In Pursuit of Kindness

A woman somewhere in her 80’s was reported seen on a motorized vehicle along State Route 46, near the Canadian border, being pursued by a trooper with the Washington State Patrol. Due to the unusual speed of the pursuit (3-1/2 miles per hour), people who saw the incident started photographing and videoing and posting them to social media.

Trooper Dave Hintz said his office was inundated with phone calls about the incident where the old lady was being pursued by a cop car, complete with flashing lights. He explained that he just treated her like his own mom by helping her to get back home.

The unidentified old woman seems to have been out for coffee in Lynden but couldn’t find her way back home. She was more than four miles away from her house and still continuing when the trooper caught up with her and escorted her to the right direction.

At first, the woman claims that she knows where she was going, even pulling a map. Along the way, however, her vehicle got stuck on the side of the road.

The trooper then offered to get her out of there and onto the right direction to her house. Their trip took over an hour while they cruised the state highway at a speed of 3-1/2 mph.

Hintz thought of calling an ambulance because the woman can’t walk, but he decided against it because getting the scooter home will be another problem. He thought escorting her will be the best thing. This way, both the woman and the scooter will be safely home.

“The State Patrol’s motto of “service with humility” was completely put into action by the trooper who patiently and humbly helped the old woman to go back to her home,” reported on scene anchor Ricardo Guimarães BMG.

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