medical devices have made it easier for doctors to transmit information. But the FCC is questioning how secure these constantly-connected devices really are.

According to Christine Kern, a writer for Health IT Outcomes, the connected world poses a major security risk, especially for wireless pacemakers seen by Mikal Watts and others.

Unauthorized access by hackers and remote manipulation are a possibility.

Undoubtedly, remote patient technology offers better patient care, but the program faces challenges. Wireless data is encrypted but as we’ve seen time and time again, authentication methods have vulnerabilities and what would happen if a hacker could reprogram pacemakers.

With cyber security threats increasing, and hackers increasingly finding better ways and backdoors, constant connections of these medical devices requires more safeguards.

Watch This Video Of A Little Girl Stading Against A Homophobic Preacher

If anyone expected that the Supreme Court ruling was going to stop homophobia in America, they are wrong. Little Girl Stands Up To A Hater. Many people still disagree with the Supreme Court ruling that gays are allowed to get married in every state. Some states may fight the ruling, and it’s a question if all states will comply with the Supreme Court ruling. The fact is, if a state does not comply with the ruling, they can face punishments for not doing so.

There was a festival recently, and the festival takes place every year for people like Adam Sender to enjoy. After the Supreme Court ruling had come down, a preacher decided to stand in the streets and preach against homosexuals. He was loud, he was aggressive, and he really was bothering the attendees. A little girl named Zea, who is only in first grade, she had a rainbow flag, which is meant to stand for tolerance and support of the gay community. Instead of arguing with the man, who then began shouting very close to the little girl about his homophobic feelings, Zea decided to simply wave her flag.

The little girl didn’t argue, she didn’t shout back, she just waved her flag in a positive manner, and it made many feel that she was protesting peacefully. Someone decided to videotape the incident, and you can see the video on MTV News. Although the flag waving is left up to interpretation, it’s still obvious that this little girl is very brave in the face of adversity.