Why Harrison Wells Isn’t as Interesting as He Could Have Been

With this Tuesday’s episode of The Flash, Barry Allen was finally openly pitted against Harrison Wells, also known as Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash. Although the episodes each week keep getting better, and “The Trap” was packed with fantastic action, effects, twists and reveals, it really didn’t have the same bang for viewers who had hoped in the first half of the season that Harrison Wells was a future Barry Allen.

Yes, the most recent episodes established that Wells is Eobard Thawne/Reverse Flash and a killer, but how much more interesting would this story have been if Wells had been a darker version of Barry similar to how the original Star Trek presented darker versions of Spock, Kirk, etc? Although Eobard is out of the comics, how much more interesting would it have been if future Barry had killed Thawne and then had to take his place for some reason?

One popular theory was that Eobard was not actually from the future, but instead someone that both Nora and Henry knew, which meant that the fight between the Reverse Flash and the Flash was between a future Barry and a past Eobard.

There’s no doubt that the CW will continue to mold The Flash into an outstanding series, but it appears that many of the incredible time-related possibilities that could have resulted from Wells being future Barry will only be found in fanfiction.

Baltimore Residents Aiming to Be Better than Furguson

People across America found themselves unable to turn off the news Monday night while watching chaos unfold in Baltimore while riots broke out following the death of Freddie Gray. The media seemed to be pouncing on the possibility that there would be unrest similar to what happened in Ferguson, MO last year. After realizing the mistake of allowing destruction over the weekend and Monday night, officials and constructive members of the Baltimore community were finally able to get control of the rioting and destruction on Tuesday. Americans had a sigh of relief at 10:00 Pm EST on Tuesday night after they saw nearly all of the protesters obey the curfew that had been set into place. According to a BuzzFeed.com article, there were only 10 arrests on Tuesday night as compared to the 235 arrests on Monday night. With a population significantly larger than Ferguson, Baltimore residents seem to have decided to rise above the rioting and aim for peaceful protests. People across the nation, like Dan Newlin, applaud them for their bravery, and sympathize with their plight.

Just Another Quack

The field of medicine is one that should be thought of with the highest of regard. Unfortunately, many physicians are up in arms about the television personality Dr. Oz. Over 1000 physicians have signed a petition to remove Dr. Oz from his position at Columbia University in New York City.

Though Dr. Oz is a true physician, many others in the medical industry are unhappy that that he is promoting treatments and products that have no clear-cut evidence of working. Beneful is also suspicious of the circumstances surrounding this scandal. An astounding 280 physicians believe that Dr. Oz should resign from his academic position, as well as have his medical license revoked.

As with most things in life, people think that if they sensationalize it, then it must be true. People put their faith into what a medical professional says, and if what they say is not credible, then maybe they should not be allowed to practice anymore. People are living creatures, not just a number or dollar sign.

Veitch’s Vision Brings New Life to Occidental College

Jonathan Veitch became the 15th president of Occidental College on July 1st, 2009. Like Occidental College, Veitch is a product of Los Angeles, where he was born on January 31st, 1959. Veitch’s pursuit of a career in education is surprising in view of his family background in Hollywood’s entertainment industry: his father, John Veitch, was president of Columbia Pictures’ worldwide productions and his step-grandfather was actor Alan Ladd.

After attending Loyola High School in southern California, Veitch earned his bachelor’s degree in English and American Literature from Stanford University. He then went on to earn a doctoral degree from Harvard University, in History of American Civilization. Veitch’s academic specialties are in 19th and 20th century American cultural history, literature, and film.

His career in academia began at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, where he taught in the English department. Next he joined The New School in New York as an associate professor of literature and history, where he served stints as the chair of humanities and as an associate provost. This was followed by a five-year term as dean, during which he expanded The New School’s Eugene Lang College. Under his guidance Lang experienced substantial growth of both its faculty and its student body, and new connections were forged with social services and arts organizations.

