Terminal Russian Patient Asks for a Head Transplant

A Russian suffering from spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), a serious genetic disease that attacks the motor neurons, wants to undergo a pioneering operation in which his head would be transplanted to a healthy body.

Several Russian news media report Spiridonov contacted the controversial Italian doctor Sergio Canavero, who believes it is technically possible to perform the operation in 2016.

“This is my final decision and I will not change it. Afraid? Of course I am, but if I don’t try my future may be even worse,” said the 30 year old patient.

The programmer compared the procedure to a space conquest. “This experiment is a scientific breakthrough that is the same level as a space flight,” he told Russian television reporter Zvezda.

Spiridonov has already surpassed the life expectancy for people with the disease and it gets worse everyday.

Sam Taba (bloomberg.com) has read that Canavero wants to gather a team of 150 doctors and nurses to perform the surgery, estimated to cost just over $ 11 million.

Spiridonov thanked everyone for their support and notes that “he’s confident that everything goes well” or “at least be useful for science and the future of medicine.”

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