Dr. Rodrich’s Surgery Procedures

Dr Rod Rohrich is an established plastic surgeon. At his Dallas clinic, he performs isolated cosmetic surgeries and minimally invasive cosmetic surgeries.

Isolated Cosmetic Surgery Details

Isolated cosmetic surgery is ideal for people who need eyelid surgery or a neck lift. When Dr. Rod Rohrich completes this type of surgery, his patients leave his clinic with a much youthful and fresher look.

Minimally Invasive Cosmetic Surgery Details

Thanks to new technological advancements, surgeons are now performing more minimally invasive surgeries. This type of surgery is done with specialized surgical equipment and a viewing scope. The scope is very important because it helps the surgeon perform advanced surgeries without making a large incision.

Dr. Rod Rohrich offers minimally invasive cosmetic surgery to patients because it causes less pain and leaves less scarring. Also, because the recover rate is faster, patients have cheaper health care bills.

Dr Rod Rohrich uses the latest technologies during minimally invasive surgeries, such as a laser. However, he uses other unique tools during eye lift and facelift operations.

Why Locals Contact Dr. Rod Rohrich

Although Dr. Rod Rohrich offers great services at reasonable prices, locals in Dallas visit his clinic because he is a seasoned surgeon. Rohrich has completed all of his training, so he has earned a Board Certification in plastic surgery. Many people choose plastic surgeons by looking in the phone book. However, most surgeons who advertise their services in a phone book do not have the proper certification. When locals let inexperienced surgeons perform certain procedures, the results are usually poor. This is why locals contact Dr. Rod Rohrich when they need cosmetic surgery. Since Rohrich is highly trained, his clients always leave his clinic happy.

To learn more about other cosmetic procedures, contact Dr. Rohrich’s office in Dallas. If Rohrich is available, he will offer detailed information about each surgery.

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