Image Recognition Is Changing The Way We Interact With Technology

One of the most exciting developing technologies has to be image recognition. The average computer user uses this technology without realizing it. Today it’s used for security, facial recognition, and even shopping among other things. However, the average user may not be aware of exactly what image recognition is.

It’s the process of identifying and changing an object or feature into a digital image. The technology is able to acquire and analyze images by changing them into a numerical set of information that your computer can read. It can be thought of as how computers see. There are three main components to the technology. There is pattern recognition, facial recognition and Optical character recognition (OCR).

OCR detects text and “reads” it. It’s the technology that lets you take a picture of a check so that you can deposit it when you’re away from the bank. Facial recognition is the ability of a computer to “look” for certain distinguishing facial characteristics in order to tell it from another face. If you have ever tagged a person from a photo on Facebook you have used this technology.

It’s the pattern recognition technology that is by far the most exciting of the three. This technology isn’t limited to just certain images but can “read” any pattern of pixels. This ability means it can identify objects such as cars and trees and tell them apart. Pattern recognition also has the capacity to recognize logos. In the past if you searched for a company’s logo you had to type the words into a search bar and wait for the search engine to find it. That’s no longer true with pattern recognition. It can ever tell different cartoon characters apart even if they are shown in various poses.

This ability is changing the way we use technology to interact with our world. It is becoming more common. You can find it in factories, security surveillance systems, toll booth monitoring and your computer as well as smartphones.

One of the leading companies in this recognition technology is Slyce. This company is heavily involved in visual recognition. They are headquartered in Toronto and launched their platform in Feb. 2013. They developed a visual product search platform. This technology can identify products from a picture. Shoppers using this platform are now able to shop just by clicking on an image on their smartphones making the process easier for the user. So far, they have partnered with six of the top twenty retailers including Neiman Marcus. The platform promises to become even better, giving users greater options.

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