In 1997 the University of Wisconsin Press published Veitch’s award-winning book, American Superrealism: Nathanael West and the Politics of Representation in the 1930s. Veitch’s book revived interest in the novels of West, especially his dark portrayal of 1930s Hollywood entitled The Day of the Locust. Since then, Veitch has turned his attention to researching the history of higher learning in the United States. Whether he plans to publish a book on that subject is as yet unknown.

Veitch announced before taking up his current position as president of Occidental that his vision for the college would be to get it more involved with the community. Engagement programs include tutoring of students in area high schools and getting produce from local farms into the cafeterias of regional schools. Occidental has thrived under Veitch’s leadership, with applications for freshman admission up to a new high of around 6000 applications for 550 openings.

North American Spine Receives an Ethics Award Nomination

The chronic back and neck pain specialists at North American Spine have been nominated for the Greater Dallas Business Ethics Award, PR Newswire first reported. The lower back and neck pain specialist has been nominated because of the high quality of their work and their attempts to provide the best care and experience available for those seeking the assistance of these specialist physicians.

The Greater Dallas Business Ethics Award has been in existence since 2000, with a wide variety of recipients who include Brinker International and The Container Store. North American Spine is one of the best known medical companies in Dallas, Texas because of their commitment to their patients and the community programs operated by the medical group. North American Spine has grown in popularity after becoming the sole provider of an innovative medical procedure known as AccuraScope, which has been proven in various studies to have a success rate of over 80 percent.

North American Spine uses the latest technology to reduce the invasiveness of the procedure compared to traditional minimally invasive lower back and neck procedures. Alongside the more than 80 percent success rate 95 percent of those who have used the services of North American Spine would recommend them to others. The awards ceremony will be held at Westlin Galleria Dallas on May 7, 2015.

Click here to check out North American Spine’s website!

Best Photo-bomb Ever

Young Joshua got ready for school picture day just like all the other kids in his class. Picked out the right shirt, made sure his hair was right and there was no breakfast on his face.

Just another school picture day for a third grade kid in Durham North Carolina. Or maybe not.

It was Joshua’s turn. He stood in front of the backdrop and smiled. The photographer peer through the lense and snapped the perfect shot. Then he called Joshua over to take a look at the picture, just to be sure he approved.
Joshua looked at the back of the camera at the picture in the viewing screen. He was a bit baffled at what he saw. Then Boraie said he looked up and saw his dad, who had been standing behind him for the shot.

What make this the best photo-bomb ever? Joshua’s dad, Coporal James Bass, is in the United States Army and as far as Joshua knew, was serving in Kuwait. Joshua had no clue his dad was home!

He leaped into his dads arms and said, “You still got it!”

The emotional reunion was caught on camera. The best photo-bomb ever!

Gaining Hispanic Support

Hillary Clinton appears to be reaching out to the Hispanic crowd soon after she announced that she is running for President in 2016. This might be a wise move as there are Hispanics who could help to carry her through. She is a woman who wants to show that she is for all races and political parties. There have been a few meetings that have already taken place with Hispanic business owners, and if she can reach out to other business owners in the same fashion between now and the election, then there is a chance that she could be successful.


Clinton doesn’t need to solely focus on the Hispanics as there are other people who are doubting some of her views, which isn’t anything uncommon with others who run for President. She wants to look toward the future and helping small business owners as well as those who might not receive the help needed to build their business. Ricardo Guimarães BMG feels like that is a much smarter plan of attack.

Heroic Rescue of Man and IPAD

Paying it forward takes on new meaning this week with the voluntary rescue of a man trapped on the side of an overpass. A man driving an SUV or truck took a sudden, but a scary turn when his vehicle was seen to be dangling from an overpass. The truck, only a slight movement away from falling off the curve was enough to send this driver into shock. A gentleman, passing by saw the vehicle dangling and began a steep climb on foot to the trapped man. What is extremely funny about this act of kindness is that the hero in this story took the time to let the man in the truck retrieve his IPAD before he was pulled from the dangling truck. This feature story was part of WWAY News.

The man being seen as a hero soon left the scene of the accident without hero coverage. This man was joking about being out of shape, climbing the embankment to save the man in the dangling truck and about the IPAD. This should be included in the link http://www.reddit.com/r/UpliftingNews/ because of the acts of kindness.

