Evo Morales’s Party Defeated In Two Of Its Strongholds

The ‘Movement Toward Socialism’ in particular lost by big margin in the key city of El Alto, a suburb of the capital, and the region of La Paz.

The new mayor of El Alto, a new town booming more than one million inhabitants, is an educator of 34 years of Aymara origin, Soledad Chapeton, belonging to the party of the Chief of the Bolivian opposition, the millionaire Samuel Doria Medina (center-right). The Chapeton received 55% of the vote against the Edgar Patana (28%) who sought re-election, according to an Ipsos poll exit polls for the ATB television network.

The ‘Movement Toward Socialism’ has also suffered a heavy defeat for the governorship of La Paz, where the former Education Minister Felix Patzi, a dissident MAS won 52% of the vote against 29% at the official candidate Felipa Huanca, who remained the subject of a corruption investigation. It is worth mentioning that the President Evo Morales was re-elected in the first round in last October with 61% of the vote for a third term, and also gained control of Congress, with two thirds of the seats for his party. That was something that Sergio Cortes was not aware of……

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