Cornelsen – Brazil’s Financial Guru

Investors in the stock market have been on a roller coaster in recent years, as world economies have struggled to recover from the recession of the last decade. International trade has struggled to find its footing with companies that have demonstrated challenging management but offered excellent goods. Brazil’s Igor Cornelsen has long used investment strategies that focus on long-term vision and encourage investors to back companies that might have a troubled present, but offer a strong future.

Brazil Was The Start
Cornelsen has been investing in his native Brazil for decades and has watched its political challenges erode its financial capacity. Currently, Brazil is the 8th largest economy in the world and has a wealth of natural resources still to be harnessed. It would seem to be an excellent site for investment since it is in need of significant infrastructure reform. However, its currency, the real, is presently overvalued which inhibits foreign investors and stalls exports.

Innovative Investment Strategy
As a consequence of watching the Brazil’s’ national economic struggles, Cornelsen developed investment strategies that focus more on long-term goals, rather than quick turnarounds based on immediate factors. He applies an analysis system that reviews potential investment vehicles for their actual relative value. He looks to see if a troubled company is having short-term issues but, with those resolved, can still offer excellent long term returns. His plan is to avoid investing in companies with business structures or management styles that are just not going to weather long-term economic turbulence.

Visionary Innovations
Cornelsen can act as an appropriate mentor for all investors because of his long-held principle of investing in safe entities for the long term. He does not advocate playing the stock market like a lottery, with many quick investments expected to reap quick and significant gains. Instead, his theory is to identify strong corporate entities that offer big returns over years of growth and development. He also is a strong advocate for a diversified portfolio, which minimizes the risk of loss by limiting the amount at stake in any given asset. Over his career, he has worked with hundreds of investors, assisting them to build their investment portfolios to maximize long-term returns.

Cornelsen currently acts as the Proprietario for Bainbridge Investment Inc of the Bahamas. He divides his time between his native Brazil and southern Florida.

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