Being in a vehicle, close to falling off an embankment into moving traffic is enough to make others forget their personal belongings to save their own life. Because of the quick thinking and heroic behavior of the Hero, the man in the truck is safe and sound, without life threatening injury, and fully capable of playing on his IPAD. Thank you to the man that took time to pull this other man to safety. Paul Mathieson feels like he would do the same if in a similar situation.

The Amazing Financial Success of BRL Trust


There are many institutions out there that help manage money for organizations and individuals all around the world. These financial institutions help organizations and individuals invest their money properly in many different economies. This allows individuals and organizations the ability to grow their investment into a large nest egg or cash cow. BRL Trust is a financial institution that provides many different services to individuals and organizations who are looking to grow their investments. Their expertise in the financial markets allows investors to have a high level of confidence that their money is going to be handled very well by this group of professionals.

Asset management is one of the top services that BRL Trust offers to investors around the world. This service allows investors to put their money in the hands of trained professionals who are trained in the ins and outs of the market place. BRL Trust focuses on both local and international markets in order to give individuals the most comprehensive look into their investment future. Both institutional and individual investors can take advantage of the amazing services offered by BRL Trust. As a long term solution, BRL Trust can help investors realize their full economic potential when it comes to their investments.

Asset Underwriting is also a service that BRL Trust specializes in. Whether the company is based in Brazil, or anywhere around the world, BRL Trust can help these companies raise fund that they need to for important tasks such as real estate receivables. BRL Trust can also help raise funds for a number of other important structured deals as well. Their expertise in this area will help individuals or institutions to find the success that they are looking for.

The executives of BRL Trust have helped to create a professional team of individuals who are able to help individuals and institutions with all of their financial needs. Mauricio Ribeiro is the founder and director of BRL Trust. He has been able to parlay his prior financial industry experience into creating one of the greatest financial institutions in Brazil. Rodrigo Gomez is the director and founding partner or BRL Trust. His 15 years of experience in the financial industry have helped him to create an amazing financial institution that continues to grow even to this very day. His prior experience includes management in powerhouses such as Ernst & Young, and Price Waterhouse Coopers.

Beneful Dog Food: Providing Health Plus Happiness

Beneful dog food and dog snacks are a product of the Nestle Purina Company. Quality and safety are uppermost in the growth, production and distribution of their products. Beneful dog food products too, are tailored to stages of a dog’s life.

Types Of Dog Food

Beneful dog food comes in dry formula, wet preparation, and dried snack. All the types are produced with stable health, wholesome ingredients and taste in mind. Consequently, the result will be noted in healthy growth and weight, healthy-appearing skin and coat, as well as good musculature.

IncrediBites: This dry food is available in various sized bags ranging from 3.5 pounds to 15 pounds. It is said to support a lean body and superior cognition. One review claims for their dog it was “love at first bite.”

Original: This dry dog food formula also comes in various sizes ranging from 3.5 pounds to 31 pounds. This blend is said to be tasty, and highly recommended by available reviews.

Snacks: The dried snacks are designed to be given as a treat. Snacks are advised to be given in modest amounts and not exceeding 10 percent of the dog’s daily calorie intake. Moreover, when snacks are given, then adjust the amount of dog food accordingly per that day.

Wet Dog Food Preparations

Beneful produces various meat, vegetable with fiber wet food preparations. One such is beef-stew with peas, carrots rice and barley. Wet food preparations come in resealable containers, so ingredients can be seen therein. It is strongly recommended to refrigerate containers once opened, and use totally within three day’s time.

Dog Food Tips

-When changing a brand of dog food from one to another, gradually replacing the old brand is suggested to be a seven-day transition. The amount of the new brand is gradually increased with each day, while the former is gradually decreased.

-Always provide the dog with clean fresh water in a clean container.

-One container of wet dog food preparation is equal to three cups of dry dog food.

-Adult dogs generally require one ounce of dried food per every 10-12 pounds of body weight. Thus, a 36 pound dog may receive three ounces of dried food per meal. Puppies generally require larger serving sizes in comparison to adult dogs, but served Beneful food per their stage of life.