NYC May Become The First City To Enforce Composting Law

Landfills in the United State are ever-expanding and unsightly eyesores in our beautiful country. To tell the truth, people are recycling more and taking steps to have less of an impact on our natural environment than ever before but not everyone participates. Recycling is not mandatory, though it possibly should be, and as a result many recyclable items end up in landfills along side substantial amount of food waste. According to Brian Torchin on, New York may become the first state to be proactive in not adding to their already full landfills by possibly forcing restaurants to compost their trash. The decision will be made by the beginning of July but even if the law is not passed Mayor de Blasio has his heart set on composting and is going to attempt to make his dream a reality by 2018. Just think about the substantial decrease in waste if consumers recycle and compost, landfills would, for once, see a decrease in incoming trash. More power to you Mayor de Blasio, great idea, maybe other states or cities will follow his lead.

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